Zoom addresses Indian’s on its ownership status.

Zoom app

Zoom has been widely known as a video conferencing platform and it wants Indians to know that is not a Chinese company. There has been an anti-China wave in the country and it wanted to ensure people that it was not one of them. Zoom had been mistaken to be Chinese due to the fact that its CEO Eric S Yuan had a Chinese origin.

The company’s president of Engineering and Product Velchamy Sankarlimgam cleared the air stating that given the circumstantial misleading evidences that have connected Zoom to China, are completely absurd and Zoom is a US based company. Zoom has its headquarters at San Jose, California. However, like many other companies, Zoom does have its subsidiaries in China.

He also stated that Zoom has decided to ramp up its investment in India and has decided to increase their involvement with other share holders in the Indian Market. Zoom has provided an unmatched platform for many companies to conduct meetings during this time of crisis. It has provided adequate business for numerous fellow companies.

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