Top 5 Tech Trends to be ‘Ahead of All’

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The new-age technologies are changing the overall scenario of the business world and defining the true essence of ‘Innovation’. These technologies are changing the workspace functionalities and client engagements alongside rolling out a vast array of opportunities for the youngsters of today and tomorrow. From banking to healthcare, these technology advancements are taking the center stage and helping every sector to withstand the changing times.
The way of doing business is changing and so is the career space. It is an era where tech-trends are redefining entrepreneurship to its best. Here are the top five tech trends that are disrupting the industries like never before.
1. Internet of Things (IoT)
One amongst the biggest technology trends that have proved to be a major disruptor in recent years is IoT. It’s helping businesses across the oceans in aligning their tech devices with the internet and embracing the knacks to transferring data over a network without any human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions. It is showcasing the perfect blend of the physical and digital world thereby, impacting the workflow and the resulting outputs in the longer run.
Be it media, advertising, marketing or business management, IoT is here to provide a plethora of solutions that have the potential to streamline customer engagements. IoT-based solutions have the ability to track the interactions of ‘how consumers engage with products’ with digital devices. As such, this data can be used for optimizing marketing campaigns and user experiences in a seamless manner.
2. Machine Learning (ML)
Another big tech trend is ML – a computer’s ability to analyze data and learn on its own by tracking & monitoring repeating patterns. For instance, businesses are now leveraging this technology to understand the social media patterns and how a user taps into the digital world. It’s possible by a core analysis of likes, shares, and comments with respect to particular content. It analyses the closest connections of a user for serving that content on priority.
Apart from day-to-day interactions on social media platforms, ML is at the helm of transforming the way organizations do business with their clientele. Today, tech-giants are using this technology for offering users with a podium that can help them in learning and gaining knowledge even when offline. It is helping startups and SMEs to anticipate and quench the needs of the customers to the core alongside targetting the right audience in real-time.
3. Virtual Reality (VR)
VR has been around since the 1950s. However, its capabilities weren’t that robust to deliver a fully immersive out-of-the-box digital experience that users have been expecting. Today, a lot has been changed with recent enhancements across hardware and programming taking it to the next level. Remember the Movies about VR, now it’s for real and is driving change across every industry, from retail to education.
VR is successfully contributing to gamification in business and is all set to expand its wings across various industries. It services on-board are effectively impacting the companies and helping them engage customers in a seamless manner. It is potentially adding an extra plus to their sales and marketing efforts. Adopted by educational organizations, it is now used as a tool for learning and increasing student engagements. On the other hand, this tech trend is already ruling the gaming industry when it comes to video games, online games, etc.
4. Touch Commerce
Technology has now made a fantasy of ‘buying/selling things with the touch of the finger’ a reality. A creative mix of touchscreen technology and one-click shopping has introduced the world with touch commerce. It will enable users to buy/sell products easily with their mobile devices. Just linking the payment info to the account and enabling it with a fingerprint, will bring an individual close to buying everything online from furniture to clothes.
This is like one big revolution hitting the industry rightly and creating ripples in the workflow making it proactive and more prominent in the near future.
5. Cognitive Technology
It’s just the broader concept running parallel to ML and VR. Cognitive technology’s umbrella comprises of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition, etc. For instance, combining these two different technologies can empower businesses in automating and optimizing various tasks including certain aspects of analytics and accounting.
This technology will move the industries with its curated set of applications and features. The future will witness a shift towards this technology adoption where most of the enterprise software ventures will embrace it to its fullest.
With tech-enabled advancements emerging at their full pace, staying up to date for industries like banking, education, healthcare, e-commerce, etc. have become the need of the hour. Keeping up with the latest tech trends would be a potent answer to the question of how to be at the forefront of tech curve? And, this answer will help an organization in surpassing all the challenges coming it’s way and boost it to reach the epitome of success.
– Rahul Niraj

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