A new Public Wi-Fi Project by Facebook for India

The world’s social networking giant Facebook has tested a quick public Wi-Fi deployment  project in India for providing quality internet access in the rural parts of the country.
The ‘Express Wifi’ initiative by Facebook is currently live in India and will enlarge to other regions soon, as per information provided on Facebook’s page.
For this project, they are dealing with local entrepreneurs and internet service providers to help grow connectivity in undeserved locations around the world and currently live in India, and are expanding to other regions soon. While it will be beneficial for the rural population, but they did not mention about the limited access to a few websites.
The Express Wifi project will help local entrepreneurs provide quality internet access to their neighbours and make a balanced income. Working with local internet service providers or mobile operators, they’re able to use softwares provided by Facebook to connect their communities.
Facebook has evolved from a social media networking site to a global technology giant and is working on a new projects to help several problems across the globe. From drones to artificial intelligence, the company has left no stone unturned in the field of technology.
According to Facebook, the new Wifi project will rest on a sustainable economic model, which can aid to reshape the state of internet connectivity in India.

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