Affan Yesvi: Igniting Minds and Illuminating Souls with the Energy that Flows in Rhyvers

Affan Yesvi
Affan Yesvi

Languages are the truly timeless treasures of humankind. The amber of words glows like stars in the cosmic strings of eternity. They lyric their way through our minds and hearts. And fall from our lips in the airs of our literary wisdom. These ultimately powerful media of human expression links completely separate individuals into one bond of inter and intrapersonal communications.

If such a power compels you to create your artistic expressions and yet you find the traditional publishers too out of bounds, then Affan Yesvi is your saviour and a friend. He is there to let you connect with millions of like-minded souls. He does it by warming hearts, igniting minds, and illuminating souls with the universal energy that flows via The Rhyvers Publishing Group. He says, “I have always been enchanted and inspired by the power of human communication.”

He launched The Rhyvers Publishing Group in 2019 to provide a wide platform for publishing, podcasts, a YouTube channel, and literary and artistic campaigns. A risk-taker, Affan likes to leverage technology to find solutions for entrepreneurial growth. “I am also passionate about the causes that I believe in,” he says, adding, “It is my abiding principle that one must never compromise on quality. We treat clients like family and handhold them through the entire publication process.”

The Ultimate Find

He is the Founder and Editor of Wajd, a Sufi magazine. It attempts to bridge the gap between academic and mainstream writing on Sufism. Some years ago, he also founded Ardent Consultancy to provide IT support and services.

As an entrepreneur looking for newer challenges and versatile opportunities, Affan, in his earliest enterprises, set up a dedicated portal for three major languages – English/Urdu/Hindi (.com/.in/.net) and podcasts on more than 20 platforms.

Affan undertakes regular sessions to motivate the youth to write and contemplate on the history and heritage of India. Spark Sessions are his way to interact with the youth. He makes them aware of publishing trends in India. And inspires them to explore creative fields. As a facilitator, he started a literary magazine in English, Rhyvers Beat. It acts as a platform for literary contributors.

Affan has been felicitated by various organizations for his work in diverse fields. A calculated risk-taker and passionate about the causes he believes in, Affan has been working ceaselessly to leverage technology to find solutions for entrepreneurial growth. “To ignite minds and illuminate souls is my motto,” he says.

An accomplished Youth Leader, Columnist, and Motivational Speaker, Affan represented India at many international forums that mobilize the youth for global change.

The River Unwind

When probed about the story behind the name Rhyvers, he recollects that as the team sat brainstorming to hunt for a suitable title, they discussed among themselves, ‘Art, Literature and Culture must flow effortlessly and unhindered by borders and boundaries of any sort.’

Only two things flow unbridled- Air and Water. “Rivers, we decided, flow with the gushing energy across all constraints.” So, Rivers it was.

However, the team decided to play a little with the spelling. Instead of the ‘I’ in Rivers, they replaced it with the ‘H’ and the ‘Y.’ The two letters represent the traditional name of the country, ‘Hindustan’ and the ‘Young India’. “Thus emerged the name of our publishing house, RHYVERS – an amalgamation of tradition and youthful modernity,” he conveys.

The Rhyvers Publishing Group has four print lines. They include Rhyvers; Rhyvers™ Press, Rhyvers One, and Abhas Prakashan. And its platform includes Rhyvers English, Rhyvers Urdu, and Rhyvers Hindi.

Of the Literary Mind

Sharing his inspiration behind venturing into the industry, Affan says that sometimes you don’t choose the path. Sometimes it is the path that chooses you. His love for literature was the initial driving force. He realized there are very limited platforms for new and creative writing. And the existing platforms are very rigid and time-consuming. They are not easy, user-friendly or client-friendly. And seem complicated for a new entrant to manoeuvre.

Thus, I realized there was space for creating a platform that would provide space for well-known authors and budding talents,” he adds.

Highlighting their professional qualities and values admired greatly by clients, colleagues, and employees, Affan says that they are driven by the pursuit of excellence. They have an efficient, principled approach to work. “We are prompt in addressing the needs of authors. We are swift at all production levels. And we are creative in our approach to work,” he reveals. At Phyvers, they have a robust distribution network.

Many of his authors told him that they appreciated his empathy. “I try to put myself in their shoes. Look at things from their perspective. Understand their preferences and tailor the product accordingly,” he shares.

Rhyvers, unlike other publishing houses, takes pride in housing some of the most tech-savvy, creative and highly experienced members on its board.

Rhyvers have multiple Print lines. It publishes in numerous languages across various genres, with quality as its trademark.

We, the Humankind

The ultimate objective of every human endeavour must be evolution. “At Rhyvers, we believe in ever-evolving – individually and as a team,” says Affan. He furthers that they give a personal touch to all their endeavours. Their USPs include and are not limited to, the following.

  • Human Connect– Affan says, “We consider all our clients and authors part of our fraternity. And connect personally with each one of them.” The power of the human connection is immense.
  • Customization– He adds that they customize their services to meet the requirements of their authors and deliver the finished product to their doorstep in the fastest possible time.
  • Hand Holding Is Our Trademark– Right from our first interaction, we guide and facilitate our authors every step of the way. We help them prepare their manuscripts. Provide them with editorial services, publication, book launches, and book promotions.”
  • Team Work– Affan takes pride in their teamwork. Their efficient and goal-oriented team endeavours to provide the Best with the best. They are an eclectic mix of youthful energy and seasoned exposure. They provide just the solutions that young writers are looking for. And also the maturity that established authors want.

Rhyvers’ other highlights include

  • Multi-lingual publishing house with Pan-India access.
  • delivering best seller books
  • Based in New Delhi with branches in Chandigarh, Bangalore and Srinagar, the Publishing Group offer services like organizing Lit-fests, Book Launches, Book Promotion, Podcasts, Magazine, Spark Sessions, etc.

Stories We Remind

According to Affan, the Indian publishing industry is in a state of transition currently. Writers are moving from traditional publishing houses to more innovative, creative and author-friendly organizations, and both are trying to co-habituate in a harmonious space. Rhyvers has been a unique organisation right from the beginning. A few things that stand out for it are as follows.

  • Author-friendly environment
  • Author-suited Pace
  • Multi-lingual approach
  • Wide range of distribution and marketing
  • Multiple publishing platforms
  • Tailor-made packages to suit authors’ & readers’ needs
  • Digital inventory
  • Online & Offline printing services
  • Tech-savvy team
  • Youth-oriented services

Sharing his opinion on advanced technologies’ impact, Affan says that these days, AI and ML are the buzzwords. Every youngster is well-versed in technology and possesses a smart phone. Youth can easily create digital content using images, videos and audio. Also, empowered by the internet, young writers are coming up with their books through self-publishing. It is an encouraging trend and has the following advantages:

  • Economic and affordable
  • Time saving
  • Energy saving
  • Paperless publication
  • Digital inventory
  • No need for a Literary agent
  • No need for a publishing house
  • No infrastructure required

However, this space faces some gaps. There is no personal touch. Hence one is faced with lesser reliability. Also, the impact of printed words is lost in the digital world. Therefore, it is essential to strike a golden mean between the physical and digital worlds. “This is exactly what we at Rhyvers Press are doing currently,” assures Affan.

Times We Rewind

Also highlighting the challenges faced and overcome by them, he says that big publishing corporate like Amazon etc., are stepping into the Indian markets. It is a game changer for startups in the publishing sector. “They affect us in numerous ways like

  • They are already established names and have a brand value compared to the startups.
  • They have a set market out there. Whereas we are still in the process of building up our brand name.”
  • They have a highly experienced team with a worldwide market.
  • Their resources are bigger and better than startups with just a few years of experience in their kitty.
  • The networking of these multinational players is undeniably extensive.
  • They have higher risk-taking capability as compared to startups.

“Despite these challenges, we are prepared to venture into this space.” Ultimately, the world has space for all, and quality is the game-changer.

Affan says that his only advice to budding entrepreneurs venturing into the publishing field is this: There is room for everyone. But only those who are ready to persevere, work diligently, and sincerely to keep in mind the interest of their clients will be able to survive long-term.

The old idiom holds true. There are no shortcuts to success. Work hard, set your goals and strive to achieve them with genuine efforts. Passion and creativity define the road to success. Perseverance is essential to achieve that which one seeks.

Never lose hope. Never lose faith in yourself. Learn to go with the flow. Sometimes what you have planned may not work. But something new emerges, paving the way to your success.

Our Journeys Are Intertwined

Sharing his plans, Affan says they have come a long way from where they started owing to their diligence, perseverance and thoroughness. Rhyvers is a technology-driven publishing organisation. It has cutting-edge technology and printing solutions under one roof.

The future blueprint of the company involves the following.

  • Establishing its distribution network.
  • Launching a dedicated print line in almost every language of the country.
  • Going global through translated works.
  • Giving more foothold to upcoming authors.
  • Increasing its readership in all demographic sections.
  • Catering publishing services to the remotest corners of the country.

According to Affan, a powerful business leader must understand the disruptive currents that are likely to emerge in his sector. With a keen and sharp perception, he must always stay ahead of the curve. It is possible if one is anchored in the work that one undertakes. And takes it forward with commitment and focus.

Dreams are not the stuff that you see when you sleep. Dreams are the stuff that does not let you sleep. It is what defines a powerful business leader. He must always surge ahead in his sector quietly and with determination. He must be a team leader and cultivate compassion and trust in those who support his journey towards success. A Leader leads by example.

Some of the key traits that a business leader must possess are the following.

  • Personal connect and concern for the Client.
  • Technological know-how of his trade.
  • Market savvy – must keep a tab on the market’s pulse.
  • On the lookout for newer ventures for business promotion.
  • Must incorporate strong technical and knowledge partners.
  • Acknowledge the sweat equity of his benefactors.

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