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Kunal Nulkar | CEO | Sanjay Samuel | CFO | Ambika Nulkar | COO

As the startup atmosphere in India blossoms, more and more entrepreneurs are seeking spaces for their diverse workforce. They desire an ambiance where their workforce can be productive and enjoy a homely experience. They are seeking spaces where the experience which they and their employees receive, is much more personalized.

Co-working spaces across India are designing and developing spaces to not only match their clients’ expectations but also exceed them. Among them, WorkDen has risen to offer one of the most fascinating co-working spaces across the nation.

Established in the year 2016, WorkDen is a chain of boutique co-working spaces. Started with a 3000 sq. ft. in Domlur, they expanded to 32000 sq. ft. space across Bangalore within 3 years.

The company was founded by three visionaries, Kunal Nulkar, CEO, an architect and designer who graduated from IID, Italy; Sanjay Samuel, CFO, an aeronautical engineer by qualification with a degree in business; and Ambika Nulkar, COO, who has a background in audio-visual communications. United by the goal to disrupt the co-working space market, these spearheads have been developing remarkably cozy spaces for all of the clients.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

WorkDen continuously strives to develop spaces that provide clients the necessary requirements they seek. From ergonomic chairs to modular furniture, recreational zones, private discussion rooms, phone booths to community events and networking opportunities, they take care of all its clients’ necessities. They plan, design and manage spaces that best suit their member’s productivity and enables them to do their best work.

At WorkDen, there are cases where the company not only found an ideal office space for clients in their preferred locations, but also designed, customized and managed it for them. Sufficient phone booths, apps to manage bookings, networking events, and rooms, all have become a prerequisite that are ensured to be a part of WorkDen’s curated work-spaces.

A Conducive Environment

The team at WorkDen comprises of people who possess a background in architecture and design, which helps them to understand and design exceptional spaces. As one tends to spend a considerable amount of time at their desk in the office, WorkDen ensures to create spaces that are warm, simple and most importantly, comfortable. Once receiving the required inputs from clients, the team immediately develops and implements the concept.

Without much hassle the team is able to find and integrate solutions after receiving feedback from their clients – since service is the key at WorkDen. The company strives to ensure that their clients are satisfied with their workspace and services that are offered to them.

Ensuring a Hospitable Environment

When asked about how WorkDen is consistently outperforming other industry leaders, Mr. Kunal said, “As co-founders we have realized that this is a 24×7 job. One has to be as thorough in operations and management as it would be in the hospitality industry. And as operators we cannot take the service aspect of this field lightly.

Our biggest achievements come in the form of client feedback. We have had many companies that have grown with us and chose to stick with us while scaling their team sizes. We feel that we have also managed to build a community of members who have benefited from one another and are building great businesses.”

Crafting Spaces of the Future

WorkDen is proud to build creative and inspiring spaces. Witnessing the startup companies accommodating their many spaces, growing at an exponential pace, is one of the key factors that keeps the WorkDen team driven. The company desires to continue this journey with their existing and prospective clients and move to larger spaces.

WorkDen aspires to create their own ecosystem and venture into different cities across India and overseas to develop spaces that will continue to foster a productive environment and a vibrant community.

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