VMware vCloud Air Business to be acquired by This Hyper-scale Cloud Provider


OVH, a global hyper-scale cloud provider, and VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure business mobility, together announced that OVH anticipates acquiring VMware’s vCloud Air business.
VMware’s vCloud Air is a cloud contribution company, designed explicitly to meet enterprise needs bringing a secure, hybrid cloud experience, purely based on the software-driven data centre. The latest introduction of bi-directional, hybrid DMZ architecture and the zero downtime cloud migration has enabled their customers to accelerate the pace of migration to the cloud, while maintaining compliance, control and security. From the very beginning, vCloud Air has catered industry leading customers as they endow a hybrid cloud environment.
VMware is transitioning vCloud Air’s U.S. and European data centers, and customer operations, to OVH along with the customer success teams.
After the acquisition, OVH will run the service as the same name ‘vCloud Air’ Powered by OVH, and will continue to drive VMware’s hybrid cloud technology, with a close partnership with VMware’s acumens on customer support and go-to-market around the three well recognized vCloud Air use cases: data center recovery, data center extension and data center consolidation.
Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware asserts, “We remain committed to delivering our broader Cross-Cloud Architecture that extends our hybrid cloud strategy, enabling customers to run, manage, connect, and secure their applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment.”
Both companies, OVH and VMware, teamed-up to bring Software-defined Data Center (SDDC) as a Service to market last year. vCloud Air clienteles will be benefited as they enjoy far-reaching choices by selecting from global data centers of OVH across its four continents and experience faster performance and workload mobility over company’s connectivity through thousands of miles of dark fiber and presence of 32 points around the globe.
OVH has partnered with VMware vCloud Air Network for a long-time and is a chief cloud service provider with deployment of 260,000 servers for more than one million customers.
Octave Klaba, chairman and CEO, OVH, says, “Through our strategic relationship with VMware, which includes joint R&D and best-in-class delivery of solutions, OVH leads the private cloud market in Europe.”
“With this acquisition, OVH will offer a very unique value proposition for larger enterprise deployments, including rich capabilities for migration and advanced hybrid functionalities for virtual data centres. This will benefit all our clients across the globe.”

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