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Digitization is changing the terms of Technology and is gaining the popularity day by day. Giants companies are getting into the lifestyle of every individual, gradually. The change in the cost of hardware is going down and the software comes well packaged, with options to choose and accordingly pricing is staggered. With digitization, there has been a lot of value additions and expediency, which will help the end user in the future, to derive the maximum out of a system and get their value for money.
On trending part, video content analysis has also advanced the performance and response of the security control room. Remote CCTV monitoring is a help for the residential security, specifically for the working people, who can monitor their home while away to work. Moreover, the concept of BACnet over IP has simplified the BMS installations with the flexibility of using third party controllers and ending the OEM monopoly.
By knowing such picture, a True System Integration Company, Acktron provides a full spectrum of Technical Services for clients starting from concept design, provision of technical manpower and equipment to complete project execution with maintenance cover.
Since the start, Acktron has lived and functioned throughout India and has a versatile team, one of who will speak local languages and understand the law, culture, and challenges of living and working throughout the region. The company’s founders are former marketers and concept developers of electronic security and fire protection solution in the domestic as well as international markets.
Acktron has people on the ground in the majority of locations all around the nation and access to experts who will put the client’s issue first and manage it confidentially and professionally. Acktron has been established to provide optimum security and safety solution for the end users.
An Astonishing Leader of Acktron
Abhay Ranjan, the Founder, heads the business development of Acktron since 2002. He started the company initially as a corporate consultancy and advisory firm, in a span of two years, became a full-fledged system integration company. Thereafter, Acktron has been moving along with its valued clients, year by year.
Abhay has done the graduation in Electrical Engineering and with over two decades of experience in Automation, Security Management and Control Systems has been involved with the design and selling of a number of Integrated Solutions related to Industrial and Building Automation.
With his immense international experience in the field of security, Abhay has magnificently embarked on large commercial and industrial projects, including key involvement in integrated security design of high profile projects on Airport Security, Metro Rail Security and Highways apart from security system design for corporates and premium residential townships.
His vision of merging technology with creativity was instrumental in making his presence in the industry a multi-faceted and a reliable person when it comes to specialized Integrated Security System design.
Because of his belief in the team, Acktron would not have been where it is today. The company’s supporting pillars are seasoned professionals from the industry. Rahul Pandya heads Operations, Myman Barkataki heads Technical Support and Roopak Gupta has taken on the challenge of Innovative Technology Solutions.

Remarkable Services with Applicable Solutions
Acktron primarily offers a reliable, high-quality security and fire safety products for business houses, retail, hospitality and residential market. Their valued clients know that working with Acktron is a more professional, less risky way to execute their projects even than working completely in-house with their own people. Acktron, in return, maintains financial balance, charging a reasonable value for its services, and deliver a higher value to its clients.
The company has pride in joining hands with premium brands in the industry to represent the role of solution partner in Security, Safety, and Building Automation Technologies. They know, Society is changing, technology is evolving and cost pressures are driving further changes. Only those who can predict, shape and then master this change will satisfy the client requirements and thereby secure valuable business for many years to come.
With the knowledge of an international company, Acktron does extremely close coordination with their clients. They offer point to joint solutions which meet the price expectations and requirements and keep costs to a minimum, whilst delivering the results. Acktron has the power of turning technology into intelligent solutions and combine these with client-oriented service. Their team is organizing the accumulated knowledge of an international corporation in an innovative manner while ensuring high performance and low costs.
While partnering with market leader OEMs in their respective fields, they offer the brands, which are familiar to their clients and which are tired, tested and proven in the Indian working environment for several years. What is more, this special partnership guarantees that the projects, small and large, are in knowledgeable, secure and reliable hands. The client gets best of both worlds, brand assurance of the OEM and service response from them.
The company is mainly specialized in following Services and Solutions:

  • Specialized Systems

Face Recognition, Key Management Solutions, Command and Control, Smart Homes Integration, IT Networking

  • Access Control System

Proximity Technology, Smart Card Technology, Biometrics Technology, RFID

  • Close Circuit TV System

IP Camera System, DVR Based System`, Home Video Surveillance Package

  • Perimeter Protection System

Concertina Barbed Wire, Fibre Optic Cable System, Buried Cable System

  • Fire Protection System

Fire Detection and Alarm System, Very Early Smoke Detection and Aspiration System (VESDA), Hydrant Wet Riser and Water Sprinkler System, Clean Agent Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

  • Building Management System

HVAC Monitoring and Control, Power and Energy Management, Lighting Control, Integration, Operation and Maintenance Services

  • On-site deployment

Extended Warranty, Preventive AMC, Comprehensive AMC
At Acktron, they have believed in offering branded quality products, backed by their quality service. Acktron take projects which they can handle professionally by their team. This is one reason, why their clients prefer them over others.
We don’t want to struggle to be the largest or number one security company, but rather put in efforts to keep their limited clients, who have invested their trust in them, happy and satisfied. – Abhay asserts.
Converting Challenges into Opportunities
Lack of knowledge amongst new entrants to the security industry: Due to improper understanding of the subject, this has resulted in increased number of incomplete projects and in turn increased mistrust with the clientele. The security industry has seen a boom in the past decade.
This has attracted a number of new players ranging from a startup to well established IT giants, to explore the security industry. With big companies under quoting several projects and few eventually closing down as well, the pricing equation has been disturbed. Startups, with lack of knowledge on security systems, at times, fail to understand the client’s requirement and miss out items while quoting a project. Though in several instances they succeed in getting the orders then, the project rarely sees a closure.
Whether it is government organization or corporates, the biggest challenge is that they all want the best solution at the lowest cost. Since security comes last on the chart, the leftover funds are only to be utilized and still expect the best to be delivered.
Acktron faithfully ponders that training is an investment; the majority of the short term players feel that as an expense and take a shorter route of experimenting on projects, at the client’s expense. Once a bad example is set, it creates a problem for all on future projects, with the client getting over cautious and withholding payments for the extra-long duration.
With the technological advancement, the product models get obsolete in a very short span of time. This is yet another challenge that they as a service provider face while supporting a project. The short-lived products are a cheap and attractive option for most of the newcomers in the industry. It is only at a later stage the end clients realize that those options come out to be more expensive, when the entire system needs a replacement.
Acktron have tried with their experience to narrow down on the OEMs who have the past record of supporting their products for a longer duration. Though they charge a premium, the better part is that the client installation is well supported and the site operations are undisturbed.
Diverse Kinds of Strategic Approaches to Stratify Clients Requirement
Flexible approach and timely deliveries are prime concern for Acktron and they are doing it magnificently. Presently, they are doing a project with their satisfied end client who wants Acktron to be there.
Almost all their clients are well-known brands in India and globally, and Acktron are fortunate to serve them. They believe in working as partners rather than in a client-vendor relation and hence, their flexible approach helps them easily tune with the systems and policies of their esteemed clientele. Whether small size or a large project, each client account gets personalized attention. While these may appear to be add-ons to the work for them, it is very well appreciated by their clients and provides them a high level of trust and contentment.
At Acktron, they never claim to be the perfect organization, but they do seriously act upon any escalation that comes from their clients and tries to get the resolution at the earliest possible time.
Acktron have worked on several projects, so far, the most satisfactory experience was on a project of Bharti Realty, in Aerocity, New Delhi. Aerocity is a campus developed in the close vicinity of IGI Airport, New Delhi and has commercial buildings and star hotels. Due to its proximity to the airport, this campus is governed by strict security norms and each building requires a NOC from the law enforcement agencies before the building can be made operational. There are two independent bodies which do the due diligence, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) and Special Security Committee, comprising of mainly senior officers from Delhi Police and IB.
There are broad guidelines that need to be followed and security arrangements to be done to comply with them. And there was no concession allowed from either of the two agencies. Either comply 100% or don’t operate the building. This was an experience, where security had its own budget and for the first time in India, a building needed NOC for security clearance.
Worldmark-2 was the first building, for which Acktron was awarded the order for implementing the required security arrangements. They had signed an undertaking to assure the client that no matter what it takes, they will ensure a smooth handover of the project after getting them through the inspection process.
Acktron had put in all their resources and got excellent support from their resources for out of the way expedited deliveries. Their operations team has worked day and night to complete the cabling work in time.
For Acktron, it was one of the most stringent trials that were being done, but their team was enjoying the experience and answering confidently to the queries raised by the inspection team. The company team went away after the inspection and the message was received after 48 hours that the approval has been granted by the visiting team. Also, their client was extremely happy with the outcome. Acktron has rewarded by the client with the award of two more projects of Worldmark-1 and Wordmark-3, in the same Aerocity campus
Future Developments
Presently, Acktron is working on technological advancements of facial recognition system and AI (Artificial Intelligence), specific to security applications. Already investments have been made by the company on the subject, in terms of dedicated manpower, training, infrastructure and client awareness.
They believe that this is an excellent tool for the law enforcement agencies to assist them in narrowing down from a list of millions of suspects on a life or recorded CCTV footage. Though there has been a significant achievement in face recognition technologies, there much more which is needed to achieve the higher level of accuracy in a more practical environment.
They are trying to work mutually with the global leaders in face recognition engine and customized as per the Indian conditions and requirement. Face recognition system has already found a place in almost all the smart city surveillance tenders, though, by the time it is actually implemented, much more improvements will be seen in the near future.
With an established base of the company in the security industry and keeping in sync with the management theories, Acktron is diversifying themselves. They have plans to introduce defense-grade security equipment, with the intent to serve the forces of the country.  So, they are now working on numerous products which can be offered for the defense forces, which have extremely limited suppliers or service providers, considering the high level of qualification and specialization required. This will indeed take some time and hence the company’s preparation has already started.

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