Top Recruitment Trends and Technology


The tussle between available top talent and the rise in the number of companies needing such talent has given rise to new thoughts and ways to fill vacant positions. Today, alternative work arrangements and the omnipresence of technology are taking precedence for those responsible for finding the right talent for their company.
There has been a paradigm shift in recruitment solutions and methodologies, with employers bringing in outsourced staff, freelancers, consultants, and on-demand talent to fill certain job roles. The use of data analytics, artificial intelligence tools, emphasis on attitude and skills, and actively pursuing passive candidates through personalized methods are some of the emerging trends. Even with in-house teams, companies are moving towards using the service of specialized consultants with proven efficiency in these realms. 
Contemporary and Updated Recruitment Tools and Technology
With the rise in the use of data and analytics surrounding the human capital, companies would need to speed up their hiring processes, and make them more efficient and sharp. The emphasis would need to shift from simply filling positions, to assessing the personality of the potential hires. Artificial intelligence and mobile technology are leading the pack for automating most parts of the recruitment process, especially the mundane and labour, and time intensive ones. The screening of applications and candidates is one such task that would need immediate automation.  Personality and Psychometric Assessment tests are becoming extremely popular since they enable the companies to assess the ‘fitment’ of the potential employee on a range of aspects, transcending the boundaries of experience. “Spending on cloud HR software is increasing faster than “spending on installed or on-premises HR software”. HR cloud solutions will constitute 50% or more of all HR technology spending by 2017.  
The other part of the use of technology is mobile recruiting. Research shows that more than 70% candidates looking for a job, search the opportunities over their mobile and more than 40% apply for these positions via their mobile. Companies too are making it easier and less stressful for prospective employees to search and apply for jobs through this medium, enhancing the user experience, which in turn leaves a positive image of the company on the prospective candidates.  “Half of job seekers have searched for a new job while in bed, while 37% reportedly job search from their current workplace”.  
Diversity and Acceptance in the Workplace
As companies become global, and contend with an increasing number of competitors for top talent, employing a diverse workforce expands the ‘marketplace of talent’.  Studies indicate that over 65% candidates prefer companies that afford diversity a top spot in the culture. Hence, as mentioned, companies today are looking towards hiring freelancers, consultants, temporary staff, and locals from the region / country of operation. In addition, companies conduct training and coaching programs to enhance tolerance and reduce biases not just amongst the ranks, but also across the organization.
Maintain an Updated Repository of Candidate Profiles
As the numbers of eligible work candidates increase, every job position would receive a higher number of applications, which would mean that some of these profiles would not be immediately selected for the role. However, since hiring is a continuous process, it makes sense for companies to maintain an updated repository / a centralized database of candidates, for use later. If companies embrace the recent advancements in recruitment technology, they would be able to swiftly and deftly screen profiles of candidates in their database, and fill current positions faster solving a massive problem.
Conducting Online Video Interviews
The use of videos to conduct interviews is set to hasten and simplify the hiring process. The advantages include maintaining a personal touch with the potential hire, ensuring that the interview can take place as per the schedules and location preference of the candidate, and ensure that companies can find high caliber candidates.
Share Employee Friendly Practices and Culture Online
By posting rich and engaging content and making it accessible to all via social media and the company website, companies would attract top talent to approach them. The content must be of high interest to the target candidates, thereby getting their attention and creating engagement with the company.
Talent acquisition is not a passing fad and neither, will technology or its fascination ever fade. Companies will need to use technology to encourage personal development and enhance emotional intelligence in their workforce, which in turn will insure top performance and high productivity. In addition, engaging the services of specialized consultants would ensure that companies gain the best talent without wasting internal human resource hours and effort. All these factors would also result in lower employee attrition and an enhancement in the relationship between recruiters and top talent.
About the Authors:
Rajesh Shethia Consultants is a company backed by decades of experience in the field of recruitment. They boast of a higher number of contacts, than most recruitment companies, which enables them to recruit the best and most appropriate candidates for any profile, in the shortest time.
“Rajesh Shethia Consultants Pvt. Ltd.“ is the result of the passion and efforts of Rajesh Shethia, Managing Director. Rajesh has an impressive career spanning 17 years with companies such as Tata Interactive Systems, Educomp, HDFC Bank, Coca-Cola and Airtel.
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