3D printing is piercing its way ahead

3Dexter Team

The next 15 years will have a lot of industrial upheavals, marked by changing trends and patterns in consumer demands and supply. These are unpredictable and don’t give clear indications of their long term trajectory. Some experience explosive growth while some take years to sprout results. One such example is the 3D printing industry. A technology that has revolutionized and replaced old methods of manufacturing and production with dynamic creation models. Currently, many unique efforts are on to use this technique,just like Dubai unveiled World’s first ever 3D Printed office which resulted in a savings of 50 percent on normal labour costs. It would be fair to say that as our industry is growing, we can look forward to a new future that is being printed today.
3D Printing as an industry has flourished multifolds and is able to find usage in every other possible industry.If we talk about automobile industry specifically, the industry has been exploiting 3D printing to produce cost effective and time saving products.Initially 3D printing was used to produce prototypes of any new product that needs to be launched but now industries have started relying on 3D printing to carry out their day to day activities.Just like automobile, another industry that can reap enormous benefits out of this futuristic technology is the education sector.To have an edge above others teachers are trying to foster an environment of progress through scientific enquiry paired up with practical experience.And 3D printing proves to be a helping hand when it comes to delivering practical knowledge.Apart from being thoroughly educative and exciting,this technique can prove to be the threshold for reformed education in India.3D designing and printing helps develop spatial intelligence in the young minds.
Moreover with the new developments such as the emergence of new 3D printing materials Printing in metals is already a reality ( titanium, steel, gold, you name it). And we are yet to see further developments organic materials for printing skin and organs. Multi-material 3D printing will be another interesting trend to watch.Whether it’s Adidas launching the concept of “speed factories” where it’s developing customised shoe souls for athletes to enhance their performance or companies like E-Nable which is busy printing prosthetic limbs for the lesser abled kids,3D printing has proved it’s strength and versatility.
Though lack of awareness about 3D printing makes it difficult for companies to scale quickly, but with time 3D printing is making its mark.It’s a fast-developing market. “Indian 3D printer market is projected to cross $79 million by 2021,” says Rajiv Bajaj general manager of Stratasys India.Industry experts say that 3D printing can help bring more jobs and engineer higher growth, thereby add muscle to the Narendra Modi-government’s Make in India initiative but only after the skill-gap is bridged.3D printing is a development that our Industrial space needed and now we have it.
Hence It wouldn’t be fallacious to say that 3D printing is revolutionising the world And it has a great future lying ahead.

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