Technology Xpress Info Solutions: The Foundation of Values

Database technology is evolving rapidly, particularly in areas like—in-memory technology, big data analytics, and the cloud. The introduction of the next iteration of Oracle’s flagship technology, Oracle Database 12c Release 2 is not only the changing database landscape but also the evolution of Oracle’s own priorities and strategies. Oracle has made major investments in its database products in order to create the innovations, meet users need and provide the best database technology to deal with all the changes going on out there. Though, Oracle accommodates all solutions for a customer across different industries, but it also needs a guiding force and course correction as every customer has some unique requirements.
One of the Oracle Gold Partner, Technology Xpress Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. help businesses to deploy leading solutions from Oracle by understanding the business pain points, arriving at the appropriate IT led interventions and managing successful implementation. Using this deep understanding of the mid-market segment, and drawing upon its long standing track record in creating ERP solutions, T-XIS is able to deliver affordable and relevant solutions. Technology Xpress Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. envisions being a global pioneered corporation by providing customized niche business solutions and helping entities through quality technology delivered by experts.
When Customers are Partners
T-XIS boasts of a decade experience of serving esteemed customer across various industry types through skilled, customer centric and innovative skilled team members. Providing services for various industry brand leaders, the firm has reached the top in the domain of Construction, Digital security, Energy, ISP, Food processing and others across India and abroad. They consider their customers as their partners and believe in making success in each and every project. T-XIS is a thoroughly updated organization and has the ability to put the most effective solutions for their customer. They aim to solve their customer needs with a satisfaction centric and out of box approach towards their pain area, this innovative approach makes their customers loyal and the happiest ones.
The Man Who Focuses on Passing down the Values
Rajan Kumar, Founder and CEO of Technology Xpress Info Solutions, has a massive experience of almost twenty years of Oracle Applications implementation and Support services for a large number of satisfied customers. In these years, he has gained an unmatched knowledge in dealing with clients across various industries and been a part of the first specific industry Oracle implementation in India. His skills has been transferred to his team members through world class training sessions and on job exposure for various projects across different modules.
Rajan, who has been recently interviewed as panel member on Network 18 as an Oracle ERP specialist, firmly believes in replicating each member of his team as a partner of the company in terms of knowledge, skills, work ownership and not just a mere employee. For him, the achievements and accolades awarded to him, is the satisfaction and happiness of the customers. The CEO accepts, it’s the dedication and effort of his team that has made T-XIS recognize among top 20 ERP companies by international magazines of repute. Moreover, they have been renowned by Oracle as focused partner for years due to their excellent delivery qualities.
Rajan asserts, “We feel pleased and proud when we meet top executives of clients beaming with satisfaction and confidence for our services. We firmly believe that resolution for biggest challenges requires small, systematic and firm steps. We have been able to address many unique and industry specific requirement of various clients which seemed non possible to execute.
The Journey that led to Success
T-XIS was started with humble motto, i.e., keeping customer satisfaction as their prime motive. The company understood at its initial stages that EBS shall be a choice of customer, and also started to focus on Cloud services to tap over the changing market. Putting customer satisfaction at the first and without any compromise in quality turned to be the biggest strength of T-XIS. Even, the company introduced money back guarantee to their customers if any solution fails as per our commitment. This practice added many customers initially, and then they never saw back. Today, T-XIS has grown to multiple offices in India and many numbers of satisfied customers. And being a reputed company; it strives to follow the changing trends in technological world. T-XIS feels proud to say that all of their customers are happy and satisfied and they have been even able to retain the oldest clients in this cut throat competitive market. This has been helping them to add more customers as they know the organization’s strength, professional approach and commitment level towards customer happiness.
T-XIS mission states, “To fulfill our goals with due consideration to humanity, honesty, and genuinely towards our valuable clients, employees, strategic partners and society at large.” The foundation wishes to grow with their values remain unchanged; these values have helped them in their journey so far and have provided them the correct character definition to their customers, high goals and aspirations.

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