Unor Exim Private Limited: An Indian Champion in the Global Medical Devices Niche

Unor Exim Private Limited

The world of medical technology is vast and intricate, where quality counts for lives. In this dynamic sphere, where breakthroughs happen at lightning speed, Unor Exim Private Limited emerges as a company to watch. Unor Exim has carved a niche as a provider of unwavering reliability and patient-centric solutions. Committed to the highest standards of quality, safety, and ethical practices, the firm has earned the trust of leading hospitals, organizations, and healthcare professionals throughout the industries.

As a pioneer in the Medical Devices industry, taking us back to its journey, the company’s Managing Director, Rajan Sareen, says that he was self-motivated to enter this sector. “Actually, it is not only about the medical devices industry. I was always inclined to work in the services sector.” He furthers that while in financial services, he knew that India had immense potential in the healthcare segment. He searched for a product with a bottom-up approach and figured out that nephrology and critical care were the areas that needed much research in India.

So our searches started in that direction, and we finally got in ABO incompatible transplants which was at a very nascent stage at that time,” he recalls. Within medical devices, the first stages of innovation play a crucial role in shaping the development of new products.

Doing What is Right

Unor Exim’s strength lies in its comprehensive scope. The team offers a world-class orchestra of products and services from sophisticated surgical equipment to everyday medical needs. Each instrument is carefully chosen, directly representing renowned global manufacturers and adhering to the most stringent quality and safety standards. This meticulous curation ensures that hospitals, organizations, and brands across the globe have access to the best tools for patient well-being.

Today, Unor Exim has emerged as India’s most trusted Medical device company. Sharing its guiding philosophy, Rajan says, “We do what is right.”

Unor Exim is well equipped to support the front-liners of the healthcare system by bringing the most advanced products, services and solutions that help advance both patients on dialysis and transplant patients, along with supporting clinical processes for hospitals and centres.

However, Unor Exim doesn’t just deliver, it curates experiences. Its strategic presence in New Delhi and Thailand, coupled with a network of associations and representatives in major countries, allows the company to bridge continents and deliver seamless service on a global scale. This dedication to accessibility ensures that even the most remote corners of the world can benefit from its expertise.

Globally Distinctive Solution

The Medical Devices landscape is continually evolving. Sharing their USPs and other distinctive factors, Rajan says that Unor Exim is an exclusive distributor in India and neighboring country for Nephrology and critical care products. “The products marketed by us are unique across the globe. Our principals (manufacturers) are very supportive and produce the most advanced line of products backed by solid research, as they are the oldest company in this area of clinical development across the globe. Our constant endeavour is to bring the most advanced transplant products at relatively lower prices so that world-class medical devices are made available to the patients in India,” he explains.

Assisting Healthcare in the Last Mile

Rajan’s leadership style is often recognized as a driving force behind Unor Exim’s achievements. Shedding light on their approach to leadership and team building within the organization, Rajan says they do not compromise on quality whether it is a product or hiring human talent is concerned within the company. “We are aggressively marketing our products so that they are available at even the remotest location/centre where transplant happens.” He furthers that they are geared up to support new centres to help them set up support systems so that they can start transplant programs at their own locations. With over ten years of expertise, the team, under Rajan’s exemplary leadership, is confident they can successfully assist hospitals in independently developing transplant programs.

The essence of Medical Devices lies in innovation, disruptions, accuracy, and enhancing detection, diagnosis, and treatments. Yet, according to Rajan, striking a balance between operational efficiency and customer satisfaction is a vital factor. While innovation is essential and critical, an excessively complex medical device can distract from the device’s core use and its functioning. Balancing innovation with practicality is valueless. Adding features or design elements that don’t contribute significantly to the device’s effectiveness can overcomplicate the design and detract from its overall value for the end users.

The Most Effective Challenge Response Team

Thus, Unor Exim’s commitment to excellence extends beyond products. Its highly skilled and trained staff are not just salespeople; they’re experts in their own right, offering valuable demonstrations and personalized support to hospitals and individual surgeons. This focus on education and collaboration fosters trust and empowers healthcare professionals to utilise the latest advancements confidently.

Unor Exim has faced its share of challenges as a leader in India’s medical sector. Sharing an instance where his team’s resilience and ingenuity triumphed over adversity, Rajan says that marketers in the healthcare industry face unique challenges in achieving their goals. Managing the rising cost of care is one of the many challenges payers continuously face. “We are adequately funded and use our resources effectively, which helps us face adversities strongly. Our team of technicians are very trained people, and we can face perplexities very effectively because of our team efforts.”

Words for the Wise

Medical Devices are a niche of the Indian industry that demands constant innovation. In such a scenario, Rajan’s advice to other budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into this space is intensely pragmatic. The medical devices industry is not child’s play. It needs a lot of seriousness and professional aptitude. Unless the entrepreneurs are extremely knowledgeable as passion alone is not enough and if they have the cult/edge to be in this industry, else they should venture into some other non-serious avenue, as this industry is not for fly-by-night players.

Fostering the Most Effective Future Treatments

Unor Exim Private Limited manufactures UNOMAK™ 3 Ply Surgical Mask on India’s 1st Fully Automatic Machine. The mask is untouched by hands and made in the most Hygienic environment. This mask has special protection layers available on each side. UNOMAK™ Surgical Face Mask Melt-Blown filter is approved by Nelson Laboratories.

GNL-99 mask is approved by Indian IS 16289:2014, European 14683:2019 BS EN, and American EN 14683:2019 ASTM F regulatory standards.

UNOMAK™ 3 Ply Surgical Mask comes in both Ear Loop and Tie/Head Straps. “As we were distributing face mask and similar products,” Rajan says, “I began thinking about the issue and potential arrangements during the underlying days of the pandemic. I saw that using face masks will be almost imperative as they are the main apparatus to forestall contamination. However, I understood that most masks available were made of poor quality. The need for high-quality masks led me to undertake this project.”

India’s leading hospitals and clinics use UNOMAK Face Masks, exclusively available on UnorMart, an online marketplace and an initiative of Unor Exim Private Limited.

UNOMAK Face Mask is designed with medical grade, 3-ply non-woven fabric and melt-blown filter approved by Nelson Labs to ensure enhanced protection from even the smallest particles in the air.

  • A shapeable nose clip is concealed in the mask to help shape it onto your nose to close any opening and to protect you completely.
  • It comes with extra protection layers on the edges, which keeps the loops intact.
  • It is made with skin-friendly, non-woven fabric that is gentle on human skin and has low breathing resistance for enhanced comfort even during long hours of wearing.

Rajan adds, “To keep up with the increasing demand for surgical masks, we have doubled our production capacity by increasing the number of machines. From the masks to the production of the indigenous ear loops, tie straps and packing, every process is examined carefully by our highly skilled team and engineers. We have also ventured into manufacturing bouffant (nurse and surgeon caps) and hospital shoe Cover making in April ’21. The machines used to make these caps and shoe covers are also of global standards and have not been used in India before.”

As Unor Exim is the most recognized brand in India, supplying leading corporate hospitals and government departments, Rajan informs that they have also started manufacturing N95 masks on the best global machinery available. “We shall also be applying for NIOSH certification for N95 masks. There are only three to four companies (including Unor Exim Private Limited) manufacturing N95 masks certified by NIOSH in India.”

Looking ahead, Unor Exim’s future is as bright as the instruments it offers. With their unwavering dedication to innovation, global reach, and personalized service, they’re not just keeping pace with the ever-evolving medical landscape but shaping its future. So, keep your eyes on Unor Exim – they’re more than just a company to watch; they’re a force for good in a world where every beat matters. “All our future moves shall bring innovative medical devices into the market with the ultimate aim of improving user experience while reducing the cost of treatment,” concludes Rajan.

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