Modern workspaces are shaping the organisation

Tushar mittal, Managing Director, Studiokon Ventures

The evolution of technology has brought monumental changes in office designs

Technology has, indeed, revolutionized office interiors. We have tapped into the technological developments to bring our clients the best results.

Imagine sliding down from one floor of your office building right to the next on or connecting with your co-workers at the bowling alley at your workspace. Or, how about entering your place of work that resembles the New York subway?

It’s hard to imagine, right? Well, the modern workspaces have surely got the much-needed facelift. Gone are the days when offices were filled with a sea of cubicles with boring white/beige walls and fluorescent lights. The cube farms have taken a backseat, giving way to more interesting, “out-of-the-box” workplace ideas. These modern offices are shaping the organizations and enhancing employee productivity.

One might question that in the age of telecommuting and work from home trends, do offices really matter? Of course! Offices provide a structure that helps employees deliver their best work. They are the perfect places where like-minded co-workers can effectively connect and collaborate.

From Business-Centric to Employee-Oriented Approach

From bright, colorful walls and contemporary furniture to elaborate entertainment areas and creative use of open spaces, there has been a remarkable transition in workplace designs. The focus has shifted from less business-centric approaches to more employee-oriented ones.

Today the offices define the organizations and not the other way around. It is important for workplaces to reflect the true personality of the businesses in order to attract and retain talent. Killer office spaces are not just great recruitment strategies but also mirror the fun culture of the organizations.

Make Employees Feel Right at Home

A typical day of employees is extremely routinely: wake-up, eat, commute, work, eat, work, commute, eat, sleep…repeat. A large percentage of employees’ routines involve either working or thinking about work. So, wouldn’t it be great if the place where they work is as comfortable (if not more) as their homes?

Wow the Customers and Clients

It is said that there are no second chances to make a first impression. Office spaces play a vital role in catching customers’ or clients’ attention. That’s why it is imperative to have workspaces that tell the stories of brands. Offices can act as fantastic ways of advertising to establish brand images and win client faith.

Cultures are depicted in Designs

Offices speak volumes about the culture of the businesses and demonstrate their core values. The contemporary businesses are boldly embracing their personalities and incorporating them into their office designs. The quirkiness and innovation that form the crux of Google is clearly seen in its offices. And, the imagination and playfulness of Lego are at the heart of its work-stations.

It is evident that organizations are evolving and so are their workplaces. Some vehemently support the open-offices while others swear by the traditional closed-workplaces. To each of his own, however, everyone wants the designing of their offices to accommodate the employee needs, display their cultures and project themselves in a positive vibe and ventures like SKV helps in structuring the unstructured. Savvy companies such as G4S, NTT, IMRB, Axtria, Emerson, Indus Tower, DLF, Global Logic and World Pay are breaking the mould and welcoming the modern layouts. These revolutionary ideas have paid off, helping these companies woo the best workforce from around the world and enhancing their brands.