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AcTouch Technologies

In the recent years, there has been a huge inroad built on cloud computing solutions as the awareness in the business community has increased. They have realized that their previous vendors have made them stick with local servers and software that need regular maintenance and upgradation. This has forced them to be an “IT expert” and “vendor locked”. Now they want to move out of these shackles.
Today’s new generation entrepreneurs have realized that to grow their business they need to depend on cost-effective solution that’s managed by experts and not by them. Now they are aware that yesterday’s business profit margins are no more possible in the current business world as the right information is available to all and customer is king.
One such innovative and customer-centric company trailblazing the cloud computing vertical is AcTouch Technologies. The company helps business owners to achieve their operational efficiency with productivity improvements by their Cloud ERP business platform. They help their clients to focus more on their business rather than worry about software, hardware, its backup, and so on.
AcTouch Technologies are designed to address these challenges and Business Owner’s concerns like data accuracy, safety, data availability, mobility, and controls. Today they co-exist with other ERPs or Accounting solutions like Tally Software. They built cloud business platforms to help business owners to connect their distributors or customers to their own ERP product and also connect their accounting tools with their auditors.
About the Founder
Nityananda Rao is the Founder and CEO of AcTouch Technologies. He is an Engineer with Post Graduation in Management (PGDGM). He is an alumnus of INSEAD Business School, France.
During his 20 years of corporate life, he gained hands-on experience in the manufacturing industry, implementing ERP solutions to MNCs, implemented banking and treasury capital market services across APAC, MEA, Russia, and India. He managed APAC region as Business Head for Banking and Treasury market solutions. He worked with some of the greatest companies like Infosys Technologies, Misys Singapore, Murex S.E.A. Singapore etc., who have a very strong focus towards customer’s success.
Providing Business Owners the Technological Edge
The company aims to assist business owners as they are depending on someone to provide data to make the right decision. AcTouch listens to customers and their problems. This gives AcTouch an idea on how to resolve their challenges. Combined with their business and technology knowledge the company also intends to address them with their cloud ERP, mobile apps or Dealer portal.
AcTouch is constantly looking out at new technology fronts that should simplify the life of business owners. They are looking at Artificial Intelligence and Machine Languages that are combined with voice and chat facilities to address the client’s business needs.
A Dedicated and Focused Team
The company firmly believes in their strong core management team which is enriched with technical and administrative skills. The team is passionate about the business objectives, customer success and has been with the company since day1 to grow the business.
To solve customer issues, they believe in staying in touch with customer regularly. AcTouch conducts internal trainings on new technology, new business changes, or new product enhancements. In order to get a better understand customer issues, they ensure that few of the team members visit customer factories to experience the real issues.
This helps the teams to have a 360 degrees understanding on how to comprehend and deal with customer issues, how to develop solutions for them, and how to be proactive and committed to customer success.
Unmatched Customer Service
AcTouch works as trusted partners of business owners. Their business model has been proved successful as they have multiple revenue streams. They have received positive feedback from their customers in terms of savings of time and resources by minimum 30% within 3 months of their cloud ERP implementation.
Today, there are hundreds of cloud solution providers in the market. But AcTouch feels that they would be able to compete and win against them because of their customer focus, their quality service and delivery, and their business knowledge with technical expertise. They provide customer support from 8 AM to 12 midnight and their core management including the CEO is available to the customers to address their needs during these hours.
The company believes and focuses on the fact that customer is the king and they should be provided with the best possible service. AcTouch knows that if they don’t cater the customers, then someone else will.
Marching Towards the Future
AcTouch aims to grow the business in the MEA and European markets.  They have decided not to go with cost arbitrage as they provide an international standard product and some of the best features. Their Cloud ERP solutions and Mobile Apps are helping 1000’s of customers to connect to their sellers and sales persons. They are also working on new technologies with voice-enabled decision-making process. The voice engine will be connected to their backend and find results.
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