AdEngage™ makes Speedjet Aviation & Gulf Aviation Academy (India) expand in India with 1,000% R.O.I from Social Media Marketing!

AdEngage™ makes Speedjet Aviation & Gulf Aviation Academy (India) - Insights Success

Gone are the days when Social Media Marketing was more to do with brand building. Today brands demand much more from a marketing agency and most of the time the only marketing activity which excites them is the one which brings them business.

Here’s where AdEngage (earlier known as Make My Brand Social) comes into the picture with an assurance of high performance focused on both organic-paid marketing and brand building on the Social and other digital platforms.

In 2015, AdEngage understood the major problem for Speedjet Aviation Academy (An Aviation Training Academy Offering Courses Like Cabin Crew, Pilot, Ground Staff Training IN India and In Bahrain) was the perception towards Aviation careers majorly Cabin Crew & Ground Staff. Not only the training course fee was a challenge but the mentality of parents towards these careers was raw and uninformative. Hence, the agency launched 2 back to back Scholarship Program named as UDAAN in 2015-16 and IASP (Indian Aviation Scholarship Program) in 2017 to not only allow deserving students get an opportunity to fulfill their dreams but it also created confidence among the students and parents that career in Aviation is a real thing and requires good qualification and responsibilities.

First month of the campaign and BOOM; there were 600+ interested students willing to join Speedjet Aviation. Things changed from there onwards and from a small set-up in Mumbai, Speedjet Aviation got affiliated with Gulf Aviation Academy and training centers opening at 10 new locations in India and overseas and can now proudly call themselves as one of the fastest growing Aviation Training company in India.

“UDAAN & IASP have had a huge impact on us. Using these campaigns, we have been able to offer scholarships to the deserving students, which in turn have helped them make their careers in aviation, which would have been difficult for them without the financial aid offered using these programs”, says Captain Dharamraj Shukla, Director Speedjet Aviation Academy and Gulf Aviation Academy ( India ).

 Nitish Sharma, General Manager; Speedjet Aviation and Gulf Aviation Academy (India) further adds “We would love to create more digital resources to enhance overall training and business generation along with creating new offline marketing plans with ADENGAGE’S team”.

“We’re happy to add value to all our clients including Speedjet Aviation Academy. They’re more like a family to our team now. UDAAN & IASP is indeed a game-changing idea in a sector not widely advertised and we’re quite happy to be a part of their success. The industry is ever changing and we all have to adapt to marketing techniques which generates business.” says MD & CEO – Pancham Banerji, AdEngage™

“Its important that marketing agencies, especially digital marketing agencies understand the value of performance over only creativity and create the right balance of both for their clients. As per our experience Indian clients have a business first approach on digital marketing and we vision that this will become one of the major agency selection parameter in the near future. Speedjet, our baby continues to grow as we predict a minimum 3000% – 4000% ROI Y.O.Y for the company” says Operation Director – Namrata Banerji.

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