Why Leave Management Software is Important for Your Company?

Leave management software is a solution that helps organizations and offices in their leave approval workflow efficiently and makes a rudimentary environment at the workplace. It is an eclectic way that makes easy for employees to submit their leave requests and for managers to approve or decline it all while adhering to the company’s leave policy. Star Link’s leave management software is one of the advanced biometric devices which help the company and employees manage the leave system and proceed leave.

Leave management Software and Organizations

Biometrics system is associated with enriching manner and incorporating the process of need with a glance and making a sophisticated input. The biometric world is updating continuously and spreading its magnitude. There are multiple processors and possibilities are providing by the biometric system. Leave management software is one of the advanced processes used by an organization to manage employee leave and forget their obsolete corpus.

The leave management system helps management in the company to easily manage everything in a single click. As we know that leave is one of the essential parts of an organization. So for that, it is necessary for an organization to save time and manage this significant part easily. In that case, the leave management system helps to manage the leave of an employee, and HR decides or manages employee leave. An individual can comprehend their leave and track record and look at consumed as well as remains leave. HR can centralize leave tracking, generate crucial analytics, and serve key insight into employee behavior. These things shall help to improve multiple productivity in an organization.

Feature of leave management software

Star Link’s leave management system has multiple features which you can use and set for your benefits;

Profile setup

The employee can set up their profile to check their own leave status by getting a login code from the company where they can mention their Name, Department, Date of joining, and Photo. After setting a profile, they can know and manage everything systematically.

Holiday management

A company could schedule its holidays in advance to inform employees about their leave, and employees can track all the holidays yearly and monthly for further using the leave management system.

Leave management or tracking

An employee can manage their leave by using leave management software without meeting face-to-face conversations with HR. Where they can put their code, date, and leave type (such as casual, late arrival deduction, out duty, etc., or earn leave) and will submit an application to HOD, then an application could approve or decline by HOD with the help of management. You can also check your status about where your application has been pending, approved, or rejected. You can also scan your balance which is deducted or not for the reason of either present or absent.

Employee Attendance

An employee can check their attendance status on what days they are present or absent, or late.

They can also get information about what day, shift, date, and time you punch in or are absent. You can get an idea about whether you punch or not.

Salary slip

You can generate your monthly salary slip and can know what your salary is delivered by the company and how much amount goes to other activities.

Create leave policy

Management can make its own leave policy for its employees, and it would be applicable only to permanent staff. It allows flexibility among employees and the company.


At last, Reports can give an overview of the leave pattern of the entire team or organization, helping to understand employees better. You can assume the behavior of employees, like who has taken leave and who has not.

Benefits of the leave management system

A leave management system benefits both the company and its employees. It assists them in tracking and seeing their leave balance in real time. It makes it easy workflow for companies to check employees’ leave in a single click and get ready to manage payroll. It also makes various impacts and provides benefits such as:

  • Elimination of manual interventions
  • Real-time leave monitoring
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Build transparency
  • Expedite workflow


Leave management system is one of the basic needs for an organization to make a better and more transparent environment. It gives an eclectic benefit and produces sophisticated output with proper management. It considers on leave of an employee in an organization and helps them to track it.

Leave management is a cloud-based software that offers multiple channels to access it. Employees can apply for leave using mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, and HR or management can approve or reject leave requests from anywhere at any time. It is integrated with attendance management software to track employee attendance effortlessly and consolidate it with payroll, which helps in calculating employee payouts and avoiding unnecessary payroll errors.

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