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Fusion Microfinance: Empowering Rural and Semi Urban Women through Innovative Financial Services

“Poverty is not just a lack of money, it is not having the capability to realize one’s full potential as a human being”- Amartya Sen, Eminent Economist and Philosopher Being poor can be challenging anywhere, particularly in a developing country. In such a scenario, the support of empathetic peer groups can be crucial in bolstering the confidence and helping to circumvent the binds of social do’s and don’ts with minimal friction and adverse repercussions. In present economic system of India, women-centric microfinance institutions can play….
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Company Of the Month

BWDA Finance Limited: Driving Financial Inclusion for Underprivileged People

Mobilization and circulation of finance is the primary requirement of development of an economy. In the current scenario, financial institutions are the robust pillars of progress, economic growth, and development of the economy…..
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The 10 Most Acclaimed Micro Finance Companies

Arohan Financial Services: Accelerating Financial Inclusion for the Underserved

Financial inclusion has been recognized as a key building block which forms the foundation for achieving several sustainable development goals of the country. Lack of accessible, affordable and appropriate financial services has always been a global...

S V Creditline: Empowering the Rural India by Aiding their Financial Needs

Inclusive development is one of the critical determinants of national growth. Microfinance sector has helped millions of small households in the remote areas and also gave life to their dreams. It started out as...

Samasta Microfinance: Empowering Individuals, Enriching Communities

The past decades have seen the microfinance industry grow by leaps and bounds globally and India is no exception. With increasing focus on financial inclusion in India, Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) are occupying centre stage...

SMART CFO Services: Driving Significant Improvement to Clients Financial Health through Quality CFO Level...

In today’s complex and uncertain markets, companies require accurate and timely corporate accounting. But more than that, they need financial advice that gives certainty and assurance. The role of the CFO plays a pivotal...

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Unchanged Repo Rates Astute from All Angles

The recent stand-off between the government and the RBI owing to the NBFC crisis and the apex bank’s endeavor to maintain its autonomy and reserves had caused the industry to watch closely whether the...