AEC: A Prominent Distributor of High-End Gaming Components

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In 1980, the ACRO Engineering Company (AEC) was established as a part of the SMC group which already had a formidable reputation in various fields including steel, paints, construction and technology. AEC has numerous branch offices and warehouses located in more than thirteen states in India and over 4500 counters with a wide portfolio of products with its headquarters in New Delhi.
AEC team consists of a diverse combination of people coming from all parts of the country, contributing a unique blend of disciplines including engineers, developers, MBAs, accountants and creative thinkers.
A Fascinating and Ambitious Leader
Born in New Delhi, Himanshu Jain is the Director at ACRO Engineering Company. After graduating from the Delhi University, he has completed his MBAs from three different global Universities – Hogeschool voor Economische Studies Rotterdam (Holland); University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom) and University of Maryland (United States of America). Himanshu has got first -hand experience in the evolution of computing technology and decided to bring this technology to India. Over time computer hardware started to become mainstream, that’s when Himanshu began to look towards the horizon of technology and that’s when he got acquainted to gaming.
Gaming Hardware and Content Generation Services
AEC is known for being a leading distributor of high end gaming components. They have also been focusing heavily on the entry and mid-range segments for gaming hardware and peripherals as well. The products that they bring in are mostly exclusive as they take full responsibility for their products. AEC is providing service from landing to distribution to after sales. This way they give complete confidence of accountability to their channels. Not only that, they also provide marketing intelligence and content generation services through their community engagement program.
Overcoming the Challenges with Bold and Innovative Styles
When one works with the most advanced products in high performance computing, it’s an occupational hazard of having to deal with constantly evolving hardware. Not all new technology is received by the end user and that is a risk that the company has to face from time to time. These risks can also give them great rewards if a new product is received well and people will eventually start asking for it.
They have to study trends and also have to keep track of the international market. Some people like to believe that its luck but it’s actually immense research and planning that goes into taking these risks. Sometimes they have to say ‘no’ to a product and it makes some people unhappy. But it’s something that they have to live with. It’s a double edged sword and people must plan for both scenarios. Following these strategies, AEC moves ahead and this is how they are setting new records in the industry. The primary values which make the company successful are:
Passion for what it sells: They are truly in love with what goes out of their counters. If AEC doesn’t love it, they don’t sell it.
Knowledge about its products: Although this usually comes with passion. But, the company regularly runs internal tests to make sure that the team knows its portfolio and to make sure that they know what the team is talking about.
Accountability: As it has been mentioned earlier, they prefer taking responsibility for the brands that they sell. From distribution to marketing to servicing after sales, they keep track of feedback and their activities.
Accessibility: AEC makes sure that they are accessible to their end users; this insures that they learn from their customers.
Today, AEC has a renowned name and their wisdom along with a young strategic team is getting their work done in bold yet innovative manner. This has enabled them to have a distinctive work-culture that is fueled by passion and energy.
The Foreseeable Future of AEC
As AEC have kept close ties with young innovators in India, they see great potential in AI and Machine Learning. This seems to make a lot of sense as the next step forward as the new world that seeks automation as a means of operational optimization. The company has the pleasure of working with many individuals who are working in this field and looking forward to work with more individuals.
AEC as a prominent name in the gaming industry, they are also looking forward to the great things and have started to pick up the pace in India. The ‘Gaming Café Program’ enables them to work very closely with existing café owners and potential investors. They support their partner café’s in terms of branding and community engagement.  The company has already partnered with hundreds of Gaming café’s and are still very excited to partner with more in the upcoming years. They are also hoping to see more challenges so that they can keep evolving by adding more partners and more state branches. AEC will continue to support the gaming industry in India while providing the best products for the foreseeable future and they plan to expand in six more states by the end of this financial year.
Source :-10 Leading Gaming Solution Provider Companies in 2018

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