The Much Needed Industry, Home Healthcare Industry

India has been a witness to magnificent reforms especially in the healthcare sector. Known as the sunshine segment in the arcade, it is one of the major players that drive employment and the process of revenue generation in India. Novelty and advancement in any fragment is generally for:

  • Cost reduction
  • Fulfilling the need of the hour

With outlays touching sky high, lack of pertinent in-hospital mandates and nonexistent comfort, Indian healthcare industry demanded a renaissance desperately. The startups began to put their utmost dedication and creative minds to work in a way that the country embraced modern technological improvements in a way to benefit the masses. This led to the pioneer of home health care services and was embraced with open arms worldwide. Commencement of this upheaval evacuated the crisis that otherwise lingered around. From having no proper facilities to treat even the basic medical conditions, India is now one of the largest platforms serving to customer-eccentric home health care services.
One such salient contributor to the health and welfare diligence is Healers at Home. The birth of Healers at Home was on a practical foundation.
During my corporate days, the back pain had sucked my exuberance and hassling for appointments with physiotherapists and orthopedics added to the agony. A vague thought plagued through my head:  What if there was an aid that could reach out to me at my expediency and accessibility rather than otherwise? The best and the right outcome of any unusual thing bears fruit only when it is tried and tested and that’s how the idea of Healers at Home came around.
Well, doing justice to the emerging trends is not a piece of cake. Catering to home health care services does bring a chain of crisis making it difficult for to meet the rising demands with quality and qualified workforce. Being a staunch follower of the rule that the best is yet to come, my panel prevalently works in and out to sustain the ever-growing requisites with unswerving and budding talent. The workforce is picked from A-grade and premium colleges who are certified, trained and experienced in their niche of obligation thus allowing more than 200000 verified customers till date to trust us and our set of knacks. Another conundrum that health care industry is stuck with is the demographics of the country. The urban area is accessible both remotely and otherwise but when it comes to rural areas, medical backing is a challenge. Trying to build a medically inclusive country, we are delivering Physiotherapy, Yoga, Mother and Child Care, Corporate yoga, Nursing care, Attendant Care and Elder Care in at home and offices for areas in and around Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Gurugram.
Healers at Home was launched with a basic motive; true healing and happiness without having to make efforts for it. We live in a digitally advanced nation and handiness demands to be the modern necessity. I mean just give it a levelheaded thought, who would prefer moving about on days when you really want to get comfy under your favorite sheets? The answer to any possible question that involves healthcare is always preferred at home.
Home healthcare industry is an impeccable combination of expediency and technological encroachment. It is now possible to avail tedious medical procedures like vaccinations, dialysis, urinary catheterization and even post medical care at half the cost and double the convenience as compared to the hospital. My ultimate goal vests in letting the patient be the ultimate decider of his comfort without hampering his time, routine and the life of any person related to them. Though difficult, this home based healthcare setup will be a game changer in the near future is what I have faith in! I do not want to just fulfill the medical aspect with our home health care services but both my team and I are striving to merge innovation, technology, and customer satisfaction is a way that home health care outcomes are enormous to benefit every individual in indigence.
About Author
Kshitij Garg is Founder at Healers at Home. Kshitij has done his bachelors from IIT Kanpur. Post that, he was awarded the Young India Fellowship by Ashoka University in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania.
He has more than 5 years of experience during which he ran 3 startups and did Product Management at 9.9 Media. At 9.9 Media, he led various products like (India’s one of the most visited tech website). He has also worked with the Office of Member of Parliament – Mr. Naveen Jindal in the past.
He envisions Healers at Home providing home heathcare services and wellness services to everyone around the world in a single click. The Healers at Home Core Team comprises of IIT Kanpur graduates and Healthcare Professionals who have a diverse combined experience of over 35 years in the field of Healthcare, Marketing, Microfinance and Technology.
They currently provide 6 services at home: Physiotherapy, Yoga, Nursing, Attendant Care, Mother & Child Care and Elder Care, while conducting Corporate Yoga sessions at offices/companies. Their investors include industry pioneers like: 1) Mr. Daljit Singh – President, Fortis Healthcare 2) Mr. BVR Mohan Reddy – Padam Shri Awardee 3) Dr. Pramath Raj Sinha – Founder, ISB & Ashoka University
Kshitij practices Yoga & Meditation on a daily basis and implements his learnings from Yoga to Healers at Home. The learnings and team efforts have helped the startup grow 10X in terms of traction and revenue in the year 2016 and they have done more than 200,000 Home Visits so far.

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