3 Basic Elements of Success in Managed IT Services

Managed service provider

The managed services become more revolutionary for IT industries. It supplies required financial stability through predictable, recurring revenue and gives a support platform for the user. Although, the better execution is only done, when you will follow the Managed service provider (MSP) business model.
An MSP is one of the best ways to communicate with your clientele. Take a look on this basic three managed services.
1. Sell the Solution, Not the Product
An MSP knows how to reach customers and prospects by understanding how their pain points can be effectively solved through managed IT services. Always remember, customers need much more than products and they need your expertise and your ongoing support too.
It’s very important to listen closely to your customers, identify their problems fast, understand their requirements, and deliver clear, concise proposals that will comfort them that you understand their business goals and can offer effective solutions. Don’t separate your customers by product features and specs, change the topic of discussion to the other that you can do for them talk about the solution, not the product.
2. Purchase from a Supplier Who Supports You
MSPs require the help of vendors that stand behind their solutions. It has been observed that the few hardware vendors are simply in business to serve the Integrator.
So before deciding a vendor, ask yourself if they get you. Suppose, do they offer excellent pre and post sale technical support? At the end of the day, your customers don’t care who made the product. As far as they are concerned, you communicate with them into buying the system, so it is your product and your reputation, and it is your responsibility to keep things going smoothly. That is why it is important to partner with suppliers that understand and support you. Even without a doubt MSPs require to select vendors who are ready for feedback and product suggestions. Any supplier or manufacturer that does not easily accept and implement feedback from the people, who actually use their products does not deserve your business.
3. Step in a Partner Community
Proper communication is the most important factor about great vendors and products, industry trends, business practices, and new technologies. So if you have not able to find a suitable partner community, there are many types of partner groups available, from formal communities such as CompTIA and ASCII to national networks of MSP peer groups that stress accountability and improved leadership and management skills like HTG Peer Groups. These groups always host industry events that serve as intellectual safe areas, where MSPs can treat each other like our group member, rather than competitors.
Continuum’s Navigate 2015 Conference, is an excellent opportunity for MSPs to share insights and learn from industry influencers. So find a community that will give you with valuable insights and access to resources you will never get easily anywhere.
Source : http://www.insightssuccess.com/

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