The Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in India – Satellite Cities

India has many beautiful cities with a more interesting environment where every business from small to big can grow tremendously. One of the most promising fields of investment in India is the real estate. There are various places where you can put your money in the real estate business which expands from the major cities to the lower parts of the country, but believe me that any part of the country where you find yourself is a good starting point. The prime cities of India, such as Delhi, Pune etc. are said to be overcrowded, but has the quality facility such as the satellite planning. The nearby towns are taking a new turn of advancing in infrastructural development, and this is going to help create more space for real estate investment in the future.
The Municipal Corporation in charge of the real estate process is booming with higher real estate appreciation potential in the central cities, such as Pune, New Delhi, and Mumbai etc. This is possible due to the growth in these areas and it is creating a better room where demand is rising steadily and quality supply is still possible. Such development can also be found in various cities, for example, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Greater Noida and Gurgaon in New Delhi.
The property investors are benefitting from lower entry cost in some of the smaller towns than what is obtainable in the centralized locations as these locations tend to be higher in price for real Estate Development. Self-use buyers are more interested in the property investment potential of satellite towns and the point of their attraction is the superior infrastructure, a higher degree of natural ambience and the planned development.
The Promising Satellite Cities in India
There are several cities in India with upcoming or established satellite towns. In Mumbai, you will find Navi Mumbai, Kalyan/Dombivili, and Vasai/Virar, while in Delhi you will also find Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Greater Noida and Gurgaon. In Bangalore, you have Yelahanka and Devanhalli with considerable promise, while Siruseri and Sriperumbadur in Chennai have proposed as satellite towns.
Kolkata has a satellite town in Rajarhat, apart from Batanagar and Kalyani. The growth of these areas for the transit into satellite domain, all depends on the quality of infrastructure and the planning being implemented over there. This gives a winning hand to the propositions in  Pradhikaran properties and other Municipal Corporation real estate areas.
The Selling Point of Municipal Corporations in India
Residential real estate demand becomes crucial and beneficial when there is the right mix of employment opportunities, good infrastructure, and access to central and nearby cities and the potential for an ambient, stress-free lifestyle.
– The Municipal Corporations helps provide ample connectivity to every part of the country via rail and the road.
– Their activities help the resurrection of various industrial and business zones which are generating countless jobs each year
– They provide the measurement facility for infrastructure growth against some cities in various parts of the country and this causes competition and in turn returns with a gain of better and quality infrastructure development in every part of the country.
– The planning authorities  are strictly maintaining strictly the pre-set of urban planning model, and by doing so, they are promoting a good standard of living.
– The various authorities of Municipal Corporations have offered modern yet affordable township properties. The township properties which they offer are widely recognized and accepted as the residential property paradigm.
The various Municipal Corporations in India rates among the best example of quality satellite town planners with the potentiality of challenging any other city planners in terms of property investment and residential lifestyle quotient. It’s a thing of interest to note that the properties in the Satellite cities of India are in ever-increasing demand by the various property buyers. And the working culture for their commercial, retail and residential property markets is symbiotic to help create a winning proposition for both real estate investors and end users in India and beyond.
When you are looking for where to invest your money in real estate, then think of India. The motivating point in this country, comes from the friendly people, the environment, Municipal Corporation’s quality services and even the government. So you don’t have anything to worry about. It’s the prime time to come and invest in India, where and when to do it is here and now.
-Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo

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