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Anuraag Singh
SysTools Software

In the digital universe, all networks are vulnerable to constant security breaches including cyberattacks. And since the local networks are a part of global web – a connected hyperspace, yet highly unorganised, if you, your business, and your precious data are not protected by the network-security experts, you are the easiest target for every kind of security breaches, cyberattacks, and unpredicted shutdowns.

But do not worry, as SysTools Software, the expert network security providers are here to safeguard you against any and every kind of trouble. Whizzed by Mr Anuraag Singh (Network Security and Cyber Expert), Founder Director, SysTools Software is amongst ‘India’s Most Inventive Network Security Service Providers.’

Anuraag Singh has been serving the nation for years with his cyber security and digital forensics expertise. He is the master brain behind many software applications developed for analysing the different types of data. His expertise is in data, cloud, message, and email forensics. MailXaminer – The world-class email forensics software is his brainchild.

In an interview with Insights Success, when we asked him how he is magicking solutions after solutions for each type of such diverse problem, Anuraag said, “I feel that it is my duty. And because of the trust, more than two million users around the world have downloaded and appreciated the products developed in SysTools resource hub.”

Sir, please describe SysTools Software in detail.

SysTools is a digital technology company providing professional data recovery, email/server data management and cloud migration solutions to global users. To date, we have released 250+ software applications for a range of technical issues related to data, and most of them are termed as the much demanded IT solutions over the internet.

Our operational units are spread across the country, with headquarters in New Delhi and Pune. Our workforce is available in India at Bengaluru, Tamilnadu, Mumbai, UP, Haryana, Rajasthan and Kerala. Our global operations are handled by the international team at Springville, Utah, USA. Users from around one-seventy countries have downloaded and used our software solutions and have returned with satisfactory results.

Being the pioneer in the data recovery and email server management domain, SysTools has been at the forefront of data migration and recovery technology. The company has been offering services across a diverse range of data recovery, digital forensics, and cloud backup solutions. SysTools has been in the IT industry for a decade, working to simplify technology for overcoming eDiscovery challenges. SysTools is one of the IT companies in the country to represent India on a global front in data recovery, digital forensics, cyber security and cloud migration.

The digital forensics team under SysTools actively provides digital forensics training and services to the cyber cell under CBI, Income Tax Departments in Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Goa, etc. Delhi Police, NCRB, Noida Police and other law enforcement agencies of the country.

We at SysTools provide innovative software applications that enhance efficiency and add a sense of security to the lives of millions of IT admins and computer users around the globe. The smart tools developed here facilitate data recovery both on-premise and, on the cloud, even in the most intense and adverse environment.

Our objective always has been to deliver foolproof DR plans. SysTools aims at business compliance and provides risk management solutions in the most proficient and user-friendly way. SysTools understands the user and is, therefore, able to offer the right solution for their needs. After making strong strides in the digital recovery sphere, we have conquered the domain of digital forensics also. We also develop innovative tools that assist in digital forensics. We at SysTools focus on providing solutions that enable email investigations and mobile forensics investigations to be completely perfect.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the Cyber Security niche?

My father was an Air Force officer. Being a member of the Indian Air force family since childhood, my passion was to serve the country as a Soldier at the border. While growing up, I got my new passion, love for technology, and I found it extremely satisfying to resolve any computer-related issues. I developed user-friendly solutions and techniques to be cyber safe by decoding complex IT issues. With my eternal passion for computer technology and data being my new friend, I discovered colours of success in my journey as a Technopreneur.

Over time, I realised that being a cyber warrior is equally dutiful and patriotic, like being a Soldier in the Indian armed forces. By my association with various departments, I understand how people are fooled to be prey to cybercrime online.

My life’s mission then turned to spread awareness among the public on how to be safe on the digital platform, educate our police officers in dealing with cybercrimes effectively and provide career-oriented IT training to the youth of our country.

What are the USPs that highlight SysTools Software as a leading name in Cyber Security/Digital Forensics Industry?

“SysTools is the only ‘Make in India company’ to develop a digital forensics evidence examination software application. We represent India on the global platform as experts in the digital evidence examination process with the help of indigenous software programs developed in-house. SysTools MailXaminer is the signature tool, successfully being used by many national and international investigation agencies to perform the email forensics process.”

Our team of subject matter experts with years of experience in the digital evidence examination process is trusted by the decision-making authority of the Indian administration service under various departments.

Having 250+ software programs designed to handle any type of data, SysTools is the only name that gives 360-degree support for investigating officers in carving evidence from any storage device or platform.

We are data people; thus, our USP is in providing the exact solution for end-users for about 99.9% data related issues they face and report. SysTools Software is one trusted name by global users when it comes to handling types of data, let it be various databases, email, messages or any data stored in digital media/cloud.

What are the immersive benefits of the services/solutions you provide to your clients?

Benefits of the software user base: user-friendly UI and easy to follow steps makes our solutions much appreciated among the users. There are multiple programs provided in our resource hub to choose from so that the user can get the apt solution to resolve their trouble with data. A 24×7 customer service system is available to get in touch with our clients, which makes the resolution much easier for the users.

Benefits of the service user base: our expert brains work together to dig out the evidence from the digital source. Being a Make in India company, our clients benefit from data security, minimal cost and maximum output. Dealing with confidential case files, to get the extensive data analysis done, team SysTools can perform it all. We are one complete package of the digital forensics service provider.

What were the initial challenges after venturing into Cyber Security/Digital Forensics, and what are the challenges now?

The initial challenge was a lack of awareness even among the officers about preserving electronic digital evidence. Data acquisition without hampering its integrity was a challenge in the initial days. Still, later on, the condition has changed. The people inside the system are taking care to retain data integrity and involve experts from the beginning to acquire digital evidence while working on cases.

The cost of the commercial tools, lack of skilled workforce, etc., are the primary challenges that the cyber forensics process face at any point in time. The major challenge that we face now is the pressure of little time and a lot of data. For accurate results, focused examination and data analysis is required, which most of the time, the pressure of fast submission of report hampers the success rate to a great extent.

Data encryption is another challenge faced by digital forensics experts. The methods used by the cybercriminals to hamper, alter and remove traces of evidence makes the investigation process complicated. Along with the technical challenges, there are legal challenges also like the absence of proper guidelines and the limitation of the Indian Evidence Act 1872, which collectively makes it really tough to prove a point using digital evidence in the court of law.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how Cyber Security is crucial today and what advancements can we expect in the future?

Cyber security is critical because it safeguards all types of data against theft and loss. Due to the digitalisation move, every transaction is done, including financial data, sensitive data, personally identifiable information, personal information, intellectual property, data, and governmental and industry information systems all fall under the category of sensitive data and need to be secured.

AI and machine learning have made significant contributions to the advancement of cyber security. Machine learning is being used to identify malicious behaviour from hackers by modelling network behaviour and improving overall threat detection. Hackers are becoming more skilled at finding holes and cracks in corporate security systems and gaining access to protected files and data as technology advances, posing a significant cyber security threat.

While hackers are getting skilled, we, the cyber warriors, need to be more vigilant, knowledgeable and proactive to defend any new cyberwarfare they formulate. Most universities and educational institutions offer cybersecurity-related courses and training programs along with their regular syllabus. This can make an army of young minds equipped with accurate digital techniques that can make our cyberspace a safe one soon.

What would be your advice to the aspirants who are willing to venture into the field of Cyber Security services?

Cyber security and digital forensics are the most exciting and promising career options of the time. If you are trained under a knowledgeable mentor and are passionate enough to practice rigorously, you can succeed in this domain as a resource. Hands-on experiments with data and finding new solutions for existing IT challenges will definitely open new doors of opportunity for you. Invest your time in polishing your skill sets, utilising your technical talent for the betterment of your country. Contribute your efforts to making India a safe cyberspace.

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