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“The cloud is for everyone. The cloud is a democracy.”—Marc Benioff
Vupadhi Techno Services, a Hyderabad based Technology Services Company that has its roots firmly set in the E-Governance domain for past eight years. Its core competency is in two of the main E-Governance initiatives – E-Procurement and Mee Seva Citizen Services platforms.  Vupadhi’s A-Z Procure is a cloud based SaaS solution that addresses procurement needs of small to medium organizations.   Below are the insights of their E-Procurement and Mee Seva platforms.
Vupadhi has set up the state-of-the-art comprehensive end-to-end E-Procurement platform for the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Right now, only the large corporates and some of the State Governments have been utilizing E-Procurement solutions that are mostly on-premise whereas if these are brought into a SaaS model, this can lead to wider adoption even in the mid-size and small size corporates and governance space.
For its undaunted efforts in bringing about innovative solutions in the E-Procurement arena, the company founders and its Think-tank have achieved many accolades in the past, prominent among them being Golden Icon Award-2003, United Nations Public Services Award for 2007 and very recently, the SKOCH Awards-Order of Merit and SKOCH–Gold Category Award-2018.
Vupadhi’s “A2Z Procure” is an end-to-end on cloud Electronic Procurement platform with integrated Centralized Supplier Management portal.  “The solution automates entire tender cycle and post-contract activities,” explains Kalyan Chakradhar Reddy, Founder & Managing Director of the company. Vupadhi’s cloud-based E-Procurement solution helps enterprises manage all types of Tenders and Auctions with minimal customization.
Mee Seva
The Mee Seva platform was conceptualized and initiated to provide smart, citizen centric, ethical, efficient and effective governance facilitated by technology. The success of Mee Seva showcases the vision and commitment of the government in executing a comprehensive initiative involving 38+ government departments to offer citizen services in a seamless manner within defined timelines with a real time SMS based tracking of the applications. Mee Seva has served more than 10 Crore+ citizens till March 2018 since its launch in November 2011. On an average about 1, 00,000 citizens were served per day. This platform has won the National Award for Best E-Governance Project for the year 2018.
N. Kalyan Chakradhar Reddy is the founder of Vupadhi Techno Services Private Limited. He has almost 20 years of experience in the E-Procurement domain. Before turning into Entrepreneur, he was COO for one of the largest E-Procurement software companies in India.  His work for the Government of Andhra Pradesh has helped the state to win the ‘Golden Icon award-2003’ for being the first state to implement E-Procurement in the country.
Organizations are spending a significant portion of their IT budget on cloud computing.  Reduction in footprint of self-managed data centers and moving to cloud infrastructure and SaaS based application has been the major transformation in the industry resulting in cloud service providers enjoying healthy growth rate year on year.
In response to the growing rates of SaaS adoption globally, Vupadhi has built A-Z Procure solution hosted in cloud running on Linux virtual machines. Centralized supplier portal on-cloud opens up opportunities for the vendors at the same time access to broad range suppliers for the customers.  This will result in significant growth for vendors and sizable cost savings for the customers as the platform brings vendors and customers together. The company claims that “This is a huge possibility beyond Alibaba and Amazon for this Industry.”
The core team at Vupadhi has a combined experience of over 500 Man years in the E-Procurement domain. The senior management team at Vupadhi brings together experienced IT professionals, who have spent over tens of years in E-Procurement. In-depth understanding of Government procurement processes and simplification of age old procedures through continuous re-engineering, enhancements of the processes are some of its strengths. Vupadhi’s aim is to get into the league of top 10 E-Governance solution providers of the country.  It is currently exploring possibilities of foraying into the E-Procurement global roadmap with commencement of operations in the US and Australia in the last quarter of 2018 or early 2019.
Talking about their e-Procurement solution Mr. Reddy expresses, “Our value proposition to our customers is compelling with cloud deployable e-Procurement solution that is feature rich, integrates with major ERP solutions, mobile friendly and highly scalable. All this at a significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to major competitors in this space”
Cloud computing is here to stay and drive Businesses to focus on maximizing revenues without compromising on speeds and process efficiencies provided by ICT. As a company, thinking beyond just functional E-Procurement solution, it is working on enhancing the architecture of Vupadhi’s solution to get full advantage of cloud computing. Vupadhi is working on container deployable Microservices to enhance scalability so that in real time, customers do not experience any interruption to their businesses as the system takes care of loads on the Containers dynamically.  More importantly, RESTful public APIs that will enhance its integration capabilities with bigger Enterprise Software globally as several clients will consume specific APIs on offer with the Cloud E-Procurement suite. Vupadhi R&D team is working on redesigning parts of solutions using blockchain, big data and AI for predictive analytics, as it looks at defining the next paradigm shift in this space.
Strategies that Vupadhi follows to remain competitive and abreast with technology, by adopting two ways

  • Working closely with its customers and partners; providing them with world-class solutions and great service. This allows them to sharpen their value proposition, and earn the loyalty of the customers.
  • The second dimension to this is up-skilling the workforce continuously; this allows Vupadhi’s staff to be in touch with the latest technologies, architecture, and project management. Only a trained workforce can deliver products that meet, and at times, exceed expectations of the clients. Continuous learning and challenging work-environment make the work at Vupadhi rewarding.

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