Tech9 Labs: Sophisticated & Cost-effective Multi-dimensional IT Solutions & Services

The disruptive evolution of technologies has compelled High Tech companies to reimagine and re-analyze the way they do business. High Tech companies across the globe are continually developing digital services and solutions that are enabling the digital transformation. Nowadays, it is imperative for a High Tech organizations to not only create products and solutions that enable the digital revolution but also apply these forces to expand their services, simplify their operations, redefine their business models and serve their clients better.

However, analytics is reorienting the world we do businesses in and becoming a better, more informed, and more connected place. The solution providers who set and raise the industry-standards know how to collect, protect, and manipulate valuable corporate data assets securely, cost-effectively, and efficiently.

Resourceful and smart solutions endow companies to best align operating expenses with revenue and protect their cash flow and operating profits. Additionally,  it affects organizational structure, ability to derive optimum output from daily operations, and employee engagement and motivating employees and their business partners.

Tech9 Labs, a venture operating from the heart of  India, New Delhi, is an enhanced collaboration to deeply cater to infrastructural solutions, its deliveries and services to directly address customer pain areas through sophisticated and cost effective multi-dimensional solutions. The prudent team at Tech9 Labs offers customized storage solutions with a consulting approach, focused on advanced technologies to heterogeneous verticals. This team of seasoned professionals with dexterity and aptness, with in-depth domain expertise, consults enterprises to assess, architect, deploy and manage multi-vendor solutions of IBM, EMC, Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Veeam, Commvault, Microsoft, Oracle to name the major ones. Tech9 Labs is one of exiguous IBM partners in India who enjoys to be certified as “IBM Storage & IBM Power Servers Speciality Partners” and has been conferred with “Client Value Innovation Awards” for 2015 & 2016 consecutively.

Tech9 Labs specializations include Enterprise Servers & Storage Solutions, Infrastructure Consolidation, Virtualization across Servers, Desktops, Network and Storage, Business Continuity, Data Backup Strategy & Cloud Platforms. Tech9 Labs pursues the process of strategizing, planning, designing, deploying, operating and reviewing to embed new IT system and support interoperability in the long run.

Bodacious Leadership at Tech9 Labs

Mr Amit Jain, MD, CEO & Founder of Tech9 Labs, holds a Post Graduation in Business Management. Amit commenced his expedition in the IT way back in 1997 after completing his Commerce Graduation, which transpired to be a great decision even without having a background of IT. While working with Delhi based organizations, he completed his Post Graduation in Marketing and joined IBM India in 2004.

Amit has always been ardent about technology, which kept him in the forefront to penetrate into various profiles & positions within organizations he worked for & his last stint with IBM India, including Enterprise Sales, Solution Architect, Platform/Product Management and Business Leadership profiles for Enterprise Storage & Infrastructural Solutions. His involvement as International Instructor and Trainer besides his regular profiles with IBM Asia Pacific regions has provided him deep breakthroughs to complex IT Infrastructure Solution and exposure to International Markets.

Having a decent and settled life with IBM, Amit decided to swim against the waves and started his own venture, Tech9 Labs in April, 2011, with an aspiration of building one of the most respected, recognized and fast growing Industry IT Solution Integration and Services Company.

Our optimized solutions enable enterprises not only to manage their IT landscape effectively, but also forecast future roadmap in relation to their business growth,” asserts Amit.

Tech9 Labs’ solutions enable companies to gain tremendous flexibility and they can change and adapt effortlessly as situations evolve which allow companies to make a shift in their culture and their processes so that, they have access to the environment & data sources as the need arises. Thriving on customer satisfaction, Tech9 Labs is providing IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services, and proffer distinctive & effective technology solutions. “We tackle critical compute & storage issues for large and small companies, in practically every industry, with everything from strategy formulation, architecture to implementation,” Amit adds diligently.

“We know that every successful business depends on its IT infrastructure to serve its customers and outpace its competition,” Amit propounds. With a client-centric approach and methodology approximation, Tech9 Labs’ team is bringing the splendour to their clients by designing and implementing technologies geared to their specific and inevitable necessities of now and for the future. From conception to completion, Tech9 Labs unifies the client’s IT infrastructure, protects it and demonstrates superlative and unparalleled business’ performance.

Tech9 Labs allows enterprises to administer and manage business assets effectively, also to forecast future roadmap in relation to their business growth. Tech9 Labs’ team works synchronically with the clients by mapping competitive landscape and delivering customized solutions to provide reckoned TCO & ROI.

Tech9Labs adjoins value to their client’s business and they get exactly what they pay for. The company offers superior features, quality and reliability with affordable costs.

Tech9labs’ Intelligibility-oriented Approach

From understanding the business environment to managing the IT Infrastructure, Tech9 Labs engrosses in a systematic fashion to ensure the responses are turnaround within stipulated time frame while delivering and maximizing customer value.

Started with understanding business requirements, which is the initializing step of their consortium, to understand their environment, pain points and business requirement. They extract IT infrastructure details and deploy tools to examine the environment within customer premises.

Evaluating concern areas, a second step to adopt a consultative approach for a clear understanding of the business strategies, challenges and needs.

Planning and designing solutions is the tertiary aspect, but the most important aspect of their expertise is to plan and design the optimal vendor independent solution for customer’s specific requirements. In this phase, their involvement clearly distinguishes their expertise & experience. Tech9 Labs possesses the crystal-clear focus while planning and designing the optimal solution to derive lowest TCO, maximum ROI and meet SLAs.

Proposing solutions, the fourth one, their mastery and experience of designing complex solutions are well articulated in the simplest fashion and their strategic alliances further ensure the right product mix with concrete commercials.

Fifth aspect is providing implementation, Tech9 Labs partners with their customers to schedule, prepare and deploy solutions with ease. This aspect is more focused and all due care is taken while deploying the solution as per best practices.

Finally, the top gear, Managing and supporting, Tech9 Labs’ team removes the burden from their client’s staff, improves productivity and optimizes system performance by managing their infrastructure as per defined SLAs.

Tech9 Labs’ Core Values

Customer, Tech9 Labs put customers at premier and foremost priority in everything they do. They take decisions, considering the customer as the nucleus of the business.

Challenging Spirit, they strive for excellence in everything they do and in the quality of solutions & services they provide relentlessly. They work hard to achieve as per the commitment & achieve results faster than their competitors and they never give up.

Team-work, they work cohesively with their colleagues & assemble a team on trust, respect, understanding & mutual co-operation. Everyone’s contribution is equally important for their success.

Frank & Fair Organization, they are honest, sincere, open minded, fair & transparent in their dealings. As Mr. Covey says “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” With an intention to understand, crew Tech9 Labs listens actively to others and participate in healthy & frank discussions to achieve the organizational goals.

Achieving Agility and Management

In the integration and virtualization sphere, Tech9 Labs’ core focus is on Server Consolidation & Virtualization, Storage Consolidation & Virtualization, Data management techniques to ensure DR & BCP, Backup & Archival Strategy, Application Aware Snapshots & Clones, Real-time Data Compression, De-duplication, Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage-Area Networks (SANs), and address regulatory compliance concerns.

Comprehending the present-day need of Storage Solutions is the most elevated element in the industry, as the devices are not just capacity holders but potentially much beyond. It translates the application and infrastructure architecture, decides the framework and data management strategies.

Tech9 Labs’ professionals know the right ways to brainstorm, and questions to be asked in order to get efficacious information to understand the client’s requirements and their business goals. They analyse thoroughly the sizing based on the applications, servers, network, capacity needs, performance, efficiency, data flow within & out of system, disk options, tiering for optimal usage & performance, and security in order to help their clients develop a solution that best meets their clients business agility and management.

Architect and Deploy End-To-End Infrastructure

ERP has been measured as a valuable resource which provides various capabilities to the companies and treating as a competitive source of advantage. However, the successful adoption of ERP will bring the revolutionary changes to the firms. With the dynamics involved in such solutions, an effective infrastructure with most agility, reliability, availability and service-ability become extremity.

With the rise in Real Estate cost, higher management cost & issues with discrete infrastructure, organizations are looking for condensed infrastructures to deliver “more with less” and with the rise of multimedia, social media, and the “Internet of Things,” there is a tremendous emphasis on scrutinizing through all the data to decide what drives business and what actions to take.

These solutions are incredible repositories of effective compute having dynamic resource movements and data management with effective performance, which combined further with machine-to-machine interaction fueling a new motion of predictive analytics, services that enable technology to ensure that the needed outcome get in the right place at the right time. Tech9 Labs provide the solution that will able to meet the business needs, processes, regulations, and requirements, as they evolve over time. With Tech9 Labs solutions, their clients can discover potential problems more quickly and accurately, analyze them more deeply, discover what’s truly driving them, and identify solutions before they create bottlenecks.

Tech9 Labs’ consults architect and deploys end-to-end infrastructure through its certified and experienced resources for various technologies in the area of UNIX, Linux Computes, Unified Storage Solutions across a range of direct-attach, virtualized and SAN environments, Backup Strategy formulations & deployments, Platform Migrations, online Data Migrations, and foresees themselves as one of the existing market experts with a promising future for Software Defined Solutions towards Network & Storage and preparing themselves for meeting up with the forthcoming challenges.

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