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Aeiforia Architects

Architecture exists to create physical environment in which people live, work and play. This is also how architecture helps in both building of civilizations and societies.  However, it does just not affect society but also a person. Buildings can have a profound impact on its occupants. Starting from the layout of the space to the material, finishes can contribute towards the occupant’s health, productivity and mood. Studies have shown that people who work in well-designed spaces take less sick leave, are more focused, and generally contribute more to their company.

The connection between a well-designed architecture and an individual cannot be easily quantified. Yet, one cannot overrule the feeling of walking into a space that just feels right.  Architects design for function (the use of the property), but it is also important to tap the emotional connection. Realizing this, a group of architects from Aeiforia Architects is designing properties that enhance the occupant’s mood and health.

The Journey Until Now

Conceptualized in 2005 by architect couple Ar. Pragya and Ar. Bhupendra, Aeiforia took its formal course in the year 2011, followed by another milestone in 2012, when it was registered with ROC, as a private limited company. The strength of the company lies in its sustainable approach and versatile capability. Aeiforia provides all kinds of civil, architectural and interior solutions, from land development, to building, to plug and play workplace interior solutions.

Aeiforia is proud of this versatile portfolio and is capable of servicing its clients as a one-stop solution for their needs. Backed by a strong team of talented and experienced architects and interior designers, the firm has successfully delivered and is engaged in multi-dimensional projects ranging from corporate spaces, retail, warehouses to hospitality and residential projects. It is also one of the pioneers to adopt VR and 3D modeling. Technology is an integral part of its designing process. To date, the company has served 100+ multinational and Indian clients, in various capacities.

Why Aeiforia?

The firm’s competitive benefit is its in-house construction resources and less dependency on outsourcing or subcontracting which makes its offerings cost-effective. Even the premium quality interiors are done in a very cost-effective manner, giving its clients value for their money.
The firm also offers an unmatched two years of manufacturing defect warranty on its projects thus building a lifetime relationship with its clients. “We have built an unsaid commitment of lifetime services, which I believe adds to the reputation of our company,” shares Ms. Pragya.

A Green Initiative

Now that the competitive benefit of the company has been established, it is equally important to talk about its unique feature.  At the heart of this firm lies the words of Rick Fedrizzi, Founder of U.S, Green Building Council, “Green buildings are a hallmark of economically sound business decisions, thoughtful environmental decisions, and smart human impact decisions.”

Adhering to this thought, the firm designs its projects as per green standards, without any involvement of additional cost making.  Every single project of its is green and sustainable. The architects here believe that rapid urbanization, pollution, and depletion of natural resources are taking a heavy toll on our environment. This raises an important question in the real estate sector, ‘How can we make green building practices mainstream in our country?’

This is where Aeiforia is doing its bit to make workplaces in India more energy-efficient and sustainable. “We thrive to bring in nature and use natural light. We move more towards daylight and water conservation to save the environment,” adds Ms. Pragya.  “We were inspired to make green properties, after the Hon. APJ Abdul Kalam spoke about the need for green builds in green building congress 2005, We followed the same and committed to making every design of ours green.”

Furthermore, the firm is also majorly focusing on wastage reduction, be it energy or water, through its designs. Hence, Aeiforia typically follows the 2Rs out of 3Rs;  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Apart from that, the firm designs breathable spaces, wherein it ensures that the property has low VOC components and a higher amount of oxygen in indoors. Also, in the case of lighting, all the properties of Aeiforia are designed in such a way that it reflects an ample amount of natural light and the high efficient products manage the consumption of electricity.

Bigger than its Name

Aeiforia is the accumulation of AEI+FORIA, a Greek word that means Sustainable Forum.  Here, Aeiforia ‘s continued goal is to be an architectural forum that offers a sustainable solution to all infrastructural needs.

While its pursuit is to become the finest, the aim is also to widen its purview. Powered by the pervasive power of technology, the firm also plans on moving towards the digital market trend. “We want to become a strong and tech-driven MNC in the next five years. We are also planning our presence across the globe, with international hands joining soon. We will be one of the best places to work and remain the best turnkey solution providers,” concludes Ms. Pragya.

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