AcademyMantra: Instilling an Idea of Education as an Enlightening Process

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AcademyMantra is a venture that focuses on one-to-one teaching. It aims to connect the students to individual tutors as per their need and choice. It helps students to engage with experts who can be their mentor and guide them on the path of educational and mental development.
The modern institutions, especially up to pre-graduation level, are pivoted on more about personality development rather than educational growth. Though human’s next generation should be evolved personality-wise, they should equally flourish educationally & mentally. The venture wants to overcome the disadvantages that are there in the modern education system.
About the Tactician
The Founder of the organization is Prince Raj Singh. He started his career as a private tutor. Other than his interest in education, he has a keen interest in movies, reading and fun activities. He is a crazy follower of bollywood actor Ajay Devgn and has followed him since always. He considers him as his inspiration and lives his life as per Devgn’s thought who believes that warriors were never trained to retire.
The Genesis
Prince Raj Singh firmly believes that if the students of the present day are combined with some of the qualities of traditional students, the examples set by such students can light up the education system. While assembling the opinions of different parents from different classes of society, he found a prevalent problem that they send their wards to the schools just because this is the only choice that they have. Most of them, though not happy with the child’s educational growth, send their children to school; just because they believe that it’s the only way to educate a student.
With all these thoughts in mind, he started this company from scratch. He trains individual tutors and students so that they exactly get the difference between teaching and educating, being taught and being educated. His ultimate goal is to make an easy bridge between students and individual tutors through the internet.
What We Do!
AcademyMantra provides educators and counsellors who inculcate an attitude of inquiry in pupils. Regular feedbacks and tests are another means to keep a track on the progress of the students and services provided by its tutors.
Since Prince Raj started this business, all the students who took his services are content and have shown progress in their education, knowledge and thinking abilities. AcademyMantra has more than two thousand happy subscribers in two years. Its target is to make the society free of the thought that education means schooling and instil an idea of education being an enlightening process.
The Current Scenario
“Think of this everyday instance, students are using calculators for the simplest of calculations. If we already have a natural calculator which can calculate those easy computations quicker than those man-made calculators with a little bit of training & effort, why aren’t we using our brains to calculate? Yes, we need calculators but not all the calculations deserve calculators. This is just one example, if you compare a modern student to a traditional one, you will easily perceive a number of changes. Some changes are undoubtedly for the good but some of the changes are hampering the evolution of the education system.” stated Prince Raj Singh.
Furthermore, he said that the other disadvantage of the current education system that led to the establishment of his company is the provision of the same teacher to a group of students. If the company can allocate teachers on the basis of what they teach, why can’t it divide them on the basis of whom they teach? Each student has their own understanding pattern and one teacher can never perceive the pattern of all the students. Especially in countries like India where society blindly follows the crowd, it’s more important to bring the crowd to the faultless path of educating.
The Exhilarating Future
After settling the company, Prince Raj is now thinking to start a program in the inner city which will be open to anyone who wants to better themselves in their education and pursue their life goals. Through this, he would be able to use company’s expertise and technology to help mould them into the profession they wish to pursue. In addition to company’s expertise, it would hire additional staffs that specialize in other fields to help those who attend the program. This way, if it has a group of students who wish to be a construction worker and another group who wants to be a technician for NASA, they will be accommodated. These students will be well equipped and prepared for their future career goals.
The company is continuously making advancement in its technological field to reach the maximum of the students & put forward its idea of learning. In the very near future, it is planning to launch a mobile application that can connect the students to the tutors with utmost ease.
Also, it would also suggest other educational institutions and online educational companies which focus on educating students in a way that they are ready to evolve mentally as time progresses.
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