Capermint Technologies: Proffering Best-in-Class Realistic Mobile Games

Capermint Technologies

Capermint Technologies is a prominent Mobile Games and App Development company based out of India. Although the company started off as a group dedicated to disrupting the gaming industry, later on, realized that the value propositions it offers to the clients in the gaming industry also apply to the mobile apps. Capermint was remolded at this point in time. It adopted mobile app development as one of the prime offerings. The games developed by Capermint are sleek, offer a fully immersive user experience and are of technologically superior functionality, which can self-adapt.
Gaming is Passion
Capermint considers gaming as its passion rather than a profession. The entire foundation of the company was laid to disrupt the gaming industry from process to delivery. Here are a few aspects where Capermint just turns the tables against all its competitors, Capermint’s super strong UI/UX Team, Process, Full Package System, and Database.
The company has around 250 already developed template games, which aid the clients to get the basic idea on what can they expect. It also owns a large database of sounds, characters, and character sequences. Capermint excels in gaming and its GDDs (Game Design Documents), which help the clients, visualize the game even before it is made. There are two completely dedicated teams for game design, who look into every smallest aspect of the game from the sound of a click to an experience of a close combat. Capermint works on full package system and it has a team of specialists who understand the requirements of the clients and guide them from start to the launch and even marketing of the game. The clients can understand how they can earn money out of their game. The company’s aim is to offer an ultimate gaming experience for its customers.
Leader Holding the Reins
Vivek Shah, Founder and Managing Director of Capermint Technologies, started his career as a game developer. While working for different companies at different designations, he realized that the industry definitely needs to shift towards developing games that can not only catch users’ attention but also keeps the users so engaged that they immerse completely and feel they have become a complete part of the game. After going through several hardships and struggles with a few partners, he started his own company and started his mission of disrupting the gaming industry alone. He found mates on this journey, convinced them to work with him and till date all of them are still an integral part of Capermint.
Unlocking Opportunities
The gaming industry is moving from simple 2D games to more AR and VR based games. The recent trends in gaming are that they are not just on the mobile screen—the games are around you, they want the user to move, to do things in the real world to be able to handle things inside the game too. The distance between the real world and the virtual world is annihilating and now the virtual world looks almost similar to the real world but is just a little more interesting.
Capermint feels this is one of the most amazing opportunities and has tied its shoes for taking it up. It has a separate AR/VR gaming team. The company has set up a VR testing room, which explains how to test user experience while he/she is playing the game. “We have also started moving ahead of just mobile gaming and have moved towards making games for play stations and Xbox”, says Vivek.
Tackled the Challenges
One of the biggest challenges Capermint faced during its initial phase was establishing credibility and working on all different subdomains within the domain of choice. Unless a company proves to have hands-on experience, it is impossible to get better projects. The core value Capermint Technologies holds is persistence.
“We kept on trying; we made some projects just for ourselves. We did not sell them, but just to get our hands on a technology. Now we have developed an entire database of offerings in every technology you talk about. We also have a huge database of sounds, characters, animations, etc. by which now we can offer client everything he/she needs,” asserts the founder.
Nonpareil Benefits
Capermint is well-known for offering best-in-class services and 100% client satisfaction. Some of the exclusive benefits associated with the company and its products & services are, one point solution—all products and services under one roof, learn how to earn out of the game, best user experience, a large variety of options to choose from and a dependable process, among endless others.
The company truly processes conscious and hence believe in bringing out the best to make customers happy. The team keeps on redeveloping until it obtains the desired output. Whenever a client approaches for a new project, the team starts work only after thoroughly understanding the client’s requirement and fit them appropriately in the process. Until the game design document is not approved it does not proceed to the development stage.
Foreseeing a Bright Future
The future is bright and shining like a star for Capermint Technologies. The company wishes to venture more into upcoming technologies. It is also developing more number of VR and AR teams than what it has at this point, thereby boosting business in these new domains. It also plans to form a team specifically for game development for play stations and Xbox. The company looks into possibilities of IoT as a technological capability in gaming.
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