Access Infotech: Highly Ethical IT Solution Provider with a Culture of Integrity and Excellence

Down the road, fast-growing companies are already adopting cloud based ERP solutions very rapidly. Both small and big business aim to minimize their IT costs, improve collaboration, drive innovation and effective information exchange that will make them more distinguish from the competitors and will reach the desired business goals easily. Access Infotech provides professional cloud services and implementation support for the cloud with complete integrated access to Cloud solutions. This helps in uninterrupted improvements across the organization by reducing infrastructure capital requirements and also improving security & compliance which eventually results in driving growth of the organization.
Access Infotech was established in 1995 by a team of highly qualified IT professionals having a strong foundation of high standard corporate governance. It is one of the fastest growing IT organizations in Northern India with the team size of more than 370 people. It has also achieved quality certifications according to ISO 9001:2008 standards for software development services.
At Access Infotech, the Quality team works along with the Development team so that the bugs and defects can be identified in advance stage of development. The basis for the quality testing followed in company is determined by SDLC/TESTING guidelines and customer requirement documents. In the company each and every engineer is bound to follow the guideline very strictly and required to refer and record checklists, form test cases, code reviews and observations on testing & review sheets. Further, these review sheets are again checked by their Project Managers on weekly/monthly basis so that a very strong quality foundation can be maintained.
Groundbreaking Services of Access Infotech
The company provides technological solutions to a wide range of customers across India, covering a range of verticals such as Banking & Insurance, Manufacturing, Contracting, Retail & Distribution, Educational Institutions, State Government and Central Government of India. In addition, it also offers a broad range of software services such as custom software development, IT consulting, enterprise application integration, and managed IT service, among others.
Later, it also signed up as an Oracle business partner to offer enhanced solutions and services to customers serving leading technologies on an Oracle. At Access Infotech, testing is started from the initial stages of the software development till the release stage. This is effective in rectifying tremendous errors before the final stage and also reduces the rework of finding the bugs in the initial stages from time to time. Basic function followed by the company in software testing is to detect bugs and defects in order and correct it.
The Person behind the Success
J B  Singh is the Co-founder and Managing Director at Access Infotech. He pursued his graduation in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from Thapar institute of Engineering Technology, Patiala, Punjab and holds more than 28 years of proficient experience in software development, ERP, system integration and IT consulting. He had worked as technical consultant in Wipro Infotech from july 1988 till june 1995.
J B is heading Access Infotech since 1995. Access Infotech determines to get recognized worldwide, which is constantly driving him to define growth plans for his company/firm. He possesses a strong leadership skill through his vast experience in various esteemed projects together in Government and Private sectors.
J B has a rich and divergent experience in providing IT solutions, high availability solutions and management qualities right from strategic program management to managing software delivery.
He is serving as a President of TECSPA – An association of Technology service providers in Chandigarh Tricity. Besides, he is also member Governing council TIE Chandigarh and handles TIE’s Finance related work.
Never Ending Mission
The goal of the company is to become the global leader in developing and delivering software solutions and IT services that will help to increase the efficiency and also support return of information technology initiatives for the customers within one year. It also plans to increase their foot print in Indian Geography with new offices is Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Subsequently, ERP Market is expanding in India, thus, company has a plan to expand in CLOUD based ERP
Since, the company has a Customer-Oriented approach to their clients, thus, their delivery assures quick response, demonstrates competence and craftsmanship, and offers well-researched and flexible solutions for both short-term and long-term basis/tenure. It basically wants to deliver high quality software development and IT support services, by understanding the customer’s expectations so that it can regularly meet the commitments in all functions of pre-sales, sales and post-sale customer support.
Access Infotech as a team is very proud of being in a family of committed professionals. Moreover they are serving to surface the way to a promising future for the Indian industry, ushering in a brighter future. Thus, they adhere to frequent development of their services, standards, systems and processes to ensure defect free products.

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