Which is the Best Battery for Solar System in 2024?

Solar Battery

Many solar industries are introducing various solar products with the latest technology. There are many solar batteries available in the market, so it is a bit confusing which one is the best and the latest technology battery according to you. In this article, I am going to discuss the latest technology solar battery in 2024.

Which Solar Battery is Best in India?

The choice of the best battery type for solar energy storage depends on specific needs and priorities. Lithium-ion batteries, particularly the LiFePO4 variant, are popular for solar applications due to their high energy density, long cycle life, and relatively low maintenance. They offer efficient charge and discharge capabilities. Lead-acid batteries, specifically advanced sealed lead-acid (AGM or Gel), are cost-effective but have shorter lifespans and lower energy density compared to lithium-ion. Flow batteries, like vanadium redox, provide scalability and long cycle life but are currently less common and more expensive. The optimal choice depends on factors such as budget, space, and performance requirements.

Difference between lithium battery and lead acid battery

Here is a summarized difference between the lead acid battery and the lithium battery.

Difference Lithium battery Lead acid battery
Charging efficiency It has fast charging which means the battery will be charged in 2-4 hours. It has low charging which can charge the battery up to 70% only.
Weight The weight of a lithium battery is 9kg/kWh than the lead acid battery. The weight of a lead acid battery is 30kg/kWh.
Maintenance It has no maintenance. It has high maintenance.
Life cycle 3000-6000 life cycle 500-1000 life cycle
Safety It releases no emissions and is suitable for all appliances. It has no safety devices, is not sealed, and releases hydrogen during charges.

Which Battery Type is Best for Solar?

There are many solar batteries that are being introduced in India. There is a new solar battery which the solar company recently introduced. Let us talk about the latest solar battery in 2024.

CAML High Voltage 200 Ah / 51.2 Volt 10 kWh, Stackable LiFeP04 Battery has been introduced by India’s best solar battery manufacturer. CAML high voltage 200Ah solar battery is the latest technology solar battery in the solar market. This is designed in a modular stack method that has a high-voltage energy storage battery. The stack method allows multiple batteries to control the systems stack in the series.

The BMS is suitable for various types of inverters that are in the market such as growatt, goodwe, luxpower, and more. These are transfer-less hybrid inverters. These lithium battery cells are used in various electronic vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and smartphone batteries. It has CATL with 6000 no of cycle.

Advantages of Lithium Battery

The Lithium battery is the latest technology product which has many advantages. The advantages are.

  • It has fast charging which means the battery gets charged 100% in just 2–4 hours.
  • IOT Based.
  • BMS system
  • No need for maintenance.
  • These batteries have a long-life cycle as compared to other batteries.
  • These are lightweight by 1/4th as compared to other batteries.
  • AH efficiency is up to 100%

What is the Cost of Solar Battery?

The cost of a solar battery varies widely based on factors such as capacity, brand, and technology. On average, residential & commercial solar batteries can range from Rs. 2,250 to 150,000. Prices continue to decrease as technology advances. With the EMI option one can buy it easily and pay for it in small installments.

Which Brand Solar Battery is Best in India?

To buy the latest solar battery you consult the best solar battery manufacturer, loom solar. Loom Solar offers the best solar battery for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Loom Solar has the latest technology lithium battery which is CAML High Voltage 200 Ah / 51.2 Volt 10 kWh, Stackable LiFeP04 Battery. This is their latest product which has been introduced recently. They provide various facilities such as PAN India delivery in 3–7 days, flexible EMI options, and more.

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