KONE Elevators: A Pioneer in Eco-efficient Sustainable Solutions for Urban Development

Amit Gossain | Managing Director | KONE Elevators India[KONE elevator, elevators maintenance, escalators maintenance, travelators maintenance, modernization, product management, corporate affairs]
Amit Gossain | Managing Director | KONE Elevators India

Indian elevators and escalators market is about 50,000 units, which is for only new equipment sold. The growth prospectus for vertical transportation business is very good and bound to increase as there is a lot of focus on ‘Housing for All.’ There is a huge requirement of houses, commercial buildings by the people, and it is all due to the hike in natural urbanization. Even though the general slowdown in the real estate industry is proving to be a hurdle, it is considered to be short-lived as India is driven with growth. Also, all future policies of the government are aimed at scaling such said growth. India currently has the second-largest elevator and escalator market after China.

As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE Elevators India provides elevators, escalators, and travelators, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization to add value to buildings throughout their life cycle. KONE has been disrupting the industry since its inception in 1984 and now has become one of the leading elevator companies in India. The Chennai based company has been serving customers from all over the country through its vast network of more than 50 branches. It provides sustainable People Flow solutions for India’s extensively growing urban environment. The firm employs over 5000 people in the country.

Exhibition Distinction

The field mechanics and KONE’s installation engineers are trained to meet its strong reputation for high quality and uncompromised safety in Chennai’s three training centers. Its global technology and engineering center in Chennai and Pune is a testing and research hub, which supports the latest technology and development of solutions for the future. The solutions from the company cater to all segments of the real estate market – residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial. “We at KONE, are positive about the growth and continue to invest in products, services, and facilities to meet the growing demand of our customers,” says the team of this esteemed organization.

At the firm, the team makes every effort in anticipating the needs of the clients and help them in identifying the specifics of the installation straight from the planning process, maintenance to modernization. KONE has launched a new range of I-series elevators based on the concept of Vaastu – five elements. The company stands for innovation and that is why the firm is working on integrating digital technology into its products. Although its main focus will continue to be on offering eco-efficient ‘People Flow Solutions’ with higher levels of comfort, control, reliability, safety, security, and energy conservation.

Service is the core competence when it comes to products like elevators or escalators. Approximately half of KONE’s business is service-oriented. “We lead the industry in producing world-class global quality vertical transportation equipment for all the needs as well as advanced maintenance services for the equipment,” enlightens the team of KONE.

The firm ensures that the customers’ equipment performs reliably and safely. The Manufacturing process of its Supply Units aims at delivering to the right needs and requirements of the clients. The modernization services employed by KONE help customers in determining the status of the up-gradation for the equipment. All of this to cater a lifetime of optimal operation with maximization of customers’ return on investment. “Our 24/7 KONE customer care center handles all queries and complaints guiding it to the concerned department and to the right people, promptly,” the team conveys. The success in service is not just about complaint handling but providing the right solution too.

The Man who Made it All Possible

Amit Gossain – Managing Director, KONE India took charge of the company on 28th September 2015. He has a rich professional experience of 25+ years across verticals like sales, marketing, business development, product management, and corporate affairs. His previous role as Executive Vice President was at JCB India Pvt. Ltd. There he was responsible for India as well as South Asian countries.

Building the Future of India

At KONE, safety has always been placed first. ‘Safety’ as a concern means more than just conforming to the local laws and norms for the company. KONE 24/7 Connected Services is designed to detect issues before they arise and reduce hazards by preventing accidents from taking place. Every Service Technician of the firm takes ownership of quality and is driven by continuous quality initiatives with proper training.

The Indian government has facilitated various initiatives, that have been proved as an assisting factor or practically a boost for housing and infrastructure channel of the industry. KONE has been especially benefitted from such initiatives as now it enjoys more than 20% of its market share in India. It envisages individual growth along with the expansion of the urban development industry. With steps from the government like Housing for all by 2022, the company is expecting a number of residential projects coming on board in the next few years. To meet such growing demand, KONE has set up a new factory in Tamil Nadu with increased manufacturing capacity. This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will support the growth story of India and the neighboring countries. It will produce world-class elevators and aptly back the firm’s strategy of ‘Winning with Customers’ to offer the highest safety standards, excellent quality using the best of machines and technology.

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