Truth, Transparency and Honesty: Ingredients to cook a successful Entrepreneurship


Life is to open the covered, reveal the secrets, know the unknown and turn uncertainties into certainties. Some say that lying is a bad habit, while some others say harmless lies are okay. Even since childhood, we are been taught something, we are offered something and slowly, as we grow up, we observe something that is exactly opposite of what we have been said for the entire time till we grow up. The controversies are everywhere and the conflicts carry us around.

Remember those days when our father used to say, “If you come up first in your class, you will get a brand new watch or an impressive fountain pen?” Remember those old days when our mother used to give us a glass full of milk and say, “If you drink this glass full of milk, God will bless you with strength, intelligence and wisdom?” Remember those moments when our parents used to distract our minds with an interesting story and feed us with rice, pulses and vegetables or smash the vegetables within the rice so that we neglect the fact that even though we don’t like it, but we were actually eating the vegetables?

It’s hard to forget those joyful days of our life. Though we hated all those little activities of our parents in those days, we cherish it now, and we miss it now. It is to be noted that we are no longer in the days of adolescence and the people surrounding us are not our parents. It’s the real world. It does not expect us to offer white lies, it wants straightforward truth. It believes in transparency.

To maintain any kind of relationship in this true and fast pacing world, one must always go by the offers on the table and not below the table. It is obvious that people rarely read between the lines to find whether the action is for their good or bad, they just focus on the matter whether they are aware of that or not.
As per experts from all over the world, the strategies and tricks that one must follow within the boundaries of his/her enterprise and beyond are shared below.

Maintain a clear and transparent communication with your customers.
Nobody loves the hidden truth and that too, when they have to dig it and find the conditions beneath that. It is always advisable to disseminate information simply and clearly in a manner that is not hard to explain for you and it is easy for the person on the opposite side to understand. The easier it is to understand, the more the transparency is maintained between you and your customers, the more superior you become to your customers. Go beyond the walls, don’t just speak to them, rather, you must make them feel emotionally that you walk that extra mile for your clients to make their lives better.

Treat your employees in the same as you treat your customers.
It is time to remove that thin line of barrier that separates you from your employees. Let your employees know the benefits that you are offering to them. It is obvious that these offerings are something beyond the medical coverage and paid time off. Make your employees feel that you care for them, their opinion, their career, and most importantly, their life. Being the leader of a company comprising of more than 50 members, it is clearly not possible for you to reach each one of your employee, but you can always pass on the message through a simple mail or any kind of testimony.

Give back more than you take.
Our society, our community, our employees, our customers, and our investors, they have given us plenty of things because of which we and our enterprise is standing tall. It is apparently our responsibility to give that back. The most amazing thing about this is that it is something beyond just giving back to the society. One can use this as one of the greatest marketing tricks. Let’s not promote ourselves, let’s just promote our ideas and make people aware about the societal responsibilities, and let the people find the cause and figures behind this awareness program. Let the programs play the game; tell people about the things that they want to hear; you just need to take the credit beyond just profit.

Be the light, be the Torchbearer and be the hero of your team.
You are doing great and you are the leader of your team and also your organization, but you must go beyond your cabin and desk. Your employees must feel your presence, not just in your emails, but on a personalized level. You must come out of your cubicle and share your thoughts through various regular communications with the employees. As the entire world is digitizing itself, there exists the scope for increasing the level of visibility through a blog or podcast.

Not just your employees, you must build a base with your customers too. The more visible you are among your customers, the more popular and more trustworthy you are. When the world is going live, what are you waiting for? It’s time; entrepreneurs must out of their corporate cocoons and let everyone know the real person hidden behind those fancy blazers and suits sitting inside those glass door cabins.

Spread the Laughter.
Success doesn’t come overnight and it takes a huge effort to build and lead a team or organization. While building an enterprise and leading it towards the stepping stones of success, what we often miss out is “To enjoy”. Humor is the catalyst to a pleasant working environment and that is why laughter plays a great role in building up bonding amongst the employees. In any workplace, what matters the most is the enjoyment in the work. So, let’s laugh, and spread the laughter and build a workplace that goes beyond a healthy working environment.

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