The Gems of Indian Architecture

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India has witnessed the construction or creation of some of the greatest architectural landmarks including the likes of Taj Mahal, Lotus Temple, Red Fort, and Jantar Mantar. The country is renowned for some of the oldest planned cities in the world. Its cultural richness is reflected in each architectural marvel. Over time, Indian architecture has evolved by adopting architectural styles of different countries around the world and combining them with its own artistic finesse.

With the advent of technological innovations, the country has gradually evolved from an architectural viewpoint. Modern gadgets, machines, and software are shaping modern architecture, while taking it to the level next.

The dawn of different decades have resulted in the introduction of many advanced architectural styles from around the world. Moreover, many private and public bodies are increasingly interested to invest in development of architecture and landmarks. India is a cultural hot-pot, which provides the scope of healthy interactions between individuals of different castes, creeds, religions, and languages. Each individual has unique ideas and opinions about how to improve the architecture. This contributes to the growth in architectural variety.

Leading architects and top architecture firms are playing an important part in creating revolutionary establishments. They are innovating and embracing cutting-edge technologies to provide the audience with a lasting experience along with ensuring their safety.

These impressive architects leave no stone unturned to ensure a safe haven for the inhabitants, while focusing on the elements of comfort and elegance. Their prime objective is to create something simple yet magnificent and lasting. They are, in fact, the pillars of the country’s strong infrastructure, who are building the foundation of tomorrow.

Hence, Insights Success introduces the issue, The Most Influential Architect of 2020, who are transforming the Indian architectural scenario through their dedicated endeavors, innovation, and willingness to learn. Ar. Vishal Deshmukh is one of those architects who have created some of the best buildings and projects in Pune and eve outside of it.

So, let’s flip the pages and go through the amazing work done by Ar. Vishal Deshmukh and team.

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