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“We are not only well-known for our smart products and solutions, but also for the robust and outstanding quality”

Omobio: Pioneering Telecom Sector with Digital and Smart Solutions

This is the era, where all the telecom operators are looking to optimize their business, increase efficiency, reduce cost, provide better customer service and provide new digital services to customers. Founded in 2011, Omobio is one of the companies at its peak with the high demand in digital services; specializing in products for telecom operators. The company develops software and solutions catering to the IT industry in Sri Lanka. Gradually, from 2011 the company also started focusing on developing telecommunication-based solutions for local…..
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Company Of the Month

Dilmah: World’s Finest Tea-maker offering a Plethora of Amazing Flavors in Tea

Grown, handpicked and ethically made at source, Dilmah has grown from its humble origins into a global brand that is unique in its promise of unmatched….
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The 10 Most Admired Companies in Sri Lanka 2018

Ananda Sirisena & Company: Assisting New Businesses to Take the First Few Steps

Believe in yourself and always walk that extra mile to help the clients. Established in the year 1978 to serve the long standing clientele of S. Ananda Sirisena, a Registered Company Secretary, Ananda Sirisena &...

Halal Accreditation Council: A Frontrunner in the Food & Beverage Space

With the introduction of the global economy, industries across continents engaged in trade, which brought out the need to manufacture products that cater to market specific requirements. The application of science and technology to...

LAN Management Development Service: Managing Projects to Deliver Promises

Consumers always love a great product or service. But seldom do they all appreciate all that goes behind the scenes. A product or service as we see it is the result of multiple steps,...

Enterpreneur Speak

Bitcoin: The Future

The reason Bitcoin is distinctive is not because it is a virtual currency but because it is a proof of the idea that a decentralized, digital currency is undeniably achievable. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin is...

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Changing Business Landscape with E-Commerce

Today, we live in a globally connected world. So as to grow the business or to expand the business in wide scale, we should be aware of the current trends and should keep a...