Aegis Elevator Private Ltd – Contributing Significantly towards a Fast Paced Future

Mr. C.G. Purohit | CEO | Aegis Elevator[mobility solution, mobility technologies, installation issues, maintenance challenges, aegis elevator]
Mr. C.G. Purohit | CEO | Aegis Elevator

The Indian elevator industry is growing steadily, owing to the rising urbanization. It is expected that the  country’s elevators and escalators market will cross $2 billion by 2023. Moreover, the growing number of residential and commercial buildings have also provided the scope of development in this industry. Various government housing initiatives have acted as a catalyst in the adoption of smart, fast, and environment-friendly elevators. The top players in the lift and elevator solution arena are providing the best-in-class facilities to the customers, to ensure a lasting experience.

One such frontrunner in the elevator industry is Aegis Elevator Private Ltd (AEPL). Established in  2011 by a group of technopreneurs, the company provides world class, energy-efficient, and environment-friendly mobility solutions. The company started with a preparatory phase‒ an intensive know-how gestation period that lasted years. In this phase, mobility technologies, installation issues, and maintenance challenges were studied threadbare. Eventually, it made various improvisations and innovations with significant improvements with accordance to the deliverables. AEPL believes in offering the customers a new aegis of friendly technology.

Wide Variety of Services

Operating in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the company offers various manufacturing and installation services for a whole gamut of urban establishments. These include offices, residential, commercial, healthcare, hospitality complexes, and other buildings. Through its precision engineering and highly evolved microprocessor technology, Aegis ensures its customers get elevators that combine the best options in safety, convenience, efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness.

Some of its different offerings are mentioned below:

1.Cito – MRL Passenger Lift – without machine room up to 26 passenger & above

2.Vita – Passenger Lift – with machine room up to 26 passenger & above

3.Viva – Hospital Lift – all type of stretcher elevators

4.Faz – Freight Lift – up to 10000kg goods elevator & also special equipment like flameproof

5.Velox – Hydraulic lift – for bungalows & special application

6.Structural hoist way – perfect replacement for concrete hoistway

7.Dumb waiter – receipt of quick & reliable material movement

8.Verre – Panaromic Lift

9.Escalator – walkways & travelators

10.MOD – modernization of old lifts using latest technologies

  1. Homelift – for bungalows and villas

Persistent Leadership

Every successful company is backed by a dedicated front runner, who possesses a positive attitude and is focused to bring change through his/her loyal endeavors. They believe in working together with the team and achieving not only the organization’s goals, but also each employee’s objectives. These leaders never give up at the face of adversity; rather they face each situation with confidence.  They are ethical, fearless, and constantly motivating everyone to achieve the best. Aegis is also led by a visionary leader, Mr. C.G. Purohit, the CEO of the company. He is an electrical engineer with rich knowledge and experience of 37 years in the field of elevators and escalators. Mr. Purohit helps the company at every stage of the business process, owing to which, it has been able to bring optimum quality products for the clients and has made a strong presence in various cities.

Focus on Attaining Excellence

The company lays emphasis on the philosophies of knowledge sharing and problem sharing. The 24×7 Customer Care Cell receives the calls of every client to understand the technicalities of their problems. It is then redirected to the right service & maintenance teams– they have the expertise to determine whether the call should be routed to the round-the-clock back-up service, or to specialist field engineers. Accordingly, the team receives sufficient information about specific problems of each patient. This helps them to solve it in the quickest possible downtime, banking on their technical know-how and on-field experience.

Aegis’s technical and engineering teams are provided continual training and upgrade. It follows the stringent quality and performance guidelines of the company. Superior workmanship, rigorous supervision of installation, meticulous testing and adjustment, and optimum performance minus excuses are the hallmarks of the company’s own perception of Total Elevator System Solution expertise. Even after solving the technical aspects, the company feels that its services are up to the mark, only after seeing the smile of satisfaction on the client’s face.

The company conducts maintenance and stringent safety check-ups to ensure the reliability, durability, and performance of elevators. This assists in the reduction of operation, repair, and downtime costs, and ensures excellent user experiences across longer time frames. As a part of the Aegis maintenance regimen, experienced service engineers conduct comprehensive inspections and technical surveys (to determine running efficiency and reliability) of the equipment routinely.

Standing Tall among the Competition

AEPL primarily aims to ensure safety of the customers. It conducts various interrogations and meetings to understand their exact requirement. Before any sales proceedings, the company provides consultation, giving total idea about the pros and cons of the products selected. One of its key features is excellent after sales service. The company also provides the best modernization solution and delivers quality product without any compromise.

Employing latest technologies allows AEPL to stay ahead of the competition, while maintaining flexible schedules. It delivers quality elevators with a license approved by the government. The company ensures on time installation and does not differentiate with its customers. It marches ahead with the objective of building trust and behaving responsibly to ensure customer satisfaction.

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