3D Printing Companies Ramp up Face Shield Production

3D Printing Companies Ramp up Face Shield Production

By now, the whole world knows that the best way to stop the spread of COVID19 is to stay protected by staying away from those infected. But for the health workers, the same is out of the question as they need to stay on their toes to help the infected recover and further contain the spread. So they are dependent on hazmat suits, masks, gloves and face shields to stay safe while treating the patients.

However, there aren’t enough of these protective gears around to help the doctors, nurses and others involved. The healthcare sector, in such a time of crisis, as found an ally in 3D Manufacturing Companies who have sped up their production lines to prepare 3D face shields for them

It was soon found that a combination of N95 masks and protective eye gear isn’t enough as it still leaves a lot of area around eyes, nose and mouth unprotected. As such Face shields are the only way to provide complete protection. These transparent, plastic headgear which resembles a welding mask protect medical professionals from infection while they’re treating patients. But the current shortage has forced the health care forces to compromise with their security while providing care.

3D Printing and Manufacturing Companies across the world are rising to the occasion and producing 3D face shields out of plastic, the most preferable material. These shields are again of two types – disposable and reusable. The companies hope to meet the rising demand well in time.

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