Teachers, the Fulcrum of E-Learning


“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” – Bill Gates

If you think being a parent is tough, try being a teacher. Managing tiny tots or teenagers or adolescents, trying to make them listen to you and making sure that they learn from each interaction is, well, tough. To teach, a teacher must keep learning as well and keep themselves updated with the latest in not just their field of specialization but the educational sector as well.

When E-learning made a splash in the educational sector, many people thought, including teachers themselves, it will dispel the needs of a real-teacher. Maybe that is why many were hesitant to give it a shot, go online and try e-learning methods to teach. And then came the pandemic. So, the summer breaks in India turned into an online teaching workshop for teachers across the nation and outside it too. Teachers of all age and experience were now trying to adapt to technology to reach the students. But does this mean technology had overpowered traditional classroom learning? Does this mean technology and e-learning alone are enough for students?

Certainly not. A teacher, as always, is required to guide the students. They are needed to help students filter and navigate through the immense sea of information at their fingertip. They are required to help students make sense of the flashy images, the texts that scroll past in a hurry, and also how to use the tools that promise the learning process to be easy and fun. A teacher is required for all this and more.

Technology and human intelligence, when come together, can create magic. This is what teachers can do on e-learning platforms. Their experience and human touch, combined with the quality and relevant curriculum that e-learning platforms can help students with not just studies, but life.

In this edition, we present India’s Most Creative E-Learning Companies to Watch that are making the lives of teachers easier and of students, enriched. Combining the best of technology and teaching methodologies, these companies are making learning fun, interactive and experiential.

The edition features byteXL, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which caters to a huge number of students on its platform, The Actuary Intern, which provides Virtual Actuarial Internship Program in Health Insurance and The Moonshot, a company that was started to reach out to lesser penetrated layers of the Indian education sector and offer them an opportunity to secure themselves financially through its proprietary programs.

Through an insightful article, Saraswathy Ramamoorthy, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Learning Matters, shares her views on How Voice Technology with AI will Reshape Education.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition as we did while curating it!

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