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World e Mart is known as one of the leading innovative web and online marketing companies in the industry.
As mobility is gaining more attention in the market, every business is trying to be on it and wants to have a presence on new media and especially mobile platforms. World e Mart is Internet business specialists providing total business and technology consultancy to build and promote digital platforms and digital assets. World e Mart successfully completed over 1750 projects with 600 + clients in 19 countries.
Being an established online marketing company World e Mart offers world class internet business solutions such as Web, Software, Apps and Games Development, Portal Development, Digital Asset Building, Branding and Marketing online. Our process is starting with idea & strategy development, Planning & Development, Execution & Fine Tuning.
Another specialized and passionate area is Redesigning Brands.
The Company focuses on your business requirements and implement the ideal strategy to achieve your business goals. THINK IT’S TIME TO CAPITALIZE ON THE INTERNET.
Jithin James, MD & CEO started World e Mart in 2002 as Kerala’s first online marketing company. He was the youngest multimedia consultant in the industry when it’s launched. World e Mart is now operational in Dubai also. He worked with many international brands last 12 years. Jithin James, the man behind World e Mart is creative, ambitious & passionate about converting dreams to reality. Excellent in generating ideas and making the same to design and finally reality. His innovative ideas in digital asset building and marketing helped many brands reaching new heights. Today he is well known IT and Business strategist in the industry.
World e Mart is working with clients closely to understand their requirements and building ideal flow of design and execution. Their team is not just designers or developers; their designing and development pattern is truly based on clients business and target. They consider every client unique and develop unique concepts & ideas according to client’s services or goals.
Not the Idea, Execution matters.
The company believes success is coming from a unique combination of a dream, an idea and its execution. You may have wonderful ideas but you may not have the idea about how it will be implemented or executed. Here is our role in your business. Our experience, technology and creative minds will work until our clients their goal.
Challenges gave worries at the developing phase
When Jithin started World e Mart as Kerala’s first online marketing company. It was not really easy to convince companies for online marketing & promotions, as customers were blindly following traditional advertisement & promotional methods. Worked with few local clients and focused more on international market for survival and worked with lot of international brands till the time of recession in 2009. Their international business incurred immense losses and forced to reduce their team size. At present World e Mart focusing India and UAE market only as the local markets are growing fast and people realized the possibilities of digital world and as a pioneer in this industry World e Mart growing fast with local brands in India and UAE.
Future Roadmap of the company
World e Mart has strong presence in Travel segment as we have more than 150 clients in same segment only, We developed a product called Live Tour, which automates the business of a travel company. The increasing demand of online travel services has secured the future of this software. They are soon going to launch an advanced version of the software, which is really handy as a mobile app collaborated with the tour portal and CRM used by the travel company. It will be a revolution in travel automation segment.
Developed a CMS for Television channels for generating additional revenue with on demand video content. The solution is already implemented with South India’s leading television channels. Launching its mobile app very soon.
World e Mart soon launching its own digital assets in Classifieds, Real Estate, Matrimonial and News Social Networking segments.
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