Transforming Course in Corporate Events and Conferences


A corporate event is a social affair that is held by the corporates for their employees, business partners, customers as well as prospect customers. These events can be for bigger groups of people, for example, conventions or small events like conferences or vacation parties.
Corporate events are transforming into a memorable event by focusing on everything, right from décor to attendee engagement. Nowadays, companies are watching out for fresh and exhilarating experiences for all the event participants. Starting from the destination of events to pioneering décor and improved technology, companies are continuously working on how to create unique experiences for their people.
Focus on Audience Participation
A corporate event trend that is likely to get more emphasis in upcoming years is focusing on higher audience participation. Precisely, organizers of such events are working on strategies for making audience a part of the event, instead of just sitting and heeding for hours, they need to participate in it.
These days, conference organizers are abandoning the traditional power point slides for more engaging activities and getting into new forms like live-feeds, video conferencing, workshops, event-specific apps, event hash tags and more.
Increasing participation interprets into better overall experiences. By being part of the event, attendees are more likely to polish their knowledge and skills rather than by merely being observers.
Unusual and Amazing Venue Selection
Choosing a hotel as a venue for corporate gatherings has faded away, and innovative trends in corporate event planning are bringing up amazing venues for corporate gatherings. Currently, many corporates are hosting their events in unusual and amazing venues like sports or concert venues, reserved cottages, theme parks, casinos, etc.
This can help in creating a long-lasting impression on attendees and it is a key factor for continuous growth of audience and conference stability. Moreover, these unusual venues create memorable experiences for all the attendees, resulting in complete satisfaction for both hosts and attendees.
Metamorphosing the Venue
Only selection of unique venue is not enough, even its décor needs to be transformed according to desired events. The décor should be done in such a way that the guests should be able to recognize that they are at right place. Today’s companies, especially the new startups and tech companies, are uplifting the way they brand their events with unique touches. Apart from the classic banners, companies are transforming event venues into something acquainted for their guests.
Renovating a venue into a corporate experience, whether it is a racetrack or private cottage, requires décor experts who are capable to metamorphose a venue with ingenious usage of linen, furniture, technology and more.
Ultimately a conference is the marketing avenue for a company. Whether it is a training conference or a sales conference, organizations require designers to design the events that can build brand reliability and advocates. Efficiently, branding an event builds employee spirit and determination that transforms into more engaged employees.
Sustainability Pushing the Boundaries
Even though “going green” is nothing new, the latest trend in sustainability assures to pushthe boundaries of both thoughts and creativity. As an Event organizer, a profound responsiveness of society’s sensitive concern in reusing and recycling can help to develop a thoughtful attitude that exhibits the event’s commitment towards environment. With a large number of adults globally supporting products made from recycle content (versus those that aren’t), attendees will notice and acknowledge those particular items that are biodegradable, right from the name tags, record-keeping bags, or food cartons. On the other hand, other trends in this space include contributing to sustainable, fair-trade food options and donating the leftover or unused stuff to NGOs working for homeless or senior citizens of society.
Technology is Revolutionizing Traditional Corporate Events.
Nowadays, many organizers have started implementing technology in their events. While some organizations are still following traditional presentation, many have already adopted the technology which is turning the traditional conference into a very unique experience.
Technology in a conference reminds of a few things such as: mobile apps highlighting presentation and workshops schedule; GPS event locator and navigation assistance; information kiosks; Onsite social media networking; video feeds ; surveys and contests; meeting agenda or announcements and real-time language translation
Smartphone technology is revolutionizing the traditional corporate conference.
With the help of technology each and every attendee can be communicated promptly and easily, providing a personalized experience. Hence, in any case/at any such case, when a workshop is cancelled; bad weather or alternate plan happens, communication can be done easily.
Nowadays, corporate events are going through a tremendous change from top to bottom. Its time when there will not be any event held with just a series of speakers, power point slides and formal lunches. Corporates and Event attendees are jointly considering unique ways to get maximum attendance, irrespective of gathering hundreds or thousands of guests. As a corporate event organizer, it is significant to embrace these trends to create unique and unusual event that will initiate higher attendance rates and maximum attendee satisfaction.

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