Women Empowerment in India

Women Empowerment

From Mother Teresa to Kalpana Chawla women have proved time and again that they are second to none. Indian women have made stellar contributions in fields such as politics, arts, literature, sports and education. There have been many instances where they have established themselves or broken the glass ceiling in various sectors but, in rural India, women are not given the same opportunities to establish their own company or business. Giving these women a voice in the business world will aid in the progress and boost the Rural Indian Economy.

Impact of Self Help Groups (SHG)

A Self Help Group (SHG) consists of a group of women (10-20) from the same village/taluk belonging to the bottom of the pyramid. Rural women have the lowest literacy rates, and therefore do not have the capacity to negotiate pay or contracts and most often engage in the unorganized sector, self-employment, or in small scale industry. The SHGs in India have come a long way since their origin in 1992. The expansion of SHGs in India has been at an exponential rate from 225 groups in 1992 to 16+ Lakh groups in 2020

Bairisons for SHG in Telangana

Bairisons was founded in Hyderabad in the year 2018.The driving force behind the success of this innovative agro based company are Dr. Prasad Pasam (Chairman),  Mr. Bairi Reddy Baki (Founder and MD) and Mrs. Haritha Baki (Director). The company is dedicated to establish physical stores that sell only SHG Manufactured and Processed products which in turn help to bolster the resilience of Indian economy. Bairisons has launched their first “Bairisons SHG Store” in Palakurthy, Jangaon District Telangana on 16th December, 2020. The store was inaugurated by Shri Errabelli Dayakar Rao (Hon Minister for Rural Development, Panchayat Raj and RWS, Government of Telangana), Shri Sandeep Kumar Sultania (IAS, Secretary to Government, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Government of Telangana) and Smt. Nikhila (IAS, District Collector, Jangaon District). This project gives SHGs a chance to expand their reach and in turn move a step closer to reaching their potential.

Bhimart & Bhimart RISE for Bairisons SHG Stores in Telangana

Bhimart is a product of GM Global Product and Sales Pvt. Ltd managed by GM group which is one of the most renowned business houses of South India. Bhimart is India’s first proximity based shopping app. The company supports SMEs and is working to be a part of a technologically connected Digital India. Bhimart was founded in 2017 by Mr. GM Lingaraju (Founder), Mr. Rafiq Raj (Director and Co-founder) and Mr. Rajiv Lingaraju (Co-founder).

Bhimart has recently launched a mini ERP platform (designed specifically for SMEs) called Bhimart RISE. This innovative project was spearheaded by Mr. Nikhil Mirle (Head of Product Development). RISE will be used in Bairisons SHG Stores as an online platform for inventory management, billing, order management and other store related functions. The store keeper can also get features such as real time reporting, low stock alerts and quick moving items in inventory. Bairisons-Bhimart Telangana RISE Membership Card will be issued to its customers so that they will benefit through their regular purchase loyalty points.  Eligible customers will get discounts and gifts on products based on these points.

Bhimart & Bhimart RISE for “Gramyadharma SHG Stores” in Karnataka

Puregem Naturals LLP manufactures and markets agro-based products in Karnataka. The company was founded by Mr. HS Hariprasad in the year 2019. Bhimart will be partnering with Puregem to establish “Gramyadharma SHG Stores” across Karnataka. The local seller will have an option to sell online on Bhimart which will guarantee more reach and sales by using our analytics based upsell and cross sell suggestions. The stores will soon be launched in various districts in Karnataka to promote SHG products.

The goal of Gramyadharma SHG Store is to empower farmers, Women SHGs and Rural Youth. The process aims to exclude layers in the supply chain which will profit the SHG Store and customer as well. The company procures raw materials from Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) which will be processed by the women SHGs. Products including daily used household products and grocery will be processed. These products are distributed to the chain of Gramyadharma SHG Stores through the local transport network of goods carriers owned by rural youth. The ultimate goal of Gramyadharma SHG Store is to form a connecting chain between every eligible SHG in India.

Women SHGs form the core of Gramyadharma SHG Store. Right from processing the products to being entrepreneurs in stores, they form the backbone of the entire process. It promotes leadership qualities among its members which contributes to their empowerment. The story of the products source, efforts of farmers and SHG women shall be mentioned so that the buyer will know the traceability and efforts gone in producing the products.

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