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3SR Consultancy

Every company needs business management consultancy to improve the overall performance of the entire organization and by doing this organization can help develop the company in every aspect. Management consultancy helps the company exploiting the resources for the betterment of the company. It also helps the company to maximize the use of financial and human resources. In an interview with Insights Success, Shailesh K. Gupta – Founder at 3SR Consultancy gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by his company to take Consultancy services to a new level.
1. Brief us something about 3SR Consultancy and the Talent and Acquisition solutions you provide.
3SR stands for “Science-Self-Spirituality leads to Results”. This is how the blend of IQ-EQ-SQ is “Seeding values for Growth” to Talent Development in Corporates and Colleges. The Learning solutions customized for a development need are outcome and performance results based on impact and effectiveness.
We as 3SR Consultancy act as a catalyst in developing the talent. Talent Development means building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of others and helping them develop and achieve their potential so that the organizations they work for can succeed and grow. Goal of talent development is to create a high- performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives.
2. Kindly brief us about the current trends in the Talent and Acquisition solution and your views on the same.
Global Innovation Index (GII) has improved for India from 81 in 2015 to 60 in
2017. Today’s need is not only to hire the right fit but also to retain the HIPO
(High Potential Performers) & transformers acting as change agents. We need to develop a transparent culture where the person can see a clear career path and which skills (s)he needs to acquire to move to the next step of the ladder. Our Learning Consultants have been helping in establishing the process of setting training goals and plans that link to individual goal attainment, career planning, and possible succession planning.
For soft skills development, there is no dearth of training providers available in India, while only one in four client senior manager’s report that training was critical to business outcomes. Off the shelf training content has been available and has been used, while customization based on the diagnosed need is done in some pockets only. Talent Development interactive face to face workshops have now been complemented with other training methods like e-learning’s, webinars & e-books for better reach & coverage with technology. Role Plays, case studies and gamification have now a new way of subconscious learning, Theatre based workshops.
3. Brief us about the CEO/Founder of 3SR Consultancy.
I am the founder and Entrepreneur of this startup 3SR Consultancy, currently playing the role of CEO, contributing as a Motivational Speaker, innovation Evangelist & Principal Consultant. Since last 27 years in the industry have been enjoying creating leaders of tomorrow as a seasoned Mentor, Coach & Guide. Presenting in Global conferences and facilitating Leadership, Culture & Behavioral Competency workshops, strongly believe in developing people and harnessing their potential. Conducting workshops globally for Innovation and Value addition ideation sessions as certified ideation Coach from Cornell University of US has been recognized by participants and the organizations.
I was fortunate to be associated with the industry filled will intellectual people. The opportunity I was pursuing in Technology was disruptive and evolving in Telecom and Mobile Services, which has become reality today. Working with passionate leaders could create & innovate the products impacting the process innovation for global foot print in embedded technologies, under the flag of Made in India. For monetization, business model innovation came during the productisation phase of the Intellectual property created. Developing the creative Talent pool in Industry domains and engineering excellence delivering in global arena of diversity was common.
4. What makes 3SR Consultancy a unique player in the field of Talent and Acquisition? Kindly explain your benefits over your peers.
Our unique talent approach is “Customized Learning Solution with ideation, innovation & Theatre Workshop for effectiveness and impact”. The blend of customized need analysis, content design, flexible scheduling & participant understanding, under the Learning verticals of Leadership, Culture, Creativity & Innovation makes 3SR Consultancy a valued L&D partner, instead of just a vendor.
The “BRAiN Child of Design Thinking” and “iiT-VC framework” of 3SR Consultancy offers a blue ocean approach to the Talent development of tomorrows New India with Technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, IoT, Big Data, Cloud computing changing & impacting the way we work in the decade.
iiT-VC framework can help not only generate new ideas but also mitigate the risks. Involving different stakeholders in the innovation cycle and measuring the ROI at each stage brings out the benefits of incubators, startups & COEs in not only services, but product, process and business innovation also.
[BRAiN & iiT-VC are © of 3SRC – SKG]
5. Tell us about the challenges your company has tackled on the road to success.Please share with us the issues a Talent and Acquisition company generally faces.
The journey so far as a startup has been filled with learning’s in the area of procuring business and its eco system. The focus has been on delivering value instead of reaching large volumes or revenue.
In this new global market, business strategy and global talent development need to be linked in a way we’ve never seen before. Talent Development need to be involved in business strategy discussions to ensure alignment of learning interventions. The diagnosis of the learning need (not just training requirement) and aligning the content design and delivery has been our road to success for creating higher impact and performance/productivity jump.
Let me explain by an analogy of how people or an organization can avail preventive health checkup for its employees by a Doctor in a Hospital. The two approaches are, to be proactive and be prepared for the new outbreak with vaccinations done is preventive, alternately get treated by surgery or medicine is reactive.

Doctor Consultant
Hospital project/program managers/infrastructure
new outbreak Technology disruption/automation
vaccinations up skilling, cross skilling
medicine TNA/Diagnosis for cross skilling bridging gaps,
role/function/location change
surgery performance improvement plan/exit

For proactive talent development it translates in identifying the critical Business aligned Goals to be planned for suitable interventions eg: improving Customer satisfaction parameters by front end employees
6. What lies in the future of the Talent and Acquisition business sector and what are the preparations made by your company?
Education and Training will need to react more effectively and promptly to changing job requirements and societal trends. Developing creative skills is a big pain area for mass deployment in industry, colleges, green agriculture and environment protection. We at 3SR Consultancy have focused on being creative and innovative in our customized learning solutions. Our approach is for learner-centered and tailor-made learning strategies, which is accompanied by corresponding coaching, and training as well as flexible curricula, modified assessment and validation mechanisms.
7. What are the future values and factors that drive 3SR Consultancy ahead?
“To bring out the best from all Innovative Minds thru Education & Research to increase the GDP” is our mission for impacting life’s. We are also training students at grass root level so by the time they join the race of professionals they are ready to handle the challenges with a balanced approach of analytical and intuitive brain (BRAiN child of Design Thinking) The logic’s and the creative magic’s of BRAiN is required to bring Out of the Box or Lateral Thinking for Disruptive Innovation. “Mirror your BRAiN” as a professional or student leader is the need of time. As is well said by our loving President and Scientist Dr Kalam, “Problems are common but attitude makes a difference”

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