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Established in 2009, Brisa Technologies is an agile, innovative, boutique firm, which works in the embedded system and IoT area with core expertise of building, leveraging and integrating various tools and technologies to deliver pragmatic business and technology solution. It functions with emphasis on automation, machine learning using technology like python to deliver value-added solutions to the customers.
The Foundation Tale of a Passionate Entrepreneur
Subodh Patil co-founded the company with Shree in the year 2000 and were working on their venture in ESL (Electronic System Level Design) space which afterward made it to the list of “Most Hi-tech companies to watch” in 2003. During this time, the duo faced a lot of challenges in quality, output and value delivery from their vendors, especially in hi-tech and niche areas. Most of the Indian services companies were doing non-critical, low-end work rather than getting into customer’s context and striving to drive to deliver value by showing agility, bringing in innovation and out of the box thinking. This is how they stepped in and founded Brisa Technologies.
Subodh is a technocrat and serial entrepreneur, responsible for building Brisa brick-by-brick from its inception. He is an Electronic Engineer and Alumni of IIM, Bangalore and also Executive Committee Member of IIMBue, an IIM Bangalore Global Alumni Conclave.
Subodh not only drafted a vision for the company but also was actively involved at ground zero for building the culture of the organization and fundamental block for execution at various level of operation. Apart from being the co-founder of LiveUp Solutions, he’s on the board of various companies and mentoring startups. He’s a serial entrepreneur who works towards creating success stories.
Subodh is very focused on business growth and drives the organization. Since the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, he has been very passionate about creating an ecosystem by getting people together and helps in creating value.
“All of us are smarter than one of us” says Subodh. Furthermore, he added “Collaboration is the way for the budding companies to come to the growth phase”
Diverse Range of Services
Brisa Technologies provides solutions in embedded systems, IoT (Internet of Things) and Python arenas and works towards finding new and innovative methods along with automation. It also provides value-added solutions and products to customers in the most efficient way by using various innovative methodologies and practices.
Ranging from storage, automotive, consumer electronics, and semiconductor domains, Brisa uses its unique competency to cater to the customers. Its research and development wing always comes out with innovative tools, techniques, and methodologies to improve productivity and delivery time.
‘Customer First’ –The Success Mantra
“Our focus is to make the customer successful. We’ll succeed automatically” said Subodh. So, the company is striving to make client programs super successful. Furthermore, he also said that for having “Customer First” in the blood of the organization, “Employee First” must be in the DNA of the organization.
What’s Buzzing?
IoT, AI, ML, Device Waves, Big Data, etc. are transforming at a rapid pace and are also changing the lives simultaneously. With this rapidly advancing technology, acquiring new business cultures and skills are the main challenges that are evolving with it. Overcoming these challenges will lead towards opportunities, which will further lead to more innovation along with commencement of agile boutique firms.
Though it creates a new set of opportunities, this will also wipe out businesses based on the old school of thoughts. The whole business landscape is changing and it’s very important for businesses to adopt new methodologies to take maximum advantage of the same.
Awards and Accolades
For delivering consistent over-the-top value-added solutions for a decade now, the agile-boutique firm has been recognized for awards like being in the 10 Most Promising Embedded Companies of India and Start-up of the Month by Silicon India. The firm was also among the 50 Best Companies to Work For in 2014. Not only the firm but also the co-founder, Subodh Patil was recognized as Top 100 MarTech Leaders of 2018 by World Marketing Congress.
Future Aspirations
This firm is all equipped to harvest innovation to provide quality solutions and provide added value to customers. The unique “Problem Solving Methodology” which is adopted for over a year, is helping it cater to its clients in a better manner as well as to improve an organization and to scale up further.
Pieces of Advice
Referring to Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum who says “In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish”, this would be the probably best piece of advice ‘to be fast’.
Staying close to the customer always helps to build a successful business than just working on the delivery sitting in the office. “Get customer feedback early, be agile to adapt and be fast is a sure-shot recipe of Success” says Subodh.
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