Tulip Infratech: Shaping Future through Excellence in Real Estate Industry

Tulip Infratech

Real estate is the second largest employer after agriculture and independent researchers have suggested that this sector is poised to grow at thirty percent over the next decade.  The steady growth is driven by the corporate environments, office spaces and the surge for accommodations among the prominent cities in India. Tulip Infratech is one of the leading real estate developers in India which is embracing innovative technologies to evolve as a major contributor in the real estate industry in India.
Parveen Jain, CMD at Tulip Infratech spoke to Insight Success and highlighted some of the trends and strategies they have incorporated in their splendid journey spanning over a decade.
Brief us something about Tulip Infratech and the services provided by you.
Tulip Infratech is a real estate development organization in Delhi Gurgaon NCR (National capital Region) in India with its corporate office in Gurgaon and registered office in Connaught place in Delhi. Tulip is into real estate and infrastructure development. Tulip was started by Parveen Jain (CMD) in the year 2005 and since then there has been no looking back.
Tulip is mainly into Group Housing and commercial projects. The main group housing projects are on Sohna Road Badshahpur Gurgaon which are tulip Orange, Tulip Ivory, Tulip White, Tulip Purple, Tulip Violet, Tulip Lemon. There are around 5000 condominiums in these Group Housing projects. Tulip Grand another group housing project is in Sonepat, Tulip Ace & Petals, the huge group housing project is at Pataudi road in Gurgaon. Several other upcoming projects like three commercial in Gurgaon, two affordable housing projects at Dharuhera and three housing projects in Gurgaon are in pipeline.
Tulip has also delved into infrastructure development by Tulip’s joint venture with CCTEB (China construction Third Engineering Bureau), one of the largest Chinese construction global company.

Brief us about Parveen Jain, CMD at Tulip Infratech.
Parveen Jain is the Chairman and Managing Director of Tulip Infratech, one of the leading Real Estate development organization brand names in the Indian Real Estate sector. He is also the Vice Chairman of NAREDCO (National Real estate Development Council). His role has been outstanding towards the development of housing, commercial projects and infrastructure in the fields of construction and Real Estate sector. He started Tulip Infratech in the year 2005 and within a very short span of time, has made it a major force to reckon with in the Real Estate world.

Parveen has an in-depth knowledge of the Real Estate industry and all its related fields like construction industry and other aspects. He is a very dynamic person and a go-getter. Due to his positive approach, farsightedness, correct analysis, correct judgments and right decisions, his role has been major towards the development of group housing, commercial projects and infrastructure in Gurgaon NCR region. Due to his dexterous organizational skills, his client-centric time-bound strategy has proved to be a boon for the end-users who are the proud owners of the delivered condominiums.
During his flowering career, Parveen has bagged several national and international awards in the Real Estate world. He visits foreign countries frequently and sometime back he accompanied the delegation of the earlier President of India on a prestigious tour to South Korea. Parveen keeps himself abreast with the latest technologies and developments in the infrastructure and Real estate all over the world. Parveen’s recent major achievement is that he attended the very important international BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) summit 2017 held in China where the various countries were represented by the heads of the nations and India was represented by the Indian Prime Minister.
What kind of ‘out-of-the-box’ strategies your company is providing for differing from the competitors?
SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY OF PROJECTS ON TIME: Tulip has been successfully delivering its projects year after year where clients are cherishing their stay. This has been the main goal of Tulip Group and this organization fulfills its commitments always. This is the key to success of Tulip Group and the main reason for the enviable position of Tulip Group where it stands today in the Real Estate sector.
CLIENT CENTRIC STRATEGIES: Client-centric strategy is in vogue today. It means Tulip has to see from client’s perspective what all client expects from Tulip regarding his dream home. Tulip then keeps in mind all his expectations and tries to fulfill them to the best of its capabilities so that no inconvenience is caused to the client.
In Client centric strategy, the first and the foremost thing of paramount importance is Tulip’s attitude with the client which can win the heart and the trust of the client from the very beginning and if the client is happy, then by word of mouth he recommends Tulip’s name to other prospective buyers and a chain reaction of good reputation builds up in the market for Tulip. Then by providing the dream home with timely delivery of the project, all the challenges are overcome successfully. Tulip has been following this client-centric strategy diligently.
WINNING THE TRUST & CONFIDENCE of CLIENTS: Tulip Infratech – the legendary name exudes trust & confidence of clients, poise, success, an achievement for all those who are associated with Tulip Group and most of all the end users or clients. The end users, investors or clients of Tulip Group are the ones for whom this Real Estate organization stands for and works round the clock to convert their dreams into reality, successfully on time.
What is the vision and mission of your company?
Tulip’s mission statement is ‘Shaping future through excellence’ which encompasses broadly all the aspects of its mission, the first and the foremost being the successful delivery of projects to its clients through excellent work, setting a high benchmark in the process for others to follow and shaping a bright future comprehensively in this regard.
Tulip’s procedure of realizing its vision concentrates upon doing hard work diligently, producing best quality work, no procrastination, using latest available technologies like ‘Mivan technology’ in Tulip Lemon for faster best quality work, going step by step to achieve aims and objectives and through the whole process realizing the ultimate goal successfully.
How do you identify a potential market, particularly in a diverse market of India? What is the ‘need of the hour’ in the industry today?
We identify the potential market according to the prevailing and future demand. The need of the hour these days is ‘Affordable Housing’ which can satiate the basic housing needs of the masses and is also affordable as the name suggests, and is in consonance with the Govt’s mission of ‘Housing for All’. Following PPP model (Public Private Partnership) in Affordable Housing shall prove to be a big boon for accomplishing this noble mission.

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