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There has been an immense change in the way, a man thinks about promoting and developing his business online and this all is due to the internet awareness and the extensive globalization. To cope up with the globalized world, one has to go on the right directions and no one knows better than Varush Chadha who is the Director cum CTO at Adreno Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.(Formerly known as RP Khoj Services Pvt. Ltd.), a company rated as one of the “India’s Top 100 upcoming ITES & BPO Companies” by Dun & Bradstreet. He is a born entrepreneur who started his first successful venture right from the dormitory at college, Varush is passionate about Scalable Business Ventures, Technology Startups, Large Scale Application Development, SEO and Internet Marketing.
He started his journey of entrepreneurship from Outsourcing and framed successful ventures that got featured in global publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Spiegel Online. In 2007, Varush joined Adreno Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. as Director cum CTO and drived its clients from Zero to 450+ & connected with partners through different online marketing, sales & delivery initiatives to overseas clients in USA, Europe, Australia and Middle East. Under his leadership, the companies of the group got privileged to win the following Awards & Recognitions:
“India’s Top 100 upcoming ITES and BPO Companies 2011” by Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE:DNB).
Excellence Award 2012 for Innovation in IT enabled Services by Knowledge Resource Development & Welfare Group & Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT), Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Govt. of India.
Varush believes in adding value and speed to consumers & businesses using technology. Ability to think of box and dare to deliver are his key characteristics which add value to the clients and businesses. Developing a business strategy and getting it executed is what he enjoys doing.
High End Mobile Development Application Services with an Impeccable Track Record!
TheAppSmiths, 100% owned subsidiary of Adreno Technologies India Private Limited situated near Delhi is an offshore company which provides engaging custom development application apps across different platforms like iOS, Android and HTMLS that enhance user’s mobile experience. TheAppSmiths and Adreno Technologies India Private Limited provide services to clients spread over the world as USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada and many other countries. Having 6+ years of experience under our belt, over 450 clients in 20+ countries, 30+ business partners and around 70% repeat business, TheAppSmiths embraces all the skills & expertise required to win one’s business challenges & help them to reach their full potential!
While working for clients, TheAppSmiths doesn’t just sell technology; it sells digital solutions addressing the needs & problems of its clients. With many years of experience in developing mobile apps, TheAppSmiths has established a strong reputation for helping businesses and organisations to achieve their goals. Its consultative approach provides impartial, strategic advice that help enhance growth of its client’s business.
Cost Competitiveness is our ground to be proud on
Reputation of the firm in online/international market and showcase of past projects normally helps in establishing the initial trust of the customer. Second, cost competitiveness is something we are proud of, and we are normally willing to beat with any quote that claims to offer a similar quality product from any of our competitors. These factors, in essence, define how we win business against our competitors and also ensure success for our clients.
Adreno Technologies focus on attracting & retaining the best talent and have cultivated an atmosphere where its people strive to find new & better solutions to common problems. In addition, we are always on our toes when it comes to fine tuning our process for quality & efficiency.
Failures should be marked as an opportunity: Motto for Success
Believes in portraying a winning state of mind and sets clear cut objectives for the organization. At the same time we ensure that the objectives are narrowed down and is always avoided being carried away by the newest shiny things realizing that it is important to figure out which opportunities are extraneous, and make sure to ignore them completely. While framing the objectives we presume to dream big and get ourselves prepared to think beyond the lines and create some of our own mantras that will enable us to keep our compass focusing north.
Once the objectives rightly placed, next important thing is to chalk out a detailed plan, proper execution strategy and a phased action plan to achieve the desired results. Our team ensures that each failures should be marked as an opportunity for in-depth analysis and use this analysis to ensure that failures will not follow us in future. This helps us to make it our habit inspite of taking it as a failure, and always looked forward as a light of every tunnel.
Having smart people around us at key positions who share our customer’s vision, mission and our plan of actions and success is the result of the hard work of our employees, so choosing right people with right skills for right positions is our key to success. Last but not the least, we are passionate about the vision, love what we do and do what we love. We believed that we are the best ones and ensured that we are the ones!

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