Zebronics: A Leader in Advanced Internet Protocol Surveillance Solutions


In these present days, technology is revolutionizing the field of electronic security developments. The global electronic security system market is raising the incidents of security concerns, improvement in network infrastructure & broadband services and there is rising demand for technologically advanced security products by the end-users. The increasing investments towards the development of the smart cities in India are also providing a high demand for the advanced electronic security services as it provides faster, real-time data for improved safety and security solutions to the consumers.
In 1997, Zebronics India Pvt Ltd was established with the mission of providing IT & Gaming Peripherals, Sound systems, Mobile & Lifestyle Accessories & Surveillance Solutions brand which are great on design, performance yet so easy on pocket, that every household in the country can afford. Today, Zebronics employs over 1,100 people across 31 Offices and 128+ Zeb Cares in India. The offices are backed by strong network of dealers, resellers and integrators adding to retail presence of over 50,000+ locations across the country. The Zeb Care centers provide support to the consumers and the channel network.
Array of Products and Services for the Betterment of the Customers
Zebronics is well-known as the brand of the mass products for its value for money factor that comes along with well-designed product without any compromise on the quality. Apart from being a mass brand, the company has slowly moved into catering to a niche segment with an extensive range as well.
Currently, Zebronics is working with the IP & Wireless based surveillance. It is also creating awareness about the advantages of IP based surveillance system which gives less hassle with its easy configuration and also generates the easy troubleshooting techniques when compared to the HD systems. Zebronics wireless camera system is the most demanded solution that many clients are requesting for, especially in terms of easier installation as it is a wireless system.
Over the years, Zebronics has been honoured with numerous Industry Awards from the media and the critics, capping 72 awards including the Best Tech Emerging LED TV, Music Accessories and Surveillance product brand by The Economic Times at Best Tech Brand 2015.
The Steadfast Leader of Zebronics
An extra ordinary strategy oriented leader, Sandeep Doshi is the Director at Zebronics. He has been recognised as the guiding star towards the business approaches. With more than eighteen years of experience in this industry, Sandeep believes the strength of the company is their team. At the beginning of his journey, he graduated from the commerce field in the year 1992. Later on in 1999, Sandeep completed his Master of Business Administration from India International Institute of Management at Jaipur. Further in the year 2000, due to his motivation on business, he went on to gain one more certificate as a Chartered Accountant.
The Initial Struggle while Impelling the Conservative Industry
A few years ago, the company faced challenges which it turned into opportunity with people’s perspective tilting towards looking at surveillance as a necessity than a luxury. They intend to change this into more in order to bring the world class products at never seen before price and generating the surveillance systems which can be really affordable for every Indian home. Zebronics is even planning to remove the current notion of many that, surveillance cannot be afforded to all home and offices; which the company is making assurance that surely it is very much possible.
Zebronics strongly adheres to Excellence; Quality & Reliability (EQR) mantra with strict procedures and standards has helped them to emerge as the most trusted brand in IT Peripherals, Multimedia Speakers, Mobile Accessories and Surveillance. They truly believe that there is no substitute for hard work and when it comes to work efficiency it always felt free to open new ideas for the customers, taking calculated risks. The ‘Always Ahead’ ideology kept the company a step ahead of the game and also helped them to become the leading brand with diversified products for the Indian market.
Marching Ahead towards a Bright Future
India’s electronic security market is expected to be favorable on account of rapidly growing urban population, improved residential, commercial and industrial construction and the rising GDP of India. The rising awareness about benefits of the electronic security equipment amongst the Tier-I, Tier-II, and Tier-III cities of the country will encourage the players in the electronic security market to expand their centers across the potential markets in India.
Presently, Zebronics is working with technologies like face recognition cameras & intelligent smart city traffic system as the future of surveillance products lies in its technology. They are also working on high-resolution face-recognition systems consisting of three subsystems and each of these will play an important part in delivering a solution that features a low FAR/NAR (False/Nuisance Alarm Rate). This can be used to map the users face and the geographical pattern of the face which will make the verification process simple for the users who need to only pause in front of the reader on their way in.
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