Target Integration: Delivering Tailored-Made Business Management Solutions

Target Integration

Specializing in automating business processes embracing technical solutions, Target Integration is a market leader in delivering web-based business management applications. Based in India and Ireland, the company has successfully delivered projects related to large CRM and ERP implementations, software development, cloud migration, and software sales management.
You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”
Inspired by the quote penned by Richard Branson, Rohit Thakral is the Founder & CEO of Target Integration. Over the years, he has amassed huge expertize in the areas of manufacturing, retail, distribution, event management, and Software management. He founded Target Integration in 2008 with a vision to evolve as an honest and independent CRM & ERP player in the industry. Though started small with his astute business mind, he successfully took his firm to new heights, as today; the team is a combination of over 50 professionals spread in over 4 countries with development centres in 3 of them. In a conversation with Rohit, he emphasizes about the core motive of Target Integration, current trends, key attributes of a successful leader and summing up the interaction by sharing advice for the budding entrepreneurs.
Below are the excerpts from the interview:

  1. Kindly elaborate your roles and responsibilities as a leader of Target Integration?

As a leader, I ensure a few things such as client satisfaction, which is certainly utmost, and then I personally look into employee management and training, to ensure that each member of the workforce contributes to the company’s goals and gives best performance.

  1. What are the services/products offered by Target Integration?

Well, at Target Integration we are an ERP and CRM Solution providing firm that empowers business owners and managers by providing business management solutions customized to their needs and offer constant support all way through.
We offer wide-ranging solutions in the arena of CRM and ERP, with products varying from Microsoft Suite to Zoho Suite and others.

  1. How do you incorporate with the day-to-day challenges and company goals?

Now the challenges are part and parcel of every business, and Target Integration is no different. We have our bit of struggle however, what sails us through is the positive mind-set, efficient workforce and well-tested solutions. Each day we strive to do better and serve our clients in best possible manner and this approach is what takes us near to company goals.

  1. What is the inspirational element driving you ahead?

It lies in the way we approach our clients. We always approach every client’s business as if it is our own and we believe in being much more than an advisor. Even our clients have highly appreciated this approach and we feel it is the key to build deeper and enjoyable relationships.

  1. How will you differentiate Target Integration from the leading competitors in the market?

There are a number of firms serving in this arena, however what sets us apart is our deep understanding of the value of client satisfaction. After all customer is the key and we never forget this fact. Hence, all right measures are taken to ensure customer satisfaction at each level. And then not to forget the significance of being up-to-date with market research. There are new trends every now and then and we make it a point to stay updated about them and incorporate these trends and technologies in our work proceedings so to deliver more satisfying results.

  1. What are the parameters a company needs to follow to be a successful one?

Well, a lot of factors go into making a business succeed. To start with, we need a right idea that needs to be transformed with right knowledge and great workforce. However, the major elements that immensely contribute and ensure success are:

  • Establishment of a value proposition
  • Recognize your Ideal Customer
  • Define your key indicators
  • Verify your revenue streams
  • Look to your competition
  • Focus on strengths
  • Invest in talent
  1. List the things that make a leader a successful leader.

As clichéd it may sound, but passion and commitment tend to be the key, and then you need to have a Positive Attitude, Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Honesty, Good Communication skills, etc. to leave an impact.

  1. What are your future plans for the Target Integration?

We look forward to offer cloud-based enterprise solutions to customers and then we also plan to go global with our services and expertise, in order to provide business owners with right tools for their organization in this competitive market. Our aim is to help customers in each and every manner, to improve their business performance.

  1. Kindly share some advice for the young ones entering into the field.

It goes without saying that definitely gets your homework done. I have seen a number of businesses that simply assume that everything they have developed and customized within their systems will work for go-live day. However, that never happens so take care of that. Also, automate your Integration thoroughly and ensure it is entirely seamless and automatically syncs the data your business will need the most. And ultimately, just follow the right practices and aim to deliver the best to customers to leave them pleased with your services.

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