A Champion for Sustainability – Ecoreco: Pioneering a Greener India Through Responsible E-waste Management 


The digital revolution has transformed our lives, but it’s also created a hidden crisis: electronic waste (e-waste). Responsible disposal has become a critical concern in today’s world, where technology is constantly evolving and generating ever-increasing amounts of e-waste. Millions of outdated devices pile up yearly, often in landfills or incinerators, releasing harmful environmental toxins. Many are unaware of the ecological consequences of improper e-waste disposal.

Ecoreco is on a mission to change that. As India’s leading e-waste management company, Ecoreco is a champion for sustainability. Under the exemplary leadership of B. K. Soni, the Chairman and Managing Director of Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco), the team goes beyond simply collecting e-waste; they’ve developed innovative processes to reclaim, recycle, and repurpose discarded electronics into valuable materials. This creates a circular economy, reducing reliance on virgin resources and minimizing environmental impact. Ecoreco emerges as a shining example, standing at the forefront of the e-waste management industry in 2024.

Recycling: Completing the Sustainability Cycle in India

Ecoreco, a trailblazer in India’s e-waste management landscape, emerged in January 2005. Before this, informal scrap dealers handled e-waste using potentially harmful methods. Ecoreco revolutionized the industry, becoming the nation’s first professional e-waste management company.

Listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the only company in the WEEE sector to hold this distinction, Ecoreco prioritizes environmental responsibility and a sustainable future. Authorized by the government under the Environment Protection Act and E-waste Management Rules, the company’s mission is clear: protect our environment and ensure a thriving future for all.

The concept of reuse and reduction is deeply ingrained in Indian culture, where resourcefulness often takes centre stage. Discarded items are frequently sold to informal waste workers. However, these workers lack the knowledge and technology to properly recycle them, jeopardizing the environment.

The Brand Ecoreco is consisting of three words “Eco”, “R”, and “Eco”, Ecoreco bridges the gap between present Eco and greener Eco of future by introducing the missing ‘R’: Recycling. Mr Soni says their innovative and sustainable solutions ensure responsible processing of discarded electronics, safeguarding our planet for future generations. At Ecoreco, legal obligations are not a Formality but commitment of Compliance.

Global Inspiration, Local Action: The Birth of Ecoreco

Ecoreco’s visionary leader, Mr. Soni, had the foresight to participate in international conferences and exhibitions. He gained invaluable knowledge and expertise through interactions with leading global recyclers, even visiting their facilities. This global perspective, combined with a deep understanding of the Indian context, fueled the creation of Ecoreco – India’s first professional e-waste management company headquartered in Mumbai.

Setting the Standard for Responsible E-waste Management. Ecoreco takes pride in adhering to stringent legal and environmental regulations within its facilities and during on-site client work. “However, we go beyond compliance. We actively develop and implement cost-effective, eco-friendly technologies and methodologies,” says Mr Soni. This unwavering commitment to responsible practices sets Ecoreco apart as a leader in India’s e-waste management industry.

From Visionary to Leader in India’s E-waste Revolution

Mr Soni isn’t just leading a company – he’s driving a revolution. Under his leadership, Ecoreco has become India’s premier e-waste management company, establishing a nationwide presence.

More than just profits, Mr Soni is passionate about building a sustainable future. He focuses on strategic growth initiatives while fostering a team of skilled professionals. Recognizing the importance of individual responsibility, he’s expanding Ecoreco’s services beyond businesses (B2B) to reach individual consumers (B2C). This empowers them to understand the benefits of scientific e-waste recycling, contributing directly to everyone’s health.

A true visionary, Mr Soni saw the potential of India’s e-waste management industry back in 2005. As a pioneer, he’s been at the forefront ever since, championing responsible growth and implementing global best practices. Industry leaders, policymakers, and government officials value his expertise and insights.

Mr Soni’s credentials are impressive. A distinguished Cost Accountant and active participant in industry associations, he also served on the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board’s e-waste management expert group. His intellect and unwavering ethics fuel his belief that India can become a leader in e-waste management – a position supported by India’s cost-effective recycling potential and ability to maximize resource utilization.

With India’s e-waste generation projected to reach five million metric tons by 2025 (currently at three million MT), Ecoreco is prepared. They recognize the growing demand and are committed to providing innovative solutions for ‘urban mining’ – recovering valuable resources from e-waste.

Safe and Sustainable E-waste Recycling

Industry-Leading Certifications and Cutting-Edge Technology. Ecoreco boasts India’s first certified WEEE recycling facility, setting the standard for responsible e-waste management.  The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board authorizes this secure facility and adheres to strict environmental regulations. Ecoreco’s membership in the Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI), Terra (Globally the largest network of more than 100 R2 Certified Facilities), NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) further emphasizes the team’s commitment to best practices.

Ecoreco’s processes are accredited to the highest international standards (ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, 27001, and R2v3). The team leverages their innovative technology to recover valuable materials like copper, aluminum, silver, and gold from complex e-waste. This expertise in “urban mining” maximizes resource recovery and minimizes environmental impact.

Comprehensive E-waste Management Solutions. Ecoreco offers a complete suite of e-waste management services, ensuring a secure and compliant process. They handle everything from secure data destruction (on-site or off-site) to decommissioning, packing, transportation, and recycling.

Ecoreco isn’t just a company; it’s a revolution. “We’ve been at the forefront of India’s e-waste management landscape, paving the way for a more sustainable future,” says Mr Soni.

Responsible e-waste disposal isn’t just about compliance – it’s about protecting our environment, ecology, and the very resources we depend on. In today’s world, circularity and responsible recycling are essential for resource sustainability. Ecoreco understands this and has become an indispensable leader in India’s e-waste revolution.

Mr Soni’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the industry. His involvement in the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board’s Expert Group and Ecoreco’s successful bid for Mumbai’s first E-waste Recycling Facility in 2005 showcase their dedication. Since introducing the first E-waste Guidelines in 2008 and subsequent E-waste Management Rules in 2012, 2016 and 2023 Mr Soni has consistently advocated for provisions that benefit the environment, ecology, society & industry and promote responsible practices.

Ecoreco goes beyond simply collecting e-waste. Mr Soni says they understand the importance of individual responsibility. “Our innovative ‘E-waste Not for Money, but for the Environment” program encourages end-users to prioritize environmental wellbeing. Our user-friendly BookMyJunk Mobile App and on-site shredding service ensure safe & secured and convenient e-waste disposal, preventing data misuse, resale sensitive devices, and safeguarding proprietary technologies,” informs Mr Soni.

Ecoreco’s “Recycling on Wheels-SmartER”: Empowering a Greener Future

Ecoreco is on a mission to protect our environment and resources. Mr Soni says, “We believe in minimizing waste and promoting responsible resource management through a network of recycling centres. Our ultimate goal? A sustainable future with clean air, water, and soil.”

Taking a revolutionary step towards this goal, Ecoreco launched the ‘Recycling on Wheels-SmartER’ program. This innovative solution tackles e-waste management head-on by:

  • Training:Equipping informal waste workers with the skills and knowledge for proper e-waste handling.
  • Transport:Providing dedicated vehicles for safe and efficient e-waste collection.
  • Technology on Board:Integrating on-site shredding technology to eliminate harmful practices.

SmartER is more than just a program; it’s a game-changer. The Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor (to the Prime Minister) has recommended this pioneering initiative for Smart Cities across India and dedicated to the nation by the Central Government’s Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh on Gandhi Jayanti Day.

Ecoreco’s dedication has garnered national recognition. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi acknowledged Ecoreco’s efforts, including their innovative BookMyJunk mobile app, during his Mann Ki Baat address in January 2023. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and unwavering commitment of the entire Ecoreco team.

A Commitment to Safe and Secure Practices

The waste management and recycling industry plays a vital role in our environment. Like any other industry, it must prioritize the safety and security of its workers and facilities.

Responsible waste management companies like Ecoreco (consider adding Ecoreco as an example) implement comprehensive safety protocols to ensure:

  • Efficient and secure recycling processes:Minimizing risks associated with hazardous materials and improper handling.
  • Essential safety equipment:Providing workers with the necessary gear to protect themselves from physical and environmental hazards.
  • Comprehensive health insurance:Offering health coverage to address potential work-related health concerns.
  • Clean and safe work environment:Maintaining a clean and organized workspace free from unnecessary hazards.
  • Protected machinery:Implementing proper safeguards for machinery and equipment.
  • Regular maintenance and repairs:Ensuring equipment functionality and preventing accidents due to malfunctions.
  • Subject matter training:Equipping workers with the knowledge and skills for safe waste handling procedures.
  • Mock drills and emergency preparedness:Preparing workers to respond effectively to potential emergencies.
  • Firefighting training:Providing workers with the skills to address fire hazards effectively.
  • First-aid assistance:Ensuring readily available first-aid support in case of accidents.

By prioritizing these safety and security measures, waste management companies can create a protected environment for our workforce and ensure the responsible and sustainable operation of our facilities,” says Mr Soni.

The 4Ls: Hurdles on the Road to Responsible E-waste Management

Despite their revolutionary efforts, Mr Soni says the e-waste recycling industry faces persistent challenges. These challenges can be summarized as the “4 Ls”:

  • Legislation:Enforcing stricter adherence to e-waste management regulations amongst 1.4 billion people in India presents a complex task. Compliance needs to be strengthened across businesses, producers, and individual consumers.
  • Liability:The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system places the primary burden of collection and recycling on producers. However, informal waste management practices is being preferred which continue to pose environmental and ecological threats.
  • Logistics: Recycling costs, including logistics, often make it difficult for developed and developing countries to manage low-value e-waste effectively. This remains a major hurdle in formalizing e-waste management practices.
  • Liquidity: Investment in the e-waste recycling sector is often not seen as a societal or environmental responsibility, hindering its growth and development.

Overcoming these 4Ls is crucial for a truly sustainable e-waste management system.

Ensuring Sustainable Recycling for a Greener India

Ecoreco isn’t just about collecting e-waste; it’s about empowering a responsible future. Mr Soni says that they develop affordable and efficient solutions for individuals and businesses through continuous innovation.

Their approach is two-fold:

  • Maximize Value:Ecoreco helps people extract the most value from their e-waste through tailored solutions, ensuring responsible disposal and environmental protection.
  • Greener Future:By making recycling accessible and affordable, Ecoreco is making it easier for everyone to contribute to a more sustainable India.
  • Leading the Way in Awareness and Impact. Ecoreco understands that creating lasting change requires education. Mr Soni says that their unwavering commitment to raising awareness is evident in their:
  • Awareness-Raising Campaigns:Ecoreco actively invests in initiatives like “Awareness Cum Action Drives” to promote responsible practices.
  • Eco-Bins and Collection Centers:They make e-waste disposal convenient and accessible by installing designated bins and collection points.
  • Talk Shows and Public Engagement:Ecoreco’s commitment extends to public outreach, sparking dialogue and encouraging responsible behaviour.

The Impact? Increased industry understanding of responsible waste management and a collective shift towards sustainability.

Beyond Compliance: Transforming Waste Management

Ecoreco views Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as tools for positive change. Mr Soni states, “Our mission is to:

  • Break the Cycle:We aim to end the practice of selling e-waste for quick cash, often followed by significant healthcare expenses due to improper disposal.
  • Reduce Environmental Damage:By promoting responsible disposal, we actively reduce environmental damage and create a healthier society.
  • Sustainable Benefits:This holistic approach benefits everyone – a cleaner environment for a healthier future and long-term economic benefits for businesses and individuals.”

Ecoreco is a model for responsible e-waste management, paving the way for a more sustainable future for India.

More Than Just-Recycling, It’s Social and Environmental Responsibility

Ecoreco isn’t just about e-waste management; it’s about a commitment to social and environmental well-being. Mr Soni states that their core philosophy, “Environment Friendly-Customer First, has guided us for over two decades, earning the trust of major corporations.”

However, Ecoreco’s vision extends beyond individual clients. Mr Soni says they recognize the crucial role of the waste management and recycling industry in safeguarding our environment.  Proper handling of hazardous waste is essential for a cleaner, greener future. By promoting responsible practices, Ecoreco aims to protect the environment and conserve depleting natural resources.

Transforming the Waste Management Landscape. Ecoreco and its subsidiary, Ecoreco Enviro Education, are dedicated to driving positive change through two key CSR initiatives:

~Waste Management Awareness: They collaborate with the National Skill Development Corporation to provide comprehensive training for informal waste workers and aspiring professionals. These courses equip participants with the knowledge and skills to handle waste responsibly.

~Upskilling the Workforce: Ecoreco believes that empowering waste workers is vital. When these ‘domain experts’ understand health, safety, and environmental regulations, they can significantly impact the waste management landscape.

Mr Soni encourages companies to invest in waste management and upskilling as part of their CSR initiatives. Corporations can support a brighter, cleaner future for everyone by dedicating resources beyond traditional health and education projects.

Empowering Change: Building a Nation of ‘E-waste Warriors’

Ecoreco isn’t just an e-waste recycler; they’re a revolution. Since its inception, it has continuously innovated to keep pace with the evolving e-waste management industry, inspiring its competitors to adopt groundbreaking solutions.

For nearly two decades, Ecoreco has set the standard for environmental responsibility. Mr Soni says they provide reliable, dependable services that adapt to their clients’ ever-changing needs.  “Our commitment to excellence has consistently exceeded expectations and earned us our clients’ unwavering trust.”

Ecoreco’s ‘Nature Builds Nation’ campaign, a project by Ecoreco Foundation, using Mobile App of BookMyJunk and recycling services of Ecoreco, a five-year plan aims to transform millions of citizens to become “Environment-Conscious E-waste Warriors” by 2028, Mr. Soni stated about the mission. This shift from a purely “money-conscious” approach to e-waste disposal is crucial for a healthier planet.

Making Responsible Disposal Easy and Accessible. BookMyJunk, Ecoreco’s user-friendly mobile app (available for iOS and Android) and website (www.bookmyjunk.com), empower citizens and businesses to do their part. With a few clicks, users can schedule free e-waste collection right from their doorstep.

BookMyJunk has a bold vision: to support five million ‘Environment Conscious E-waste Warriors’ annually. The company’s mobile app and a network of 100 ‘Recycling on Wheels-SmartER’ facilities make this ambitious goal possible. These innovative facilities, endorsed for implementation by India’s Smart Cities initiative, are proven, reliable, and efficient.

Closing the Loop with a Powerful Reverse Logistics System

Ecoreco goes beyond simply collecting e-waste. They’re committed to recovering valuable raw materials and returning them to industries. This “closed-loop” system reduces reliance on virgin materials from mines, promoting resource conservation.

Here’s how their powerful reverse logistics system works:

  • Extensive Network:Ecoreco utilizes its fleet of trucks and Eco-Bins, along with partnerships with leading logistics companies. This ensures efficient and reliable e-waste collection across the nation.
  • Discouraging Harmful Practices:By making formal recycling convenient and accessible, Ecoreco discourages unscientific practices of disposal of hazardous waste, protecting human health and the environment.
  • Pioneering a Unified Network:Ecoreco is the first Indian company aiming to create a unified reverse logistics network. This ambitious initiative will ensure efficient e-waste collection from end consumers nationwide.
  • Considers Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as Environment Protection Responsibility (EPR).

By prioritizing a robust reverse logistics system, Ecoreco is fostering a more sustainable future for e-waste management in India.

Secure Data Destruction for Complete Peace of Mind

Disposing of IT equipment, especially data storage devices, can be a major headache for businesses. Hard drives, media tapes, and flash drives often contain sensitive information – confidential company data, client information, and even employee records.

Ecoreco offers a range of world-class data destruction services to eliminate your worries:

  • Data Deletion and Degaussing:These secure methods ensure complete data sanitization before equipment disposal.
  • Tailored Solutions:Ecoreco understands that every business has unique needs. “We offer a variety of data destruction options to suit your specific requirements,” ensures Mr Soni.
  • On-Site Mobile Shredding:For maximum security and peace of mind, Ecoreco offers on-site data destruction with its innovative mobile shredding facility. Witness the complete destruction of your data and eliminate any risk of data leaks.
  • Ecoreco’s comprehensive data destruction services provide:
  • Peace of Mind:Knowing your data is completely destroyed lets you focus on your core business.
  • Regulatory Compliance:Ecoreco’s services help you meet your data security policies and avoid hefty fines for non-compliance.
  • Guaranteed Data Destruction:Our secure methods ensure your data is unrecoverable, protecting your business from potential security breaches,” he adds.

Don’t gamble with your data security. “Choose us for complete peace of mind.”

Partner with Ecoreco: Your One-Stop Shop for Sustainable E-waste Management

Ecoreco takes the complexity out of e-waste compliance. Mr Soni says they design customized collection and recycling systems that are:

~Cost-Effective: “We balance affordability and efficiency, ensuring you meet your EPR obligations without breaking the bank.”

~Convenient: “Our solutions include awareness drives, mobile app for easy scheduling, collection boxes, and door-to-door pickups.”

~Compliant: “Our processes adhere to international environmental standards, giving you peace of mind.”

  • Tailored Take-Back Programs:Our highly effective take-back and recycling program adapts to your specific needs. We leverage our expertise to develop the ideal solution for handling your end-of-life electronic devices.”
  • Environmental Responsibility:Ecoreco prioritizes protecting the environment and public health.  “Our advanced e-waste recycling facility utilizes safe and responsible practices, minimizing potential risks.”
  • Beyond Compliance, We Drive Sustainability:” Ecoreco’s commitment extends beyond compliance. “We partner with clients to achieve their sustainability goals through our robust CSR, EPR, and ESG initiatives.”
  • Global Reach, Local Expertise: Serving clients in over 100 countries, Ecoreco works with a network of reliable partners who adhere to local regulations. “Together, we help businesses achieve environmental goals and minimize their global footprint.”
  • A Thriving E-waste Market: India’s e-waste management industry is booming due to stricter EPR regulations. Ecoreco invests in infrastructure, advanced technologies, and automation to meet the growing demand for responsible e-waste solutions.
  • Investment Opportunity: Ecoreco is seeking joint ventures and strategic partnerships. “We are poised for significant organic and inorganic growth in the rapidly expanding Indian e-waste management sector, a $5 billion industry with the potential for even faster growth driven by digitalization,” says Mr Soni, finally concluding, “Join Ecorecoand make a positive impact on the planet. Let’s build a sustainable future together.”

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