10 Must-have Apps for every Women

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Ladies! That smartphone of ours is not just a smartphone but a super handyman in the making. What it needs are a few apps that can make it do the right things at the right time. These apps are mostly free and have loads of features. They range from recipes, beauty, safety, entertainment, retail therapy to personal fitness. These apps help us juggle the various acts that we have to put through in a day. So irrespective of age, status, work and place these few apps (Android compatible) are a must-have for our smartphone.
7-minute Workout How many times we complain of not getting some exercise due to our busy schedule? Well, this app can be the quick-fix to it. All you need is 7 minutes and you are sorted. It offers step by step exercises that offer maximum results in minimum time.
Life 360 Family Locator An Android-compatible app, this one was basically programmed to send SOS messages to chosen numbers in case of an emergency. It now uses GPS to track and locate family members, save commonly visited places and various alerts.
Money Manager Expense & Budget – This app lets users plan, track and manage their financial activities. It provides bookkeeping, budget and expense management, card management and instant finance statistics and more with safety features.
Paytm – As India focuses on digital money, Paytm is an app that should come in handy. Use it for payments anytime, anywhere, transfers money to other Paytm users, and even shop for some exclusive products at great discounts and offers.
Period Tracker – If you tend to forget your period dates, or have them irregularly or are trying to conceive, this app can help you track your dates. It provides for personal logs, PMS symptoms, medicines too.
Practo – The app has a huge database of Doctors and various filters to get you the best available doctor based on the health concern. It allows appointment booking online as well as on call, reminders, shows availability of Doctors, their credibility, reviews, fee and more.
Service-on-demand Apps – Relatively new apps like Zimmber, Dunzo, UrbanClap, they provide services at the doorstep as per the need. The services range from finding a plumber, or beauty at home service, to as random as picking up medicine from a particular store.
Truecaller – This app lets a phone become more personal and cut down on the unwanted calls. It shows details of the calling number making it easy to either pick or ignore an incoming call. The app’s internal linking with dialler, messenger, Skype, WhatsApp etc. makes it easy to manage contacts.
Uber – If you travel a lot or even if you don’t travel a lot, Uber is a must-have app to help you with hassle-free transportation. Its safety features, ridesharing options, share your ETA, and more features are very useful. With Uber Eats, you can also order food from top eateries.
YouTube – YouTube is a great app irrespective of your gender and age. On the go entertainment, cookery show, DIY, cartoons and almost everything you can think of, YouTube will show.
Apart from these, there are many other apps in similar categories fighting for customer attention. Based on reviews and personal experience the perfect app can be easily downloaded to make life light and get more out of the smartphone.
– Sneha Sinha

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