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Nilesh Tribhuvann Managing Partner, White and Breif
Nilesh Tribhuvann Managing Partner, White and Breif

The future of the legal landscape in India is stirring with exhilarating possibilities with the specialized expertise brought forward by boutique law firms to meet complex legal requirements. Newer practice areas are developing to fulfil demands posed by digital realities and cross-border commercial operations.

The law firms are being receptive towards modern challenges and driving the legal industry towards a decentralized global order requiring standardized, efficient, and easy legal solutions. They are also making the legal industry more client-oriented and approachable by adopting a collaborative approach that facilitates a productive feedback loop and free flow of necessary information.

White and Brief – Advocates and Solicitors is recognized amongst the leading law firms in India for providing efficient legal solutions to a diverse clientele. The firm is headquartered in the commercial hub of Mumbai, and its operations are managed by Mr. Nilesh Tribhuvann, Founder and Managing Partner, together with the expertise of 65+ associated legal professionals.

With efficient and easy legal solutions, White and Brief has been recognized for continually exhibiting professional excellence in its decade-long operations.

Comprehensive Expertise White and Brief is a multi-service law firm headquartered in the commercial hub of Mumbai, having a global clientele and it is competently driving effective change for its valued patrons.

They are among few law firms to have an empanelled advisory board comprising legal dignitaries such as former judges and revenue officers to continually guide their legal enterprise.

The new-age law firm derives its expertise from the underlying Tier-1 law firm experience of its accomplished team, which has a cumulative experience of 45+ years.

As trusted legal advisors, White and Brief assists multinational companies and banks amongst other highly reputed organizations who have their presence in India as well as overseas. They also advise emerging start-up companies to provide a complete package of legal services.

Some of the reputed clients of this law firm include Apple, Interglobal (Indigo Airlines), Godrej, Reliance Retail, Reliance Brands, Adani Capital, Adani Power, Welspun, Vedanta, Hyundai, Gangar, Syska, LED, Alkem, Flamingo, Ajanta Pharma, Hiranandani, amongst several others.

They are also trusted legal advisors to reputable financial institutions such as SBI, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Bank of India, Doha Bank, IREDA, Citi Bank, HSBC, etcetera.

An Eminent Leader

Nilesh Tribhuvann is the Founder and Managing Partner of White and Brief and he heads the dispute resolution and litigation practices. Nilesh has over 15 years of experience in the Indian legal arena and has managed some of the most high-stake and high-profile litigations, dispute resolutions, and white-collar crime matters.

Trained under the tutelage of senior counsels, Late Mr. Ram Jethmalani and Mr. Mahesh Jethmalani, Nilesh has an all-around exposure in all the fundamental aspects of litigation.

Nilesh has been the trusted legal advisor for several reputed brands such as Apple, InterGlobe (Indigo Airlines), Godrej, Reliance, and Hyundai.

Throughout his eventful career, Nilesh has managed 6000+ cases and 3000+ arbitration matters. Nilesh has also represented eminent personalities and a diverse set of prestigious organizations in famed matters by representing reputed business houses, multinational corporations, international law firms, ministers, political dignitaries, high net worth individuals, bollywood celebrities, media houses, and government bodies.

He has also been retained on the panel of legal experts with several reputed conglomerates, aviation companies, real estate giants, and mass communication corporations.

An Ardent Advocate

From an early age, Nilesh was inclined towards reading and writing, which further culminated into a natural passion for research, current affairs, and public speaking.

Additionally, being raised in a dynamic family of three generations of lawyers which included his mother, who also happens to be his idol, Nilesh was captivated by the world of law as it directly affects public life and resolves real-life social and commercial problems.

This felt like a rewarding career for Nilesh and hence the vital family association and personal interest naturally led him to choose the path of being an advocate.

Niche Legal Services

White and Brief generates continuous value for its clients by fulfilling all their legal requirements with multi-dimensional legal solutions.

Its niche practice areas include:

  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Taxation, Trade, and Customs
  • General Corporate & Commercial Advisory
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Capital Markets
  • Banking and Finance
  • Telecommunications, Media & Technology, and Intellectual Property (IPR)
  • White Collar Crimes – Compliance and Investigation
  • Regulatory and Consumer-centric laws 

Withstanding Challenges

Crafting a name and repute in the legal domain is extremely difficult due to the highly competitive nature of the industry. At the beginning of Nilesh’s career as a young legal professional, the challenge was to find the right mentor and nurture his court craft.

Due to sheer arduous work and perseverance, he was fortunate to have the opportunity to assist Mr. Ram Jethmalani and Mr. Mahesh Jethmalani. Under the able tutelage and after rigorous personal training for over 10 years, Nilesh secured recognition and widespread industry acceptance.

Drawing from early lessons of personal struggle, Nilesh continues to be resolute and enthusiastic about providing dynamic solutions to his clients for overcoming complex legal difficulties. 

Surmounting Adversities of the Pandemic

The pandemic impacted businesses everywhere, and even the legal industry was severely impacted. The challenges were all-pervasive. But the automated and technology-led operations of White and Brief made it agile enough to counter new challenges, and they quickly adapted to remote working. With focused efforts and continuous learnings, they steadily aced the digital justice dispensation system.

Additionally, the inherent moral building helped them to personally motivate each other and extend support to their teams to ease the apprehensions and anxieties accompanying the public health crisis. To this date, they are the champions of remote working and allow full flexibility to their team for working comfortably and delivering their best, no matter where they are.

The unwavering team spirit and the performance continues to reinforce the faith of clients in the firm’s renowned calibre which led them to score some very promising projects during the pandemic.

Inspiring and Advising Aspirants

The young generation stepping into the world of law has immense potential to make the legal domain more accessible. Nilesh encourages them to drive the legal domain to a more regulated but secured position that respects personal freedom with the correct balance of regulations for social and commercial life.

Nilesh advises the aspirants to inculcate the deep-seated values and qualities like; patience and diligence and to read extensively while assimilating current affairs and the changing court culture with a special focus on newer practice areas.

He would also like to encourage young practitioners to be empathetic about the client’s cause, retain the humane approach in providing legal services and be determined to achieve the client-oriented end goal. 

The Future Strategies

White and Brief plans to advance its operations across India and overseas through consistent efforts and trusted legal advisory. They want to foster the employment of legal tech in their operations to meet the next generational digital requirements, and they seek to diversify the existing operations by branching out to newer practice areas.

The firm also aims to effectively participate in India’s growing entrepreneurial ambition by skillfully supporting the domestic industries and services sector.

At the heart of their litigation practice, there also lies the will to fight social injustices for affected stakeholders and to make the legal industry more accessible.

Promising Innovations in the Legal Space

The legal domain is going through a revolutionary transformational phase with the integration of innovative technology into everyday legal functions and the introduction of newer practice areas such as blockchain, cyber security, data privacy, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, space law, internet rights, and newfangled investment structuring for the financing requirements of the corporate world.

The public justice dispensation system is also becoming decentralized and digitalized, while commercial conflicts are increasingly inclined towards non-adversarial dispute resolution. This provides a space for law firms such as White and Brief to innovate and accelerate their operations in the right direction for excellent synergies.

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