RPtecture: A Robust Young Firm Setting Examples for Others

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Rakesh Pate | Founder & Principal Architect | RPtecture

“Every great architect is – necessarily – a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age”.

The above line by Frank Lloyd Wright, an American Architect, truly summarizes the kind of job an architect has to do. It is his vision and creativity that culminates to be the final design that ‘speak’ to us. His uniqueness is quite something we see in every building whispering to us of calm or graceful dignity, generosity, or gentleness.

The firm that we present today understand this importance. It is based in Pune and specializes in all kinds of architectural & interior design services from project inception to full completion. We are privileged to bring forth RPtecture, a quality assured practice firm, executing projects PAN India.

Under a single roof, RPtecture provides architectural services for residential, hospitality, commercial, and industrial projects. The firm has a good team of designers from diverse verticals of the industry. Along with it, it has a special team of interior designing for all types of projects.

The Supremo of RPtecture

The word RPtecture comes from the chemistry of ‘Rakesh Pate + Architecture’. Rakesh Pate being the founder and the Principal Architect of the firm and architecture, his expertise in the field. Mr. Pate has leveraged his wealthy experience from the reputed firms such as Hafeez Contractor and Reza Kabul prior to starting RPtecture.

Supervising all RPtecture designs, he ensures that all projects are planned, designed, tested, and optimized. He is instrumental in all-scale projects that focus on engineering and space concepts that are exclusive to the RPtecture brand. He has made a major contribution to architecture, architectural design and designing in and around India for hospitality, residential, and industry projects.

Today, under his able leadership, RPtecture is endowed with all the prerequisite skills and knowledge from designing to hospitality, residential, commercial, industrial, master planning, and all sorts of interior design.

Strong Hold in the Industry

The firm marches in the industry with the motto; ‘Strength lies in Differences, not in Similarities’. Mr. Pate defines RPtecure as a leading architecture firm in modern trends. The company keeps a close eye on the latest developments, incorporates innovative technology, and uses new media tools to present concepts to its public and customers. He says, “Every day you have to keep upgraded yourself with the technology, new materials and have a healthy relationship with your competitors.”

As an architectural firm, RPtecture has been leading the industry for over seven years now. Still after many years, it still, in many ways, possesses the zeal of an upstart, driven to stretch and push itself in every project. The firm treats every relationship with the client with a tailor-made approach.

“Ours is an interdisciplinary design firm and we focus on the strong social aspects of our projects. We exhibit an inherent readiness to experiment with non-hierarchical organizational models and build our own designs with our out-of-the-box thinking and creative processes,” he continued.

Sharing the working pipeline, further he says, “We begin with personal interaction and exchange- a bit old school, I admit, but we pride ourselves in our ability to listen. The process continues with an assessment of the site, culture, sustainability, and context. It is an interactive process, enjoyable, creative, artful, engaging, and always inspiring.”

In addition to a clear strategy to suit end-users in various spaces and designs, RPtecture creates unique experiences. The firm also builds spaces that mix high design processes with sustainable construction efficiency. “We enjoy the activity of construction & the art of building by forming direct & responsive relationships with those who we work with and our clients to bring our ideas to fruition,” adds Mr. Pate.

Another major thing to note here is the firm’s working pipeline being completely paperless. Employees of the firm use a paperless concept as smartphones are now all in the pockets. Further catering to the green environment, RPtecture supports cyclists to reduce the pollution of the city.

Design for Tomorrow

The firm will continue to serve the industry with timeless and unique designs in the architectural field. Discussing the role of an architect and revealing future plans, Mr. Pate asserts, “Architects are the people who create lively spaces for living in a safe and secure environment. We aim to design good projects which will offer better spaces for individuals and the mass public which they can enjoy.”

Learn more about the firm by visiting www.rptecture.co.in

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