Women Business Leaders: Surpassing Crossroads, Achieving Milestones

The conventional stereotypical comments have always been a part and parcel in the lives of every Indian woman professional. Our so-called traditional mindsets have always been at the forefront in ‘curtailing’ the freedom of education, speech, and opportunities for women who aspire to fly high.
However, the turning point that saw an end to this practice was Globalization. It came as a boon for Indian woman as it was ‘the’ dominant force that opened the flood-gates for a revolution that created space for equal opportunities in all walks of life.
Breaking the shackles of jobs like HR professionals, secretaries, and supportive roles, women are now the torch-bearers of the new-age business world. Today, women are marching ahead and making in-roads to careers that we all have just dreamt of!
The Indian corporate fraternity is not only accepting this change, but is also acknowledging and celebrating the advent of female business leaders in taking the charge at every step. Countless women have already donned the cap of being the ‘C’ level professionals, but we at Insights Success believe that this is just the beginning of a new era.
Today, we take huge pride in recognizing the enormous efforts of women leaders who are the trendsetters in leading revolutions in India. Now, as the torch passes to the next generation, we expect a lot more than what has been achieved so far!
To honor the contributions of these women leaders, we bring you the special editionThe 10 Powerful Women Business Leaders”. This issue encompasses a few among the exceptional players who have mastered leadership skills and are shaping the business fraternity in the best possible way.
Uncovering the insightful journey of these leaders, we commence with Ashima Obhan, Partner from Obhan & Associates. Ashima sums up her professional journey as exciting and deeply enriching – at times more exciting than she could handle! From starting her career with one of India’s leading law firms to now heading the corporate law practice at her firm, her journey has been full of learning.
Geeta Arya, the Founder, of Geeta Arya and Associates is a noted architect and interior designer. With more than 15 years in the field of designing, she is passionate about connecting different creative ends of society in the form of an Art curator.
Krutika Vakharia, the CFO at Oakcapita Advisory, has a rich experience of working in the Investment Banking industry. Being an expert in the various areas related to M&A, private equity and venture capital deals, and project finance; she is closely associated with leading family offices and HNIs.
Niyati Rokani, the Co-founder of Beyond Sourcing. Niyati started her career as a trainee in a very small private firm. She continued working for a few more companies and mastered the art of not only recruitment but also networking. That’s when the seed of opening a boutique company that specializes in real estate hiring was planted.
We also have an exclusive interview with Richa Natarajan, DirectorUnitus Capital. She started her career in financial advisory and realized early on that working with clients, advising them, and supporting them was the motivating factor of her life.
We hope that you’d be equally motivated and inspired to read their stories as we were while curating them for you.

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