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Over the years, we all have been bombarded with the statistics of exploding data usage. And that India has been the front runner in the global data consumption. It is a macro topic and yes, this remains true across various verticals in India, be it health, finance, banking, FMCG and even end users. Most of those whoread these stats, understand and agree to thepossible implicationsdue to this evergreen trend. However, their slower data analytic tools and weakened processing powerholds their business progress restricted to their core strengths.Riding higher on this data trend requires a higher investment to increasethe server capacity, hence processing and analysing more information.But there’s an alternate way, which is known, is easier to implementand comes at the fraction of the mentioned investment – Upgrading to Flash Storage Solutions.
What does it mean for datacentres, enterprises and even corporates. The unidirectional growth of data consumption at this scale, calls for future proofing the analysis systems and servers. Yes, switching to flash storage solutions is a no brainer move as it is almost 10x faster than traditional drives. It not only brings SMART functions to the system but also reduces the possible downtime and decreases the TCO (Total Cost of Operation).More importantly, this transition allows the existing system to process the same amount of data, but in just a fraction of the usual time. This translates into a much larger bandwidth for the existing system to use improve efficiency of analytic tools and process additional data.
With the reputed brands like Kingston investing early in the new-age 3D NAND technology, there are more benefits at lower investments.It evenfrees IT staff to focus more on strategic business goals and less on unplanned fire drills. And it empowers the business to capitalize on new opportunities, outcomes, and markets with increased productivity and faster time to market.With the high-density flash and guaranteed storage efficiencies, Kingston’s solutions can shrink storage footprint too, reducing power and cooling costs.
Investments in this new-gen technology also fetches better compatibility, higher durability, higher endurance and a longer life for the system. Kingston is a leader and is well known for itsflash storage solutions, owning 23% of the global SSD market.The global tech brand is even strong with its product portfolio, with multiple offeringsfor specific requirements in systems and servers. Being in the business for so long, we understand the market trends and expected requirements. For instance, with GDPR policies imposing higher security measures on system architectures, Kingston introduced storage solutions with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption and support for TCG Opal 2.0 security management solutions. Not just that, since data securityis a critical issue being addressed at large, we have made it affordable for more corporate and enterprises to implement measures effectively.
We also work with datacentres, enterprises and corporatesin their own environment to make them aware and help them get the best benefits from using the future-proof storage technology.Not just them, being front runners in this technology, we even help SMEs and SMBs with affordable solutions for them to get the benefits without compromising on quality and efficiency. In a way, this helps them realize improvements in their business performance, just by a small upgrade in their existing infrastructure.
To conclude, flash storage systems offer a disruptive and scalable opportunities for businesses to start small and grow big. If the business aim is to grow or even retain their market share in this cut throat market, making use of flash data storage solutions, is an unsaid obligation.
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The above article is written by Vishal Parekh. He is the Marketing Director of the Kingston Technology.

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